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Date: 2012/10/21

Halloween costumes styles (ViVi)

Does it sound unbelievable that Japan is actually celebrating Halloween? In some ways, Japan is more westernized than one can imagine.

Just a month or more before Halloween, lots of shops started selling Halloween decorations. Pumpkins in all sorts of design have become part of the common items. And Cosplay & Halloween costumes shopping sites struggled to cope with flooding orders for Halloween parties.

It might be a little too late for Halloween ideas, but I just noticed this article featuring Halloween costumes coordinates created by ViVi. They looked so fun and silly.

For those who are still are looking for crazy costumes ideas for Halloween.

Unique mischievous Halloween styles idea

  • 1. Meet the new mouse girl with mouse cap, fur coat paired with silver leggings. On my! I still want my sweetie Minnie mouse. (- -#)
  • 2. Even the American Indians are going to give nods and thumbs up on this native costume for sure.
  • 3. The Japanese’s outrageously fun and sexy diner girl’s costume. An apron tied to the waist of a long shirt, buttoned down to reveal bikini in AMERICAN FLAG design. This gets equally funky d(^o^)b
    And don’t forget about the roller skates!

Sweet, girlish Halloween styles

  • 4. All reds & polka dots, the ever-popular cute ladybug costume. Not too much surprise though…
  • 5. Wow! The cursed dead bride returned as a zombie to roam the streets
    (OoO ;;)
  • 6. The flirty, sexy courtesan. How Japanese style clothing blends in amazingly at ease with Europe’s originated Halloween (*^m^*)
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