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Sakura Boutique

Visiting Sakura boutique near to Chuo line’s Mitaka station has became a routine for me. The attitute of the owner is always sincere and warm, making me feel very welcome. I intend to try to introduce something at least on a weekly basis from now on, since shop Sakura has a wide variety of items.

knit cardigan + Tank top + Lace skirt

My pick for today will be this feminine 3 items set. Topping up the airy open-knit pointelle cardigan, is a sweet inner tank-top with flower fills in front. An elegant tiered lace skirt completes the outfit.

For those who wish to know more about the details, please inquire to us (from below button).

Other than clothings, there are constant new stocks for accessories and interior goods too. So if you are staying near to Mitaka, why not pop in the shop and take a look?

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Room shoes

These lovely room shoes are designed and produced by a Japanese model.

Altogether, the pastel colors (in the pictures) and the ribbon with the glossy pearls at the front looks extremely sweet. The material is soft to the touch and feels so comfortable to wear.

Not only as a room shoes, but it suitable for wearing in the hotel rooms during travelling.

oeuf doux travel slippers

Room shoes (travel use)

Pink beige, Navy
oeuf doux tulle ribbon room shoes

Room shoes

Light blue, Pink, Pink beige

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Cold feet

Cold feet is very common during the winter.
In Japan, room boots, worn in rooms to protect against cold feet are sold during the winter. If you are wondering about the effectiveness, I would say I couldn’t do without them anymore during the winter. Not only are the designs lovely and fashionable, the inner is made of boa and that’s the reason why they keep your feet warm. Below are some room boot pickups.

Contact us for further details on color, design and size.

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Toilet mat and cover set

Set image 1

A good way to brighten up your toilet without spending much. The prints of the mat and cover (A) set are not only colorful and cute, each is unique in your own way. The toilet paper holder (B) and toilet slipper (C) comes separately. Its ideal as a gift too.

Strongly recommended is the toilet paper holder because the holder allows an extra roll, so that you don’t have to worry about running out of paper halfway through. *THUMBS UP*

There are plenty of designs beside the ones shown here.
Inquire through our Contact form for details.

Price (A):
mat and cover – 2,600yen (~USD34)
Price (B):
toilet paper holder – 1,300yen (~USD17)
Price (C):
toilet slipper – 1,200yen (~USD16)

Note: All exclusive of domestic transportation

toilet mat set

Set image 2

toilet mat set

Set image 3

toilet mat set

Set image 4

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