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Seasonal food / Fried oyster (Kaki Furai)

Loves winter when my favorite food fried oyster (Kaki Furai) is once again showing up on the menu of restaurants.
Japanese bread crumbs (panko) coated, “Kaki furai” is deep fried and topped with tonkatsu sauce, served with tartar sauce for dippings. Try it and you will know why I can’t resist it.

Regrettably, I had ONLY eaten it twice last year.
Of course! That was nowhere enough (-_- x)

My “Kaki Furai” eating spree started from early Dec last year.
And … that’s how the throat inflammation came about (; -__-) …

No way, I am going to stop it.
Today, its Kaki Furai AGAIN for energy top up v(^-^)v
Back to work again after that.

Autumn~winter/Japanese seasonal food
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Soup Stock Tokyo, the house of soups

With the winter drawing near, nothing could be more luxurious than sipping a cup of delicious soup for a soup craze like me. They work miracles to keep the body warm.

Love to death soups from “Soup Stock Tokyo” if you ever heard of them.
Reasons?? The variations and rich & thick taste of their soups. I am drooling even just at the thought of them (*~o~)

Unfortunately Soup Stock Tokyo is not everywhere in Japan.

Of all places, Soup Stock Tokyo had chosen to set up an outlet near my working place!! But “Soup Stock Tokyo” wants anyone yearning for a sip of their concentrated, delicious soup to be able to get it without the need to bring themselves to their shop.

This is how their Yahoo collaborated online soup business is born. Putting soups into carts! How convenient Japan is getting to be!
These soups selling in sets of 9 is Soup Stock Tokyo’s arranged version from their very own viewpoint of famous soups from the world. Oh no… I am drooling again…(*T_T)

Check them out on “Soup Stock Tokyo” yahoo site if you are interested.

In order to preserve freshness, those living overseas unfortunately wouldn’t have a chance to taste these. TOO BAD!

Price: 5,250yen

Soup Stock Tokyo

Soup Stock Tokyo's famous world soup

  • 1. Bisque (homard soup) / France
  • 2. Hungary style beef and tomato soup / Hungary
  • 3. New England style Clam Chowder / America
  • 4. Chicken ginseng soup / Korea
  • 5. Minestrone soup / Italy
  • 6. Japanese style soup (ginger) / Japan
  • 7. Borscht soup / Russia
  • 8. Margherita soup / Italy
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Japanese food / Autumn’s delicacy, pacific saury

Autumn’s on the way? The feeling is triggered each time when typhoons after typhoons landed on Japanese islands. Strange (/_ .*)?

Talking about autumn, it is the season for eating but it seems to take forever to come. In Japan, (Pacific) Saury or “Sanma” (in Japanese), a silver, knife-shaped fish, is thought to be most delicious during autumn, though its available throughout the whole year. This is owning to the extra fat and tasty, nutritious oil , developed when they flocked to north of the Pacific Ocean from the cold northern seas.

“Ootoya”, the Japanese restaurant which I always frequent, had their “grill saury lunch set” seasonal menu ready, starting from September. That’s fast huh!

Last week, I visited “Ootoya” and was shocked to be greeted by restaurant engulfed in smoke (@@ ;;)
What’s more, the scent of the grilled fish lingering in the air,,, it invites you to order! And the place got smokier each time as orders grew (- -;;)

Although it is groundless, I felt so vigorous after each saury meal (but not towards work)

I didn’t take a picture of the set lunch on my last trip, so you will just have to do with this one, picked up from ootoya’s site.

Research studies has shown that bluefish like sauries is effective in reducing bad cholesterol and triglyceride. So more sanmas this autumn!

Japanese food / Healthy pacifc saury (autumn)

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Anti-aging Blue Ramen this summer

Most people knows that Ramen is a famous Japanese noodle dish.
But have you heard about “blue ramen”?

“Blue Ramen” is a new creation by a Ramen shop in Nihonbashi. It will be available only for a limted period of time during summer. Its base is shio Ramen and can you image? As cool as it looks with the blue coloring, it is served cold too.

Frankly, I can’t imagine how the taste will be, because never had I in my life, tasted a Ramen that comes with cold soup (・_・?)

However, I wouldn’t think twice about trying it because it was said to contain phycocyanin that aids in anti-aging and anti-oxidation.
Wow! Doesn’t that sound like a “high-tech” Ramen? o(^-^)o

And what is the response of netizens towards “Blue Ramen”?
“It just looks like poison to me”, “The coloring makes me lose my appetite” were some of the negative remarks.

