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Japanese floral dresses

The long dreadful winter is about to come to an end finally! If the weather doesn’t speak of anything, ViVi magazine’s lovely floral dresses are certainly going to. They reminded us of blooming spring flowers (o^-^o)

Japanese’s floral dresses trend see large flowers with prints that are blurry or water color like. Ideas like draping a knit over the shoulder or pairing with parkas or denim jackets creates an altogether different styles.

If floral dresses are too sweet for your liking, dresses like these dreamy floral prints that aren’t detail emphasizing, might be worth a try =^-^=

For more details, please inquire through the blue button at the bottom.

Japanese spring fashion dresses

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Pompom purin stuffed toy

“Sumo size” pompom purin is ready for pre-orders according to sanrio site. Fans of pompom purin can CUDDLE all they want now d(^V<)

This giant size purin stands at a height of 110cm. Having a thick waistline is going to be a big selling point! Just imagine that you can’t reach the entire waist by even throwing both arms around it (*o*)!!

Probably giant size is a huge success because for the first time, purin somehow felt like part of a family. Its like a security assurance that you are not alone and there is a partner to lend a listening ear to your problems (LOL) —My fantasy—

At a price of 26,250yen each, pre-orders are opened until 3rd-Mar.
Check it out on sanrio’s site if you are interested.

sanrio / Japanese character goods

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Spring fashion / Coordinating with caps

Think again if you thought that caps are either for guys only or when you have bad hair days.

In Japanese fashion world, they look set to become a trend this spring.
Expect to see lots of fanciful design caps like metallic, bold prints, studs, leathers or even simple ones like denims occupying boutique shelves.

Three reasons why I would want to own a cap.
1. I don’t want to spend too much time to style my hair.
2. Caps sort of make up the lack of lustre for coordinates that look too simple.
3. I need a cap as a shield against the sun.

Here are some cap coordination ideas for the complete stylish look from ViVi.
How do you think?

For more details, please inquire through the blue button at the bottom.

Japanese fashion trend / Casual coordinates with caps

  • 1-1. Pale yellow knit (lace embellish at shoulder) / 4,990yen
  • 1-2. White gingham check pleat skirt (Choosy chu) / 5,985yen
  • 1-3. Pastel purple clutch bag (American Apparel) / 5,200yen
  • 1-4. Denim cap (SILAS & MARIA DAIKANYAMA) / 7,140yen
  • 1-5. Alphabets necklace (Grandedge Shibuya 109) / 3,675yen
  • 1-6. Women white high cut sneakers (GYDA Shibuya 109) / 9,980yen
  • 2-1. Pink knit (KAWI JAMELE) / 9,240yen
  • 2-2.Sleeveless white turtle neck (American Apparel) / 2,700yen
  • 2-3. Denim (caqu / 23,100yen
  • 2-4. Women logo cap / 2,940yen
  • 2-5. Silver clutch bag / 12,600yen
  • 2-6. White pointed-toe pumps with metal toe cap (GYDA Shibuya 109) / 9,980yen
  • 3-1. White peplum top (GREED) / 15,750yen
  • 3-2. White sweat tops (EMODA) / 4,980yen
  • 3-3. Black skinny pant (TOPSHOP) / 6,825yen
  • 3-4. Black pochette (muse muse) / 11,340yen
  • 3-5. Women camouflage logo cap (CANDY) / 7,350yen
  • 3-6. Bracelet / 1,995yen
  • 3-7. Red sandals (EMODA) / 10,980yen

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Arisa Yagi / Fashion coordinates for spring

ViVi’s cute model Arisa Yagi shows you how to dress up to look fabulous for the cold early spring with some of her fashion items from winter.
Are any of these sweet lovely styles to your liking?

Japanese fashion styles / sweet coordinates for spring

1. Vertical stripes shirt layered with purple mesh knit and short for the casual and cute look. Arisa added elegance to the outfit with a fluffy fur coat for cold spring days when you can’t leave home without a coat.

2. Stadium jumper too casual or rugged for your liking? How about giving a challenge to something like this?
Arisa picked a feminine lace blouse teamed with flare mini skirt in smoky blue, a color perfect for spring. Knee high socks with pumps completed the outfit.
See,,, stadium jumper layering can look this sweet and girly too (^-^)v

3. Arisa turned to cute, simple style with monotone next. She paired a white top tucked into a black short having quite a bit of volume, decorated with a sweet big bow at front.
Houndstooth checked boots is a good choice!
They looked perfect and gorgeous for simple styles like this.

