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Japanese sweet room wear & goods

Valentine’s day is less than a month to go. Here are some gift ideas, if you are thinking of getting something that’s bound to delight HER.

Ray’s cute girly room goodies. How does that sound?

Sweet, girly pyjama to warm her through the winter. Winter won’t be cold and lonely without your presence (^_-)
Color hangers to brighten up and keep her wardrobe neat and tidy.
Soft fluffy room shoes to wrap and keep her legs warm and STYLISH.

For more details about these products, please inquire through the blue button at the bottom.

Japanese valentine's day gift ideas

  • 1. Floral prints pink pyjama dress / 3,675yen
  • 2. Ladies pink pyjama robe / 10,290yen
  • 3. Green stripes bow embellish pyjama set / 7,875yen
  • 4. Floral prints ivory pyjama parka & pant / 3,675yen, 2,415yen

Sundries, valentine day's presents

  • 7-1. Hanger (sets of 4) (bombay duck) / 4,725yen
  • 7-2 Floral prints hanger (sets of 3) (Cath Kidston) / 2,415yen
  • 8. Cuffed pink room boots / 2,940yen
  • 9. Pink room boots / 1,995yen
  • 10. Beige slip-on room shoes / 3,990yen
  • 11. Large bow embellish light blue slippers (Princess Room) / 2,940yen

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Hello Kitty mouton boots

Have Japan’s famous character Hello Kitty tacking along wherever you go.
And of course this is for real!

Simply because this time round, Sanrio decided to use Hello kitty’s face as motif for mouton boots. Besides Hello Kitty’s power (^-^)v, the inner is fully lined with BOA to keep you warm.

So Hello Kitty fans out there, two designs pickup for your choice.
For more details, please inquire through the blue button at the bottom.

Hello kitty gifts (boots)

Hello Kitty boots

Cute little faces of Hello Kitty on the boots. Let Hello Kitty be your travelling companion this winter (^-^)/**

2,100yen / (Size: 22~24cm)
Brown, Beige, Black
Sanrio / Hello Kitty Birthday campaign

Hello kitty spangles boa boots

Sanrio had released the limited edition “Hello Kitty sequin mouton boots” to commemorate Hello Kitty’s birthday, that falls on 1st-Nov.

This must be the ever first mouton boots decorated with full sparkling sequins.
And there she is,,, right at the back bottom (o^_-o)

This special edition boot is up for grasp for a limited period only until 15-Nov.

3,780yen / (Size: 22~24cm)
Black, Champagne gold

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Japan’s summer gift – Fruit jelly

Its so sweltering hot in Tokyo that I felt I could be suffering heatstroke anytime.
I can’t tell if its the effect of the stifling heat, I can’t get my eyes away from anything that says “cool and refresh”.

There was this fruit jelly that keeps “haunting” me.
It looks so temptingly delicious with all the fruits immersed in it.
A few spoonfuls are all I need… o(=^.^=)o

How about a little scenario like this?
It is a hot night and you just had a hot shower. The sky is clear and you can see stars. You recalled the jelly in the fridge. So you take one along with you to the balcony, and enjoy the chilled jelly while watching the starlit sky.

So what do you get out of this “little scenario”?
Well,,, nothing other than to appreciate more about the chilled jelly and starry sky.

The jelly comes in six different fruits.
Cherry, blueberry, kiwi, pear, mango and grape fruit if your are keen.

Japanese culture/mid year gift

Refreshing fruit jelly for summer

comes in 9 per pack

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Rilakkuma for a toddler

He cries his way to nursery everyday.
Deciding that he needs a companion, Rilakkuma was chosen for the task to encourage and give him strength.

I bought Rilakkuma back. For the first time, I checked Rilakkuma thoroughly. It is amazing to know that despite having such small body, he has a big, heavy head. He looks very unproportional, but soon I realized that the design was intentionally to bring out the cuteness in Rilakkuma. Somehow Rilakkuma resembles his soon-to be little friend (@^-^@)

He likes Rilakkuma very much.
Rilakkuma became a close “friend” soon, and everyday he will try to stuff Rilakkuma into his bag which is way too small to fit in Rilakkuma. With Rilakkuma’s head popping out of the bag, he brings Rilakkuma to nursery and embraces Rilakkuma in his sleep everyday. Sometimes he wraps his hand around the neck of Rilakkuma. Other times, he will just seize one of the ears of Rilakkuma carrying it around.

