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Wonder festival event in Tokyo

Wonder festival event guide book cum admission ticket, requested by a customer sometime ago. Cool! We didn’t even know such event existed. Call us a frog in a well or whatever (._.)

Its not unusual that we got inquires from customers about some Japanese products or sites that we have no idea at all. Many time its like “Wow! How on earth did customers know such sites??”

About Wonder festival, according to source, it is a big bi-annual event in Tokyo, where garage kits in molded objects like anime, game characters, creature, mecha, etc will be displayed. The highlight is that you can purchase rare interesting masterpieces created by amateurs or professionals.
And… And… And… not to forget the one very big attraction for some people.
Lots of females sculptures in exposing and erotic positions for you to take a pick!
Chance to pack your fantasy back home (^_-)

Its so amazing that Japanese cultures and high quality products aren’t posing any language barrier for foreigners, like Japanese language do.

Wonder festival's guide book & admission tickets, figurine exhibition

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Japanese sweets, crackers for gifts

Oops…before I even knew it, I have been absent from blog for quite a while m(_ _)m

Today’s theme… Buttons, roses and leafs that won’t cause any heath problem when eaten! Sounds too good to be true that Japanese technology had came this far (*o*)!!

Caught you right there, didn’t I ?
The truth is … These are chocolates! (^-^)v
How!? How!? How!?
Doesn’t it amaze you that chocolates can look so real,,, so exquisite?

Given a chance, I would love to have a bite on cat’s paw sweets (pic on right bottom) which according to Ray is squishy and soft in texture.
There is still the choice of crispy, Japanese rice cakes (Senbei), if you happened to be one of those that doesn’t get turned on by the word “chocolates”.

Do these give you some ideas on what to get for gifts on your next visit to Japan or maybe the upcoming Valentine’s Day?

Japan gift ideas (sweets)

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Japan’s Valentine Day cholocates

Japanese’s idea of Valentine’s Day is different from the rest of the world.
It is the tradition of Japanese women to give chocolates (high quality or handmade ones) to her man, on this day.

But single Japanese men, are not going home empty-handed and hurt. Because they will still get “obligatory chocolates” (giri-choco) from their female friends. Pretty funny culture, isn’t it?

Anyway, its all about chocolates on Valentine’s day here.

“Komatsuya Honten”, a bakery shop in Akita prefecture had previously made headlines for selling handmade beetle’s larvae like chocolates that look extremely real to be eaten. They made headlines again, this time round with their special Valentine edition chocolate packages.

The wrapping looks plain and ordinary. Nothing special.
Gift ideas for valentine's day

But when opened up,,,


Ugh! 5 beetle larvae pack chocolate! (5 for 1,100yen)
Shockingly real, aren’t they? w(o0o)w

Next comes “Kabuto Mushi (beetle) cake lovely pack”, Komatsuya Honten’s Valentine’s Day limited edition package. What’s so special about it?


A set white & red larvae (auspicious symbol) with Mr.beetle holding on to a heart.
Oh, my! Honestly, which guy could be thrilled & honored to get this (~0~)
Creative Japanese gifts

If “Kabuto-Mushi (beetle) cake lovely pack” is already too gross for your liking,
brace yourself for the upcoming “Hachi no ko mozomozo puchi caramel”, another Valentine limited edition package!


See!? All thanks to this disgusting “wasp larvae” like caramel, that I lost my appetite for the day (ToT) Seriously, who could eat this?
Japanese valentine days chocolates

Hey, but on a positive note, men whom are able to see these as jokes could be fun to hang out with! So girls, how about some testing session on your guys (*^-`)v

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Auspicious symbol, Kadomatsu on New Year

Stumbled upon a company with a toppled kadomatsu on my way back from lunch.

((((((°O° ))))) Oh my gosh! The poor kadomatsu must have gotten knocked down by the north wind that chose to blow with a vengeance on this day.

Kadomatsu is meant to be an auspicious symbol, and MUST be placed upright in pairs, on the entrance just before the New Year… A toppled kadomatsu sounds awfully inauspicious (v__v`)

Its not as if a fallen Kadomatsu is going to mark the downfall of the company, but if any of the staffs were to witness this scene, they couldn’t be feeling better.

So the HERO decided to give a helping hand in restoring the toppled kadomatsu. The HERO in this subject is our boss (^__-)
Just a little helping hand, and that could probably save the company from a crisis

This year is certainly going to be a great year for our company too, all thanks to the “HEOIC” act from our boss!

Japanese tradition kadomatsu

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New Year’s Lucky Bag

It is Japanese culture to visit Shinto shrine during the New Year.
I paid mine on the 2nd day of the New Year.

Passing the snack shop on my way back, there I saw again, Lucky Bags lined up this time at the front of snack shop. They looks set to get customers!

Snacks Lucky Bags? Wow! Lucky Bags seems to be a trend, popping up everywhere…
“mister Dounut” started selling theirs before the New Year even begins.

If you are still trying to figure out what on earth is Japan’s Lucky Bag, they are bags that contain unknown random contents substantially worth more than their actual amount.
And of course I got mine which cost a mere 1,000yen per bag.

I had chosen mine by their weight, since the contents were hidden.
Want to know what are the contents?

Japanese culture, lucky bags (fukubukuro)

Lucky Bags image


These are what I got!
How? How? Do you think they are worth 1,000yen??
I did a rough calculation and they are indeed worth more than I had paid for.

So would you consider getting a Lucky Bag for yourself?