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Special Edition Sweets For Valentine’s Day

It is “love in first sight” with these limited edition Japanese sweets (wagashi).
Could you tell that they were sea breams (Tai) ?

I thought that they look ugly. But again that was precisely what caught my heart!
And looking so real and big are those eyes that were not missed. Contrary to the eyes, there was a tinge of melancholy & loneliness, on the way that the mouth was created. Simply love the delicate scales and fins details that were crafted all over their round body.
How? Aren’t you in love with these Japanese Tai sweets?

Two varieties, chocolat and sakura are available (from OCS store)

Valentine days limited edition / Japanese fresh chocolates

It couldn’t be wrong to opt for Hello Kitty cheesecake if you wanted something that is “straightforwardly” cute.
Cheesecake is a “NO” because you are on diet?
No problem! Hey, Kitty cheesecake is about the size of the palm only.

Ermm…The size is not going to be enough for me though …(*^-`)v

Valentine days limited edition / Hello kitty cheesecake

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Japan’s fashion trend / Flower laces

Tokyo snowed yesterday, for the second time, this winter.
It was freezing cold {{(>-<)}}

And so, it has been a while since we last saw ViVi magazine’s fashion, so here are some of my picks.

Sheer delicate fabrics, in motifs of floral lace will be the next trend to look out for in the upcoming spring. We see some changes on floral laces where the floral patterns became larger. The prints are all over dresses, blouses and even peplums and colors like blue and yellow looks just so lovely and all set to welcome spring (^-^)

Please inquire through the below button for more details about these coordinates.

Feminine & elegant dresses, peplum blouse, skirts

  • 1-1. Lace peplum blouse (white) / 7,245yen
  • 1-2. Black and white stripes short skirt (Candy Stripper) / 13,440yen
  • 1-3. Black canvas clutch bag / 8,295yen
  • 1-4. Silver pumps (Rabbit design) / 8,999yen
  • 2-1. Yellow flower lace voluminous skirt / 19,950yen
  • 2-2. White shirt (OPENING CEREMONY) / 15,750yen
  • 2-3. Stripes bow knot headband (American Apparel) / 1,650yen
  • 2-4. White ankle socks / 1,365yen
  • 2-5. Black platform sandal / 11,340yen
  • 3-1. Green flower lace dress (EMODA) / 6,980yen
  • 3-2. Ladies casual white blouson (MIDWEST (603)) / 30,450yen
  • 3-3. Black knit hat / 2,100yen
  • 3-4. Light orange cross shoulder bag (DRWCYS) / 7,875yen
  • 3-5. White ankle socks (SPIRALGIRL) / 1,575yen
  • 3-6. Black sneaker wedge (EMODA) / 8,950yen

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Wonder festival event in Tokyo

Wonder festival event guide book cum admission ticket, requested by a customer sometime ago. Cool! We didn’t even know such event existed. Call us a frog in a well or whatever (._.)

Its not unusual that we got inquires from customers about some Japanese products or sites that we have no idea at all. Many time its like “Wow! How on earth did customers know such sites??”

About Wonder festival, according to source, it is a big bi-annual event in Tokyo, where garage kits in molded objects like anime, game characters, creature, mecha, etc will be displayed. The highlight is that you can purchase rare interesting masterpieces created by amateurs or professionals.
And… And… And… not to forget the one very big attraction for some people.
Lots of females sculptures in exposing and erotic positions for you to take a pick!
Chance to pack your fantasy back home (^_-)

Its so amazing that Japanese cultures and high quality products aren’t posing any language barrier for foreigners, like Japanese language do.

Wonder festival's guide book & admission tickets, figurine exhibition

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Japanese sweets, crackers for gifts

Oops…before I even knew it, I have been absent from blog for quite a while m(_ _)m

Today’s theme… Buttons, roses and leafs that won’t cause any heath problem when eaten! Sounds too good to be true that Japanese technology had came this far (*o*)!!

Caught you right there, didn’t I ?
The truth is … These are chocolates! (^-^)v
How!? How!? How!?
Doesn’t it amaze you that chocolates can look so real,,, so exquisite?

Given a chance, I would love to have a bite on cat’s paw sweets (pic on right bottom) which according to Ray is squishy and soft in texture.
There is still the choice of crispy, Japanese rice cakes (Senbei), if you happened to be one of those that doesn’t get turned on by the word “chocolates”.

Do these give you some ideas on what to get for gifts on your next visit to Japan or maybe the upcoming Valentine’s Day?

Japan gift ideas (sweets)

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