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Space saving

Effective space utilization techniques extending to bicycle lots. — Tokyo

It is grateful to know that the payment machine is linked to commutation ticket, so that choice of card payment other than cash is possible. How convenient!
And by the way, You know WHAT!?
The machine is on “24 hours guard” by a famous security company in japan. I bet the security company welcomes such business with big smiles. (*^o^*)/

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Toilet mat and cover set

Set image 1

A good way to brighten up your toilet without spending much. The prints of the mat and cover (A) set are not only colorful and cute, each is unique in your own way. The toilet paper holder (B) and toilet slipper (C) comes separately. Its ideal as a gift too.

Strongly recommended is the toilet paper holder because the holder allows an extra roll, so that you don’t have to worry about running out of paper halfway through. *THUMBS UP*

There are plenty of designs beside the ones shown here.
Inquire through our Contact form for details.

Price (A):
mat and cover – 2,600yen (~USD34)
Price (B):
toilet paper holder – 1,300yen (~USD17)
Price (C):
toilet slipper – 1,200yen (~USD16)

Note: All exclusive of domestic transportation

toilet mat set

Set image 2

toilet mat set

Set image 3

toilet mat set

Set image 4

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Shopping spree (I)

Finally I found a little bit of time to update the items I bought at the outlet last month.

My “shopperholic button” is being triggered again after lying low for a while..
Oh there goes my saving plan for this month ….

To start with, these are the two bottoms that I bought.


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Japanese beauty

So to all guys who are crazy about Japanese ladies. This is a little introduction about two popular actress cum fashion model, who are favourite candidates for recent commercials, probably owning to their beautiful soothing faces.

P.S: Everyone’s criteria of beauty is different. I am sorry if my definition of beauty is a bit different from yours m(_ _)m

sasaki nozomi
Akita prefecture is well known in japan for “producing” beautiful japanese women (so guys, quick! What are your waiting for?) ≡≡≡ヘ(*゚∇゚)ノ.
And.. .. yes, indeed sasaki nozomi was born in Akita prefecture. Its very indescribable, its like her beauty takes one’s breath away in my opinion.

A look at the representative commercial for sasaki nozomi
sazaki nozomi

Would you believe it? She will be 18 only in the next coming month! Maybe due to her age, she gives me an image of a very pure, energetic girl who looks fantastic even without makeups (never seen her without makeup before though). And oh her smile. It gives a sense of sincererity.

A look at the the representative commercial for takeiemi

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Fashion Coordinates (I)

The variety of Japan’s fashion is really amazing.

In fact, there are no limits to their fashion and everyone dresses differently from clothing to shoes to accessories, creating their own special styles and personalities. Coordination seems like a piece of art here which everyone enjoys doing. Here are a few coordination pickups of my personal preference for the fashion trend of Year 2011 (Autumn/Winter).

Casual yet feminine type.

The cute and youthful type. 

The cute and smart type. 

The pretty and sporty type.

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kawaii souvenirs

Ok, for those who are looking for souvenirs or interesting items designed and made in Japan,be it pampering yourself or as gifts,the instant noodle stopper will be a nice one in my opinion.

Not only does it look cute, the part that comes into contact with heat changes color and this is what makes it so popular.

Currently,there is a total of four types of design (see below) and different colors to choose from.

P.S: Please take care not to eat so much instant noodle just because they look so cute.

840yen (~USD11),(inclusive of tax, exclusive of domestic transportation)

lid stoppers 1

lid stoppers 1

Type 1 - Man (Hold on)

lid stoppers 2

Type 2 - Man (relax)

lid stoppers 3

Type 3 - Woman

lid stoppers 4

Type 4 - Twins

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Mitsui outlet park

Here I come, outlet park…

I chanced upon the sale information on the TV. “SALE UP TO 80% OFF” IT SAID.
Wow! Who could RESIST ??? So I was on immediately on my way the very next day.

