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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Hatsune Miku & Hello Kitty in Japan’s convenience store

Fans of popular virtual idol “Hatsune Miku”, will be glad to know that they could get a “taste” of her in the real world (@o@)/~

“FamilyMart”, a convenience store in Japan, collaborated to produce “Hachune Miku meat bun”. It had started appearing on the steamer of FamilyMart since 14th-Aug.
For a limited period only, FamilyMart targets to sell 80 thousand buns at 180yen each.

“Hachune Miku meat bun” could “unaccountably” be the most delicious meat bun that Hatsune Miku lovers will ever have (^_-)v .

Creative Japan / virtual idol Hatsune Miku steamed meat bun

Rival “Circle K Sunkus”, another convenience store in Japan is joining the battle to show it is not intimidated by this o(*-*)o

It collaborated with Sanrio to produce “Hello Kitty meat bun”, which will start selling from this coming 16th October.

“Circle K Sunkus” seems determined to win this one because “Hello Kitty meat bun” each at 150yen is 30yen cheaper than “Hachune Miku meat bun” (- – ;;)!!  
And what’s more,,, it targets to sell 150 thousand meat buns for a one month limited period.

Trust me. “Hello kitty meat bun” is going to be snatched up like crazy.

Creative Japan / cute hello kitty steamed meat bun

Not trying to sound cold-hearted, but consumers are the ones who benefit most from such rivalry. Its so amazing to be able to eat such cute meat buns in Japan (^-^)v

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Japanese autumn fashion coordinates

Fashion coordination pickups from October’s issue of Japanese fashion magazine “Ray”.
It is Loaded with plenty of lovely autumn fashion and I decided I must have it after after browsing a few pages.

Please inquire through the below button for more details about the coordinates.

Japanese fashion autumn trend / casual and sweet style

Autumn fashion coordinate 1

Japanese fashion autumn trend / casual and sweet style

Autumn fashion coordinate 2

Check prints looks ready to make a comeback this autumn. I absolutely love these two very lovely casual yet stylish coordination.

They reminded me of fashions from “Manga” (comics), girly and sweet.
And camel boots is a MUST! They are so trendy and go with anything.

1.Argyle knit cardigan + Pleat skirt

  • 1-1. Argyle cardigan (mystic) / 5,145yen
  • 1-2. White shirt (RODEO CROWNS) / 6,825yen
  • 1-3. Pleat skirt (Avan Lily) / 5,985yen
  • 1-4. Bag (Gap) / 6,900yen
  • 1-5. Camel knee high boot / 34,440yen

2. Denim jacket + Cute Tiered culotte

  • 1-1. Denim jacket (BEATRICE) / 26,250yen
  • 1-2. Check culotte (tiered) / 10,920yen
  • 1-3. Knit stole in white / 3,990yen
  • 1-4. Camel clutch bag (HoneySalon) / 8,400yen
  • 1-5. Camel boot / 39,900yen
Japanese fashion autumn trend / sweet, feminine style

Autumn fashion coordinate 3

Japanese fashion autumn trend / simple, feminine style

Autumn fashion coordinate 4

These two coordination will be my idea for autumn’s feminine working style.

Autumn sees some dark, deep or earthy tones in general. Accessories does the trick in creating some interesting variations. Belt is worn on this chic check navy dress and pearl necklace worn with the grey cardigan. Simple they are yet elegance.

Trendy knee high socks add-on is a nice choice to compete the stylish look.

3. Chic check dress + Sweet frilled turtle neck knit

  • 1-1. Chic check dress (Smork by Language) / 14,700yen
  • 1-2. Suet pumps (Smork by Language) / 16,800yen
  • 1-3. Sweet frilled turtle neck knit (titty&Co.) / 4,935yen
  • 1-4. Skinny belt with charm (C.C.CROSS) / 4,935yen
  • 1-5. Black knee high socks / 1,890yen

4. Grey cable knit cardigan + Black leather skirt

  • 1-1. Grey cable knit cardigan (choosy chu) / 7,980yen
  • 1-2. Pink shirt / 15,750yen
  • 1-3. Black leather skirt (titty&Co.) / 6,825yen
  • 1-4. Pearl necklace (short) / 2,940yen & (long) / 1,365yen
  • 1-5. Check bag (Jewelna Rose) / 12,600yen
  • 1-6. Knee high socks (Blondoll) / 1,680yen
  • 1-7. Black booty (BABY PURE) / 8,295yen

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Blood types Vs personality

Japanese has since long ago linked personality to blood types.
So does the Japanese see their personality as what was predicted by blood types?

A survey was done and this article, picked up from Yahoo Japan shows the result.
It was classified into each blood type divided into percentages of “YES” and “NO” indicating “agreement” and “disagreement” on personality relating to blood types.

