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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Japanese fashion style / fit & flare dresses

Fit & flare dresses has been the trend this year.
Dresses require minimum coordination and that’s the reason for them being so popular. A few of the sweet, girly pieces pick ups from ViVi.

Please inquire through the below button for more details about these coordinates.

Japanese autumn & winter fashion / fit & flare, tuelle, lace

1&2. Lace top layering with jumper skirt (1), shoulder sheer tulle detail on the fit and flare dress(2) are points in enhancing the girly, cutie look.

  • 1-1. Black jumper skirt (choosy chu) / 7,875yen
  • 1-2. Lace top (LagunaMoon) / 9,975yen
  • 1-3. Black bowler hat / 3,990yen
  • 1-4. Cute necktie shape necklace (Grandedge) / 2,415yen
  • 1-5. Socks / 1,680yen
  • 1-6. Maroon pumps (Jemica) / 5,985yen
  • 2-1. Sweet shoulder sheer tulle mini dress (Mercury Duo) / 6,825yen
  • 2-2. Tulle head accessory (CA4LA) / 17,850yen
  • 2-3. Mesh lame socks / 1,050yen
  • 2-4. Beige belt bootie (FREE’S MART) / 5,985yen

Japanese autumn & winter fashion / stylish fit & flare

3. If feminine & glamorous styles are for you, you can’t go wrong with this stylish turtle dress with a slight opening design at the front and the fluffy fabric mixture.

  • 3-1. White fluffy turtle neck dress (Snidel) / 13,860yen
  • 3-2. Pear embellish hoop earrings (Lily Brown) / 3,570yen
  • 3-3. Pearl & gemstones embellish bag (Jemica) / 5,985yen
  • 3-4. Knee high socks with back ribbons / 2,520yen
  • 3-5. Flat shoes / 4,935yen

4. Bright color, velour fabric with cute puff sleeves and beautiful fit and flare silhouette. Wow! Who could resist your charm?

  • 4-1. Red velour mini with puff sleeves (dazzlin) / 7,350yen
  • 4-2. High neck lace top (TOPSHOP) / 5,775yen
  • 4-3. Logo hair pin (Katie) / 4,935yen
  • 4-4. Beige fur clutch bag (ROSE BUD) / 9,975yen
  • 4-5. Light blue strap shoes (American Apparel) / 9,000yen

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Soup Stock Tokyo, the house of soups

With the winter drawing near, nothing could be more luxurious than sipping a cup of delicious soup for a soup craze like me. They work miracles to keep the body warm.

Love to death soups from “Soup Stock Tokyo” if you ever heard of them.
Reasons?? The variations and rich & thick taste of their soups. I am drooling even just at the thought of them (*~o~)

Unfortunately Soup Stock Tokyo is not everywhere in Japan.

Of all places, Soup Stock Tokyo had chosen to set up an outlet near my working place!! But “Soup Stock Tokyo” wants anyone yearning for a sip of their concentrated, delicious soup to be able to get it without the need to bring themselves to their shop.

This is how their Yahoo collaborated online soup business is born. Putting soups into carts! How convenient Japan is getting to be!
These soups selling in sets of 9 is Soup Stock Tokyo’s arranged version from their very own viewpoint of famous soups from the world. Oh no… I am drooling again…(*T_T)

Check them out on “Soup Stock Tokyo” yahoo site if you are interested.

In order to preserve freshness, those living overseas unfortunately wouldn’t have a chance to taste these. TOO BAD!

Price: 5,250yen

Soup Stock Tokyo

Soup Stock Tokyo's famous world soup

  • 1. Bisque (homard soup) / France
  • 2. Hungary style beef and tomato soup / Hungary
  • 3. New England style Clam Chowder / America
  • 4. Chicken ginseng soup / Korea
  • 5. Minestrone soup / Italy
  • 6. Japanese style soup (ginger) / Japan
  • 7. Borscht soup / Russia
  • 8. Margherita soup / Italy
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Japanese fashion style / winter coats

Some stylish and unique Japanese brand coats collections, favored by fashion icons, ViVi models and some Japanese female artistes. Which are your favorites?

For more details, please inquire through the blue button at the bottom.