HE is my NEPHEW.
My nephew had overcame the fear of nursery and now he loves going there!
Rilakkuma has opened his heart. My strategy worked! v(*^-^*)v
And all thanks to Rilakkuma.

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Japan Limited edition stationary sets

Although I only knew about Peter rabbit, the prints of these stationary sets somehow felt so familiar, reminding of my school days. If there were such presents for me during those days, I will be over the moons no doubt.
The enthusiasm to study will be high for around like… erm… 2 days? (^_^;

Anyway, these stationary sets looks really cute and comes in a set of 4 items.
Please inquire through the blue button below for more details.

Special BOOK(8P Japanese version only)+ 4 items stationary
Pencil case: L18 X H5.5 X W3cm
Ball pen: L14 X D0.8cm
Notebook: L10.5 X H14.8cm
Book cover: L11.8 X H17cm


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Unique Umbrella – Vegetabrella

“It is raining outside. Get your lettuce ready!”
So bet you thought the person who said so is nuts?

lettuce group

“Vegetabrella” is the most talked about umbrella in Japan. An umbrella that looks exactly like a lettuce when its folded. “Tokyo Noble” who designed and produced “vegetabrella”, has been trying to keep up with their production, after orders came pouring in.

How they made efforts to study the lettuce real closely is obvious. The coloring, wrinkled texturing came close to that of real lettuce. Even the fastener strap looks like that used in the supermarket to hold the lettuce together!

“Ermm… Why are you walking around with a lettuce?” Be prepared to be asked (o^-^o)  

And the good news. The surface is processed to cut out UV. So apart from rainy days, it is handy during summer days too. Lettuce umbrella is probably a good idea, if you are looking for something unique and creative for a present.

Pray hard they will come up with other veggies versions like pumpkins, eggplant, radish, etc. I would definitely love to see the streets flooded with vegetable umbrellas of all sorts and colors. Meanwhile, we will have to stick to lettuce umbrella for now.

So don’t get it mixed up with the real lettuces bought from supermarket. (^_-*)

Please inquire through the blue button below for more details.


Umbrella that looks like lettuce


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Hello Kitty Mother’s day special

Who can resist the simple yet cute face of Hello Kitty?
These are not only just flowers, but imagine flowers arranged into Hello Kitty’s face. w(‘ 0 ‘)w
These are specially designed for Mother’s Day. Hello Kitty mum lovers are bound to be delighted for sure!!

For those who are interested, bring yourself to Sanrio’s site to check them out.

Sanrio character goods / Hello kitty

Hello Kitty flower bouquet

Sanrio character goods / Hello kitty

Hello Kitty preserve flowers

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Iphone cases (hard type)

Finally I bought my iphone 4S cover after using it for a whole one month. The varieties of the design was simply too much that it took me 2 weeks to finally decide one. Ok, I do admit that I am lack of decisiveness. Could be in the roots (v_v) ?

Since I am particular about design, I decided to get a hard case instead of a soft one. If you ask me if a hard case can protect a phone, my answer will be:
It should be able to protect the phone from scratches, but should not help much in shock resistance.

But I still love hard covers because there are too many wonderful designs for one to pick from.
The case shown on the left of the picture is what I had bought for my iphone.
Doesn’t it look simple, yet lovely and lady-like?
FIY, the case shown on the right of the picture belongs to a different handphone model. Cool design right?

For those who who are interested to check out on some interesting Japan designed iphone cases, you can inquire through the button below.

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Interesting iphone 4/4s cases

The famous delicious Japanese gourmets — (chirashizushi, dango, unagi, nikujyaga, taraba gani, oden, etc).

Could you actually tell that these are iphone cases? Look real don’t they? They are made by food samples craftsman (same as those food samples that you normally see at Japanese restaurants).

Maybe these do help in reducing the crave for hometown food, for Japanese who are currently residing in foreign countries ( v^_-)

Strapya iphone4 cases (Japanese food)

Japanese gourmet iphone4/4s cases

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Cheek palette (limited)

RMK kawaii blusher

Limited edition cheek palette

Popular cosmetic brand RMK, came up with special edition cheek palatte, to celebrate their 15th anniversary. The design is created with the image of a little fairy dressed in petal. Looks cute? Does it capture your heart? It could make a fabulous gift too.

A 6 colors set that has its color balancing considered and it is limited edition.
Just mix the colors with a blush to give a natural clear coloring and add a touch of glossiness to the skin.

01:Pink coral, 02:Brown beige

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