Following is a brief translation of personality traits for each blood type

Type A
Personality traits: Methodical, hard-headed, considerate, strong maternal instinct

Type B
Personality traits: Works at their own pace, freewheeling, relaxed and wild, unconventional

Type AB
Personality traits: Double personality, hard to understand, mysterious, genius

Type O
Personality traits: Magnanimous, the big sister type, positive, realistic

The article even went all out to come up with 12 scenarios!!
Each blood group is analyzed and ranked in sequential order based on these 12 interesting scenarios as follows.

  1. She just can’t seem to put a room into order - B, O, AB, A
  2. She can’t do without handphone - A, B, O, AB
  3. She can’t leave the house without makeup or even with a strand of hair out of place! Nails and clothing, everything must be perfect! - AB, A, B, O
  4. Her mood is manipulated by the day’s horoscope - A, B, O, AB
  5. A dreamer who fantasized and lives in a world of delusion. She chases after idols and indulges in manga - AB, B, A, O
  6. A busybody who enjoys gossips and bad-mouthing others (LOL) - O, B, AB, A
  7. A charming little devil who knows all hot techniques to make guys fall hopelessly. She knows the right timing to put these into use - B, AB, O, A
  8. The relationship will most likely continue even when she falls for the wrong type like married men or men who treat her badly - A, AB, B, O
  9. She is sensitive to titles and positions such as creator or editor. - AB, B, A, O
  10. She goes for guys who she knows will have good future prospect - O, AB, A, B
  11. She is shy and won’t start with the first move to confess. - A, AB, O, B
  12. Don’t expect some exciting encounters! She will probably fall for close friends, colleagues, someone that she knows only, in general - B, A, AB, O

How about secretly check out your friend’s personality to judge how true these are?

And,,, Don’t ever blame this for a failed relationship (^ _-)

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Japan fashion style / Sweet casual summer dresses

The lingering heat pf late summer is intense. And summer sale is still ongoing in Japan.
Here is a pick up of 2 dresses that is enjoying great bargain now.

Please inquire through the below button for more details.

Japanese fashion / feminine retro dress for date

Pearled peter pan collar dress

Be reminded of retro style with the horizontal wavy stripes texturing on this sweet casual dress.

Retro mixed trend with peter pan collar that has lovely pearls and rhinestone embellished on it.
Elasticized waist made for comfort combined with flare silhouette to give a very lady-like feel.

Black, Mocha, Off-white-white, Pink
Japanese fashion  / casual resort style dress

Embroidery dress

A very lovely exotic style dress strewn with stones and sequins.

The mix use of soft, light material and Indian embroidery enhance the feminine look and elasticity at the waist gives the perfect style and fit.

Black, Green, Off-white, Pink Beige

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Japanese fashion magazines Sep/Oct issues

Magazine freebies for September & October issues. Some magazines had made their release two weeks ago, but I still pick them up for those wanting a reference.

Actually there are a lot more fashion magazines in Japan. Please feel free to ask any even if they are not listed here.

For more details, please inquire through the blue button at the bottom.

Gelato pique / Toothbrush & cup set
(Size: [Toothbrush (Assembled)] – L14cm /
[Cup (With cover) ] – H12cm)

Cute miniature perfume with ribbon charm, produced by popular J-pop singer Kana Nishino.

(Size: L39.5 X H35 X W18cm)

Cabbages & Roses / Floral prints big tote bag having 3 pockets
(Size: L44(Bottom width:28) X H30 X W16cm)

ANNA SUI / Multi-case having 9 pockets (Size: L22 X H13cm)

Spick and Span / Summer color polka dots pouches (3 sets)
(Size: [Mega pouch with double fastener] – L25 X H17.5 X W7cm /
[Mini pouch] – L17 X H11cm /
[Pencil case] – L18 X H6cm )

BEAMS / Stripes tote bag (Size: L35 X H25 X W9.5cm)

LIZ LISA / Floral bouquet prints big mirror (Size: L13 X H16.5cm)

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Interesting, cute cat design items

Which are you? A dog or a cat lover? Difficult choice I would say, but cats won my heart by just a narrow margin. They have an air of nobility and innocent look that is simply irresistible.

For those cat lovers who just can’t seem to get enough of cats, here are some cool, popular cat design items picked up from ViVi magazine. Bring these sweet, lovely items out on the streets! Hah! This autumn is not going to be lonely anymore.
(o ^^ o) meow ~~

Please inquire through the below button for more details.