Coat collections from Japanese fashion celebrities

  • 211. Tomomi Itano / Black elegant long coat with belt (AULA AILA) / 61,950yen
  • 212. Emi Suzuki / Three tone tiers fringe embellished knit (2%TOKYO) / 26,250yen
  • 213. Mayumi Sada / White girlish stadium jumper (KATIE) / 39,900yen
  • 214. Yuuki Maomi / Two tone monochrome fur coat (cute heart detail) (AULA AILA) / 82,950yen

Japanese winter fashion / Coat collections

  • 216. Rola / Bicolor coat (Laguna Moon) / 13,650yen
  • 217. Reina Triendl / Beige girly fur wool coat in A line (snidel) / 39,900yen
  • 218. Yukina kinoshita / Women’s black military coat (STUSSY) / 29,190yen
  • 219. Rose Elli / Tippet collar black coat (KATIE) / 51,450yen
  • 220. Maggy / Women’s black duffle coat with hoot (moussy) / 23,982yen

Stylish coat collections from ViVi

  • 205. Miliyah Kato / Vintage inspired mouton riders coat (KAWI JAMELE) / 39,900yen
  • 207. Lena Fujii & Mitsuki Oishi / Beige classic high collar coat (rosebullet) / 26,250yen
  • 208. Lena Fujii & Mitsuki Oishi / Double-cloth wool coat with hood (rosebullet) / 28,350yen
  • 209. Lena Fujii / Beige fur mouton duffel coat (tity&Co.) / 16,590yen

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Hello Kitty mouton boots

Have Japan’s famous character Hello Kitty tacking along wherever you go.
And of course this is for real!

Simply because this time round, Sanrio decided to use Hello kitty’s face as motif for mouton boots. Besides Hello Kitty’s power (^-^)v, the inner is fully lined with BOA to keep you warm.

So Hello Kitty fans out there, two designs pickup for your choice.
For more details, please inquire through the blue button at the bottom.

Hello kitty gifts (boots)

Hello Kitty boots

Cute little faces of Hello Kitty on the boots. Let Hello Kitty be your travelling companion this winter (^-^)/**

2,100yen / (Size: 22~24cm)
Brown, Beige, Black
Sanrio / Hello Kitty Birthday campaign

Hello kitty spangles boa boots

Sanrio had released the limited edition “Hello Kitty sequin mouton boots” to commemorate Hello Kitty’s birthday, that falls on 1st-Nov.

This must be the ever first mouton boots decorated with full sparkling sequins.
And there she is,,, right at the back bottom (o^_-o)

This special edition boot is up for grasp for a limited period only until 15-Nov.

3,780yen / (Size: 22~24cm)
Black, Champagne gold

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Japanese fashion magazines (Nov/Dec) & e-Mook

Magazine freebies for November & Dec issues plus some e-Mook (magazine & premium gift). Some magazines had made their release two weeks ago, but I still pick them up for those wanting a reference.

There are a lot more fashion magazines in Japan. Please feel free to ask any even if they are not listed here.

For more details, please inquire through the blue button at the bottom.

AHKAH / Xmas limited edition jewelry pouch

Heather & non-no / Denim tote bag (Size: W37.5 X H28.5 X D12cm)

Snidel / Velour fabric pouch (Size: W20.5 X H14 X D8cm)

FURLA / Card holder & coin purse (Size: W11 X H7.5 X D1.5cm)

Mercury Duo / Logo tote (1 Outer pccket, 2 inner pockets)
(Size: W25 X H15.5 X D14cm)

LEST ROSE / Pouches in set of 3 (floaral prints)
(Size: [Drawstring pouch] – W28 X H35cm
[Long Pouch] – W20 X H6.5cm
[Open wide pouch] – W18 X H12cm(Longest) X D5cm)

LIZ LISA X My Melody / Tote bag with heart logo charm (1,390yen)
(Size: W39 X H31 X D8cm)

LAVENHAM / Quilted tote bag (1,500yen)
(Size: W44 × H22 × D21cm)

Cecil McBee / Cecil McBee logo design large quilted tote bag (1,390yen)
(Size: W43 X H25 X D14cm)

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Japan fashion trend / Autumn Winter coordinates

Sweet, lovely coordinates collections from “dazzlin”, picked up from ViVi magazines
Please inquire through the below button for more details.

ViVi model / Sara Mary, Lena Fujii

1. Bow-tie blouse featuring feminine ruffle details on the collars and around the sleeves. The theme is vintage style and so ViVi paired it with metallic tweed shorts and put on a large bow hairband. They paired the coordinate with knee high socks to blend in some modern sweet taste. The socks is decorated with a cute little heart shape at each of its back.

