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Single Post: Japan’s summer gift – Fruit jelly

Japan’s summer gift – Fruit jelly

Its so sweltering hot in Tokyo that I felt I could be suffering heatstroke anytime.
I can’t tell if its the effect of the stifling heat, I can’t get my eyes away from anything that says “cool and refresh”.

There was this fruit jelly that keeps “haunting” me.
It looks so temptingly delicious with all the fruits immersed in it.
A few spoonfuls are all I need… o(=^.^=)o

How about a little scenario like this?
It is a hot night and you just had a hot shower. The sky is clear and you can see stars. You recalled the jelly in the fridge. So you take one along with you to the balcony, and enjoy the chilled jelly while watching the starlit sky.

So what do you get out of this “little scenario”?
Well,,, nothing other than to appreciate more about the chilled jelly and starry sky.

The jelly comes in six different fruits.
Cherry, blueberry, kiwi, pear, mango and grape fruit if your are keen.

Japanese culture/mid year gift

Refreshing fruit jelly for summer

comes in 9 per pack

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