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Date: 2012/10/13

ViVi magazine’s models

A brief look on ViVi magazine’s models.
Having spent quite an amount of time trimming clips of ViVi magazine, I always have the impression that ViVi had at most 6~7 models running in full rotation and they are tall and mainly of mixed race models.

But, after flipping through this month’s special section on “ViVi model’s beauty secrets”, it came as a surprised that I have been imagining something different all this while (- – #)

For one thing ViVi has a team of currently, 13 models working to sell its brand.
Ages and height varies widely among the models.
And they aren’t all mixed races…

For those who yearns to know more about ViVi models, this article contains pick ups of each of the model’s brief profile (full name, height & date of birth).

ViVi models

  • 1. Kaede 168cm (DOB: 1996-Jan-11)
  • 2. Mayuko Kawakita 163cm (DOB: 1991-Nov-28)
  • 3. Arisa Yagi 167cm (DOB: 1995-Jul-31)
  • 4. Elli-Rose 167cm (DOB: 1986-Sep-25)
  • 5. Mitsuki Oishi 160cm (DOB: 1988-Mar-22)
  • 6. Chikako Watanabe 170cm (DOB: 1985-Jul-24)
  • 7. Reina Triendl 167cm (DOB: 1992-Jan-23)

ViVi models

  • 8. Lena Fujii 161cm (DOB: 1984-Jul-2)
  • 9. Sara Mary 167cm (DOB: 1987-Dec-12)
  • 10. Maggy 170cm (DOB: 1992-May-14)
  • 11. Keiko Wakita 162cm (DOB: 1992-Jul-23)
  • 12. Mayuko Arisue 166cm (DOB: 1992-Jan-24)
  • 13. Tina Tamashiro 163cm (DOB: 1997-Oct-8)
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