  • 1-1. Bow-tie blouse with ruffled details / 6,300yen
  • 1-2. Metallic tweed shorts / 5,985yen
  • 1-3. Leather suspenders / 3,990yen
  • 1-4. Big bow hair band / 2,940yen
  • 1-5. Brown small doctor bag / 9,975yen
  • 1-6. Knee high socks (heart design at back) / 2,940yen
  • 1-7. Beige ankle-strap platform shoes / 12,390yen

2. If you like your outfit simple, this lovely knit black dress with its single large fluffy heart shape will be perfect for you. ViVi choose to go bolder by pairing with message prints opaque tights adding some accent to the simple knit dress.

  • 2-1. Black Knit dress (Single heart shape) / 6,930yen
  • 2-2. Leopard prints beret / 2,940yen
  • 2-3. Message prints opaque tights / 3,675yen
  • 2-4. Lace up wedges (Black) / 13,650yen

Japan A/W fashion / Sweet bow prints cardigan

3. If you think classic monotone is plain, how about this feminine monotone bow prints knit cardigan? ViVi decided to go for the simple, cute, elegant look by coordinating it with a simple tweed flare mini skirt and high heels pump.

  • 3-1. Bow prints knit cardigan / 5,985yen
  • 3-2. Tweed flare mini skirt / 6,300yen
  • 2-3. Detachable pearl peter pan collar / 3,990yen
  • 2-4. Blue high heel pumps / 11,340yen

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Halloween costumes styles (ViVi)

Does it sound unbelievable that Japan is actually celebrating Halloween? In some ways, Japan is more westernized than one can imagine.

Just a month or more before Halloween, lots of shops started selling Halloween decorations. Pumpkins in all sorts of design have become part of the common items. And Cosplay & Halloween costumes shopping sites struggled to cope with flooding orders for Halloween parties.

It might be a little too late for Halloween ideas, but I just noticed this article featuring Halloween costumes coordinates created by ViVi. They looked so fun and silly.

For those who are still are looking for crazy costumes ideas for Halloween.

Unique mischievous Halloween styles idea

  • 1. Meet the new mouse girl with mouse cap, fur coat paired with silver leggings. On my! I still want my sweetie Minnie mouse. (- -#)
  • 2. Even the American Indians are going to give nods and thumbs up on this native costume for sure.
  • 3. The Japanese’s outrageously fun and sexy diner girl’s costume. An apron tied to the waist of a long shirt, buttoned down to reveal bikini in AMERICAN FLAG design. This gets equally funky d(^o^)b
    And don’t forget about the roller skates!

Sweet, girlish Halloween styles

  • 4. All reds & polka dots, the ever-popular cute ladybug costume. Not too much surprise though…
  • 5. Wow! The cursed dead bride returned as a zombie to roam the streets
    (OoO ;;)
  • 6. The flirty, sexy courtesan. How Japanese style clothing blends in amazingly at ease with Europe’s originated Halloween (*^m^*)
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Hug & dream minnie mouse/ soothing sleep gadget

Insomniacs longing for a good night’s rest might be glad that “Hug & Dream Minnie Mouse”, a soft toy will start selling on the market from November. Unlike ordinary toys, this one has the effect to comfort and soothes one to sleep.

And what has Minnie mouse got to do with a good night’s sleep (@^o^@)

“Hug & Dream Minnie Mouse”, is a collaboration work between Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy and cognitive & respiratory specialist from Showa University School of Medicine. Minnie is fitted with a mechanism mimicking the breathing pattern of human. She “breathes in” once every 5 seconds. While hugging her, the rhythm breathing is expected to calm and soothes and naturally induces one to sleep.

She came with a melody option where you can turn it on if you find that having the music is more relaxed.
And it even came with an auto sleep function in which breathing motion is automatically switched off after certain time.

For those who had a hard time getting into sleep, “Hug & dream minnie mouse” could help perhaps (-z-)……..zzz


hug & dream mini mouse

Japanese made products that aids in relaxing mood

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Japan autumn/winter coats trend

A few pieces on the trend of Japan’s autumn & winter coats, collections from ViVi magazine.
Please inquire through the below button for more details.

Japanese fashion trend / ladies autumn & winter coats

Coats with large collar designs will be one of the trends in Japan this year.

Your choice of either classic jacket style with a slightly bold hue or houndstone check coat are equally unique & stylish. If your wardrobe is all about monotones, houndstone check coat is definitely a good choice to go for in my opinion.

