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Date: 2013/02/02

Japanese sweets, crackers for gifts

Oops…before I even knew it, I have been absent from blog for quite a while m(_ _)m

Today’s theme… Buttons, roses and leafs that won’t cause any heath problem when eaten! Sounds too good to be true that Japanese technology had came this far (*o*)!!

Caught you right there, didn’t I ?
The truth is … These are chocolates! (^-^)v
How!? How!? How!?
Doesn’t it amaze you that chocolates can look so real,,, so exquisite?

Given a chance, I would love to have a bite on cat’s paw sweets (pic on right bottom) which according to Ray is squishy and soft in texture.
There is still the choice of crispy, Japanese rice cakes (Senbei), if you happened to be one of those that doesn’t get turned on by the word “chocolates”.

Do these give you some ideas on what to get for gifts on your next visit to Japan or maybe the upcoming Valentine’s Day?

Japan gift ideas (sweets)

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