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Date: 2013/02/05

Wonder festival event in Tokyo

Wonder festival event guide book cum admission ticket, requested by a customer sometime ago. Cool! We didn’t even know such event existed. Call us a frog in a well or whatever (._.)

Its not unusual that we got inquires from customers about some Japanese products or sites that we have no idea at all. Many time its like “Wow! How on earth did customers know such sites??”

About Wonder festival, according to source, it is a big bi-annual event in Tokyo, where garage kits in molded objects like anime, game characters, creature, mecha, etc will be displayed. The highlight is that you can purchase rare interesting masterpieces created by amateurs or professionals.
And… And… And… not to forget the one very big attraction for some people.
Lots of females sculptures in exposing and erotic positions for you to take a pick!
Chance to pack your fantasy back home (^_-)

Its so amazing that Japanese cultures and high quality products aren’t posing any language barrier for foreigners, like Japanese language do.

Wonder festival's guide book & admission tickets, figurine exhibition

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