  • 1-1. Chic camel coat (FREE’S MARKET) / 9,975yen
  • 1-2. Scallap dress / 16,590yen
  • 1-3. Headband (Tulle & bow design) / 8,400yen
  • 1-4. Pumps (R&E) / 7,245yen
  • 1-5. Metallic knee high socks / 1,260yen
  • 2-1. Houndstooth check coat (FREE’S MARKET) / 9,975yen
  • 2-2. Peter pan collar chiffon blouse / 5,775yen
  • 2-3. Velour pleat skirt (mini) / 8,400yen
  • 2-4. Clutch bag / 10,500yen
  • 2-5. Black bootie (SLY) / 15,750yen

Japanese fashion style / Sweet, feminine coats

Coats having all sorts of fanciful buttons embellished is another popular fashion theme in Japan this year. To name a few gemstones, pearls, gold buttons are just some of them.

And we see the trend continues on for coat with tweed fabric .
Designs like plaid coats and houndstooth check coats look set to boom.
So keep a lookout for them!

  • 3. Coat (gemstone embellished button) (ROSE BUD) / 17,640yen
  • 4. Plaid coat (Pearl embellish button) (Pinky Girls) / 16,590yen
  • 5. Wool coat (flare silhouette) / 14,700yen
  • 6. Tweed coat (gemstone embellished button) (JILL BY JILLSTUART) / 29,400yen
  • 7. Houndstooth check coat (FREE’S SHOP) / 45,150yen
  • 8. Coat with scallap collar design (ChiMera park) / 19,950yen
  • 9-1.Tweed double breasted coat (tity&Co.) / 14,490yen
  • 9-2. Headband / 1,995yen
  • 9-3. Polka dots tight (Blondoll bonbon) / 1,260yen

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Japanese autumn/winter knee high boots

It will soon be the season where boots are needed to keep the legs warm as the days start turning cooler. So today’s pickups will be the in the trend knee high boots that emphasizes on details at the back.

Please inquire through the below button for more details.

Back lace knee high boots / long boots
Back lace detail long boots look equally as cool as front lace up boots. Rather than the fully lace up designs, I love Japanese boots with simple partial back lace details like these.

Japanese style back lace knee high boots

  • 1. Chic black long cuffed boots (8.5cm) / ilima by pure elegance / 10,290yen
  • 2. Greige suede long boots (9cm) / vanitybeauty / 10,290yen
  • 3. Red suede long wedge boots (6cm) / 15,750yen
  • 4. Camel 2way long boots (lace up) (10.5cm) / ESPERANZA / 34,440yen
  • 5. Black suede long boots (5cm) / 33,600yen
  • 6. Gray long boots with back ribbon (5.5cm) / Dip Drops / 9,950yen
  • 7. Camel long boots (belted design at back) (4.5cm) / OPAQUE.CLIP / 9,990yen
  • 8. Black long cuffed boots (8cm) / ilima by pure elegance / 10,290yen
  • 9.Beige knee high boot (leather lace) (11.5cm) / 38,640yen
  • 10. Black suede long boot (10cm) / 42,000yen

Back buckle detail knee high boots
Boots with back buckles like these enhance classiness and elegance.

Japanese back buckle knee high boots

  • 11. Brown knee high boots (7cm) / 29,400yen
  • 12. Black knee high boots (Zipper & vertical buckle design) (10cm) / BABY PURE / 14,490yen
  • 13. Beige knee high wedge boots (ribbon-like buckle design) (5.5cm) / Feroux / 14,700yen
  • 14. Reddish brown long boots (9cm) / 39,900yen
  • 15. Camel knee high wedge boots (spangled with studs) (4.5cm) / OPAQUE.CLIP / 11,900yen

Bow back knee high boots / long boots
And of course back bow details are not forgotten in long boots for the sweet, girly style.

Japanese bow back knee high boots

  • 16. Black cuffed long boots(7.5cm) / vanitybeauty / 10,290yen
  • 17. Beige cuffed long boots (8.5cm) / 19,950yen
  • 18. Black asymmetrical long boots (heel lined with stones) (1.5cm) / 22,050yen
  • 19. Camel long boots (Double tiny back ribbons detail) (10.5cm) / bonica dot / 34,860yen
  • 20. Black long boots (7.5cm) / Feroux / 15,750yen

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