Different types of fukubukuro

Snacks, cookies, crackers

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New Year Eve in Tokyo

A city that doesn’t sleep, Tokyo is quiet in New year’s eve.
The bustle & hustle of Tokyo turns into a ghost town every year end, when everyone returns back to their hometown to celebrate New Year.
How I love the quiet side of Tokyo when the city can do with a rest (@^-^@)

“Shimekazari” decorated on the door of my company.

Shimekazari will be put up latest by 30th-Dec until 7th-Jan so as to prevent any evils or misfortune from entering the house. Designs are different each year.

Doesn’t this look exquisite? Can you find the crane?

Japanese New Year decorations/shimekazari to ward off evils

Shimekazari decorated at doors

And “mister Donut” joined in the promotion of “Fukubukuro” (lucky bag) (-o- ;;)

Fukubukuro are lucky bags sold only on New Year. They contained unknown random contents that is substantially worth more than their actual amount.

Fukubukuro on items other than fashion is beyond my imagination (6.6)?
For just a MERE 2,000yen mister Donut’s lucky bag comes with next snoopy goodies: 20donuts/pies + 2 food containers + ear hoodie + Calendar + Eco bag + Hand Towel.

Wow! An unbelievable bargain d(^o^)b

mister Donut (lucky bag at 2,000yen)

mister Donut's fukubukuro

mister Donut continues on the challenge journey to new products .
Look at the poster! Cream donuts and twisty pies!
I am just drooling by looking at the poster.

Note: I don’t get any advertisement fees from Mister Donut (( (- -*)(*- -) ))

Cream donut and twisty

mister Dount's new products

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Mirror rice cake for New Year

My choice of mirror rice cake for this choice — the Golden SNAKE.
According to the astrology of 12 Zodiac animals, next year is the Snake year.

After some hesitation between the choice of “Japanese beckoning cat” or “Snake”, I opted for the snake, since the choice of beckoning cat that is believed to bring good luck didn’t win me the lottery last year (v__v`)

I will placed my luck on the snake this time round (*^-^*)v

Japanese new year ornaments

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Japanese style kid’s wear jinbei

Japanese style kid’s wear, jinbei as Christmas present for my soon to be 3 years nephew. Few would probably thought of buying summer wear in the middle of winter season. So its a great bargain to get these as shops are marking down the prices to clear stocks… The merit of staying in a tropical island (*^-^*)

I love the colorful jinbei of course, but who can resist those wooden clogs?
I can’t wait to see my nephew puts them on.

And a reminder that today is 21st-Dec, if it slips your mind.
According to Mayan calender, today is the doomsday.
With few more hours to go, we will be welcoming 22nd-Dec in Tokyo.
I had better hurry up to update the blog before doomsday (*^-`)v

Japanese style kids wear

Japanese summer style kids wear

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Christmas nails and decorations in Japan

The year end sees Christmas as the next big event after New Year’s Eve. But is it unbelievable to know that Christmas is a working day in Japan?
Let’s see how the Japanese indulge in the mood of Christmas. These are picked up from Japanese magazine Ray.

Christmas nails have become part of the Christmas dress up for lots of Japanese women.
Ray’s answer to Christmas nail art are snowman, snow crystals painted on silver and gold gradation base coat.

Red base coat, a popular color choice for Christmas, bryon in simple shape of heart and stones are added for decorations. You still have the choice of stars, laces and flowers for picks if you prefer a tone down version of Christmas nails.

Any of Ray’s simple Christmas nails caught your eyes (*^-`)v

Bryon nails, snowman,  snow crystal, stars, bow painted embellished with stone

Idea of a Romantic Christmas? Christmas decorations is a must then.
What could be more romantic and relax than spending Christmas in your own home, surrounded by dimly lighted Christmas candles. Look at the candles trying to fit into the theme of Christmas. They come in houses of all sorts, snowman and even Santa Claus itself! (@.@)
Oh but… Imagine a melting Santa. That’s too sad (T-T)

And of course,what is Christmas without Christmas wreaths? Like the idea of red wreaths that enhance the mood of festive season.

And Christmas snow dome. To me they are so nostalgic and mysterious. I wouldn’t mind having one for a gift.

So what is your Christmas Wish?
Christmas scented candles, Christmas gifts

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J-pop rock band Monkey Majik

I have a great passion for J-pop musics.
There is something in the music that deeply touches the very soul and heart.
And what’s really amazing is that you don’t get sick with the music not even decades down the road. Also, you don’t have to understand Japanese language to like J-pop.

J-pop band ,”Monkey Majik” is my latest addiction.
Didn’t know the group until they were featured in one of the news program, doing charity shows to help reconstruct the stricken areas, that the 3.11 Tohoku earthquake brought about 2.5 years ago.

What caught my attention was at first, the group’s formation.
A four members group, made up of two Canadian brothers and two Japanese (@o@)
They are often being referred to as the “hybrid band”.
And did it strike you dumbfounded to know that the Canadian brothers are the vocalists!? They sing and speak really fluent Japanese though.

The group actually started out from Year 2000 and had since released many famous songs. So sorry that “ME”, the country pumpkin has totally been ignorant about it, all this while m(_ _)m

What’s the question? Why I love “Monkey Majik”?
Ok,,, I love the way in how they sing in Japanese with a western-like feel, something very new, very pop, yet sounds very pleasant to the ear  (*,, ^-^)
Love how their voice has a calming and soothing effect that works like a relaxant for me (^_-)v
In general, their music have the power to touch and move me to tears, giving me hope and courage at the same time.

“Headlight” is the first song of theirs that I listened to that moved me instantly. I had the YouTube embedded too if you would take time to listen to it.

Japanese-Canadian pop rock band

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