★ Hat with cat ears: ~999yen ~ 4,725yen
★ Cats design flat shoes : ~9,975yen
★ Feminine sweatshirt with cat prints: 5,145yen / tity&Co
★ Bag in the shape of cat: 2,940yen / Jemica
★ Socks in cat face design: 1,995yen / Jouetie

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Fabulous 40s, 50s Japanese beautiful women (II)

A continuation of yesterday’s post on Fabulous 40s, 50s Japanese beautiful women.

5: Lisa Hirako (Born Year: 1971 (Age 41) – Talent, Model)
Lisa Hirako is well-known for her flawless skin, great style and sweetie look. Such youthful look at 40. Isn’t that a miracle?

6: Rei Dan (Born Year: 1971 (Age 41) – Actress)
Rei Dan is a typical version of a stunning Japanese beauty.
A blend between beauty & sweet looking, her beauty is beyond words. She takes your breath away… Her husband must be feeling pressured from all the envies upon him (>_<)
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

7: Norika Fujiwara (Born Year: 1971 (Age 41) – Actress)
Norika Fujiwara is perhaps best known for winning the Miss Japan 1992. Its been 20 years, but the former Miss Japan still maintains an aura of beauty queen. Yes, she still has her assets, her sexy body ~~ (^3^)

8: Nanako Matsushima (Born Year: 1973 (Age 39) – Actress, Model)
Nanako Matsushima has just the right soothing face that makes it impossible to dislike her. Its hard to imagine how a mother of two daughters managed to keep that body shape. And she has been a favorite candidate for cosmetic commercials owning to her beautiful skin.
DNA?? (*’- -)?
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

Don’t you agree that all these women look overly stunning? Do they fit into your image of how middle age women should look?

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Fabulous 40s, 50s Japanese beautiful women (I)

It is every women’s dream to look forever young. Today, I will introduce a few fabulous looking middle age Japanese actresses, whose beauty has withstood the test of time (neared abnormal level) in my opinion.

They could probably be holding the mirror each morning, laughing away, thinking how fortunate they are, to be able to age so beautifully. How many people could get away with aging, I mean.

1: Hitomi Kuroki (Born Year: 1960 (Age 52) – Actress, talent)
How could anyone leave out Hitomi kuroki, one the icon of Japanese beauty? Did I mention that she is into her fifties? She just looks so great in kimonos as if they were made for her. d(^-^d)

2: Miki Maya (Born Year: 1964 (Age 48) – Actress )
Miki Maya married her ballet dancer husband, seven years her junior two years ago.
I believe that with Miki’s beauty, she could easily break a few young men’s heart, if she choose to (^ _*)
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

3: Yuki Amami (Born Year: 1967 (Age 45) – Actress)
Yuki Amami topped in the ranking of [Coolest actresses in their forties]. She is single and her great personal charisma had inspired many single Japanese women. They admired and wanted to be like her. Her face! It never seems to age…

4: kyoka Suzuki (Born Year: 1968 (Age 44) – Actress)
At age 44, Kyoka Suzuki’s beautiful flawless skin and great body has been a role model for many Japanese women. She exudes an aura of charm and elegance. It remains a mystery why she is still single (*~_~)/??
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

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Japanese style / Monochrome fashion

Chic, classic black never fails to fit in any season.
But if you are not a fan of the all-black style, ViVi magazine shows you the way to coordinate with black and white monochrome that looks so fun and cool.

Please inquire through the below button for more details.

1.Sleeveless bicolor shirt + Black salopette (Right)

Stylish black salopette has been the recent trend. They teamed it with white base bicolor shirt and the blue pumps that brightened up without looking out of place.

1-1. Sleeveless bicolor shirt (MOUSSY)


1-2. salopette (SPIRALGIRL)


1-3. Pumps (TOPSHOP)


2. Black T-shirt + Black flare skirt (Left)

Paired with floaty black flare skirt, the large white prints on black base T-shirt is perfect to tone down the black. Contrasting white sneaker with studs looks so unique and impressive!

2-1. Black T-shirt with white prints (SLY)


2-2. Flare skirt (FAIRGROUND)


2-3. Bag (BENAH)


2-4. Studs Sneaker (SHIBUYA 109)


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Color contact lens

Color contact lens has become part of the fashion boom here.
Ever wish you have large eyes? Or you yearn for eye colors like barbie dolls or your favorite manga characters? Color contact lens does the trick. You will have to pick the right one of course.

Actually, I am totally ignorant where color contact lens are concern.
Let’s say I gave up because the varieties are just too amazingly wide that I ain’t sure what I want or where I should begin from w(~0~)w

There is a saying that “Eyes are the windows to the soul”.
Looks like, we might need the help of colored contact lens to “create” our very own ideal version pair of eyes (*^.-)

Please inquire through the below button for more details.

Japan's color contact lens trend

ViVi / Cosmetic colored lens

Gyaru style color contact lens trend

ViVi / Cosmetic colored lens

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