Nestled in the outskirts of tokyo, mitsui outlet park is an outlet mall (like a factory outlet) whereby most of the Japanese fashion bands are gathered. I always enjoy shopping here, but as the place of my living is far from here, I seldom come UNLESS… they are having sale of course. \(^-^)/

A feel of the presence of autumn with the line up of trees with their leaves already turned golden.
outlet park

A university located just beside the outlet. Couldn’t help envying the students..
outlet park

An image of the outlet (looks very westernized).
outlet park

An image of the shops in the outlet。
outlet park

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Face up powder (I)

face up powder

Face up powder produced by kanebo had enjoyed fame as one of the best cosmetics in year 2010 award by @cosme (data gathered from user’s feedback). The ratings to date is a 5.4 out of 7 (from total of 1127 reviews). It continues to show popularity through this year with high reviews from users who are using this product and it seems prior reservation must be made to obtain it (reservation period opened from June ~ Sep), but still, it will be opened up for purchases (limited) from mid dec.

Some of the positive comments were:

  • It gives the skin a sense of transparency (glowing, radiant).
  • It looks so natural after application.
  • Makeup stays fresh throughout the day
  • The fine-textured power helps in covering up the pores giving the skin a healthy look.

Every cosmetic no matter how good the quality is, depending on a person’s skin condition, it might not be suitable for every one. So there are bound to be negative comments. Here it goes:

  • Taking into consideration of its price (expensive), I don’t see how it does wonder to my face.
  • I disagreed on the part where it stay fresh throughout the day.
  • It seems too dry for the skin.

By the way, I certainly like the exquisite case design and the picture of an engraved angel on the powder. Actually, the design and color of the case changes (pink for Year 2011) every year and would you believe it(?), some people buy it for the sake of the CASE!!

But actually on top of the case, it seems there are some enhancement made to the powder. I will touch a bit on the characteristics (enhancement point) of faceup power for Year 2012 and points on how to obtain the radiant look on Part (II) . So do stay tune in.

12,600yen, inclusive of tax (~163USD)
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Friends get together

Yesterday’s foul weather finally gave way to a bright warm sunny day today. Such fine day gives an urge to go out to enjoy the good weather. I visited the home of a friend whom I had not seen for ages.

Come to think of it, visiting someone’s home in japan is a very rare chance for me and especially its someone that I haven’t been seeing for years. I must have gotten too excited and all I could remember was that I was talking, eating and drinking non-stop. I had a whale of a time.

The home is very cozy. On top of the furniture and layout, in my opinion, a bit of decorations here and there certainly does the additional work. I must say I have no idea when it comes to home decorations. I thought I have no sense and so, I couldn’t be bothered with it. But obviously, you don’t need to be an expert for some minor transformations. All it takes is a bit of imaginations, a bit of effort and a few playful touches. I picked up a few items that I thought seems interesting.

Some decorations on the door to greet you to start your morning with before heading off to work.

Didn’t know that the combination of dry flowers, twigs and small little decorations can turn into something creative d(^o^)b.

Oh no! All I know is that this was from Germany. Don’t ask me what it is because I was too busily trying to take pictures than listened to the explanation ( ̄へ ̄|||) .And by the way, the numbers ended at 24.

With a few imaginations, even old plain pine cones can turn into wonders.

Good company, good food, good weather what other else to ask for? Moreover, I was presented with special souvenirs (rice cracker). A deserved to be mention is that the cracker come with a momiji (maple leaf)! WOW, its really beyond beyond description. Creative!

Finally, I knew that maple leaves ARE EDIBLE. It just tastes like ………… leaf, that’s all (LOL). Of course, the cracker is nice.

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KBF mods coat


KBF boa hood mods coat

coat coat

This is picked up from ZOZOTOWN, a very popular online fashion store in Japan that up to date gathers 700 over brands.

This coat is currently ranked as no.1 among all items of ZOZOTOWN in terms of sales (popularity).

A military coat that comes with a soft fluffy boa hoot and a removable liner to keep you warm. The fluffiness adds a lovely touch to the coat.

light khaki, dark khaki and camel

Its selling fast, so placed your order now!

SizeBody widthSleeve lengthfront heightBack height
One size only49.5817583

Size guide

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