Well, I will reserve my opinion until I had tried it.

Price: 850yen

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Japan’s summer gift – Fruit jelly

Its so sweltering hot in Tokyo that I felt I could be suffering heatstroke anytime.
I can’t tell if its the effect of the stifling heat, I can’t get my eyes away from anything that says “cool and refresh”.

There was this fruit jelly that keeps “haunting” me.
It looks so temptingly delicious with all the fruits immersed in it.
A few spoonfuls are all I need… o(=^.^=)o

How about a little scenario like this?
It is a hot night and you just had a hot shower. The sky is clear and you can see stars. You recalled the jelly in the fridge. So you take one along with you to the balcony, and enjoy the chilled jelly while watching the starlit sky.

So what do you get out of this “little scenario”?
Well,,, nothing other than to appreciate more about the chilled jelly and starry sky.

The jelly comes in six different fruits.
Cherry, blueberry, kiwi, pear, mango and grape fruit if your are keen.

Japanese culture/mid year gift

Refreshing fruit jelly for summer

comes in 9 per pack

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CoCo Curry Ichibanya / summer’s new curry

Its the second consecutive year of “summer time energy saving” plan in Japan, after the crippled of Fukushima nuclear plant, by the earthquake last year.

We had seen lots of innovative energy savings products being released to the markets since. And for once, CoCo curry Inchibanya (a famous chain store curry house in Japan) is determined to participate in this energy savings plan, with… GUESS what!!
“Cold curry” is going to be on CoCo’s summer menu starting from 1st-July.

But wait a minute. What has cold curry got to do with energy saving?
Believe me, that’s my question too. According to CoCo’s management, the whole idea is that “cold curry” is meant to cool you down just like what ice-cream do.

I doubt that the curry can cool down the heat, but their efforts is admired. After all, I could understand their desire to play a part in energy savings.

I can’t imagine the taste of cold curry.
Whatever its is, “cold curry” is going to be the world’s first.
Even “curry representative”, India is going to be shocked by this “cold curry” launch.
(My pure delusions m(_ _ )m )

Anyway, “cold curry” will be available only for a limited period until end August. Have a try yourself to find out the taste, if you are lucky to be in Japan during this period.
Price: 780yen

Japanese curry house / CoCo

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Japanese mochi – Monster Daifuku

Daifuku in monster design is out to beat traditional Daifuku.

If you are wondering what is a Daifuku, it is a type of traditional Japanese sweet consisting of round mochi stuffed with filling of sweet filling mainly, red bean paste (anko).

Despite feeling towards monsters is a mix one, the cute shape of monster Daifuku won the hearts of consumers. Response towards them are overwhelming.

“Edo Usagi”, a shop selling Japanese sweet, near JR Nippori station in Tokyo is the creator of monster Daifuku. They are selling at 1170yen for a box of 6. The choices available will be “Ichigo monster daifuku” and “Anzu monster Daifuku”.

I guess I won’t be trying any as I couldn’t bear to eat these. They just look too cute for food (>_<)

Traditional Japanese soft rice cake for gifts

Youkai Ichigo Daifuku

Traditional Japanese soft rice cake for gifts

Youkai Anzu Daifuku

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Beef tongue from Ootoya

Today’s lunch is seasonal beef tongue served with rice in Ootoya.
Though the menu had been out for one month and is limited only for a period of time, I haven’t been wanting to try it as it seems heavy for lunch. Out of the blue today, I decided to give it a try since I wasn’t in any mood for diet.

While I was waiting for the food to come, the guy who was sitting on the table next to me, spoke suddenly in a loud voice: “Spicy! Spicy!” and then he was gulping down ice water as fast as he could. I took a glimpse of what he had eaten, and couldn’t contain my shock (‘O’*). I ordered exactly the same thing!
Having been in Japan for a quite while, my stomache had weakened against spicy food. I began regretting my choice even before I had a chance to taste it (`.__.`)

The delivered food sure looked delicious enough as usual, as perfect as it was. But, one spoonful is enough to tell it is indeed too spicy for most Japanese. The taste wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t to my liking.

I would rate it a 6 out of a scale of 10. But Ootoya deserved to be credited for their challenging spirits. You just have to take your hats off them for their continuous efforts to come up with new menus every now and then.

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Pietro chain restaurant in Japan

It has been a while since I last visited the restaurant Pietro for lunch and I was craving for spaghetti. So today, I turned up at the restaurant for lunch. Pietro is a Japanese style Italian chain restaurant. Not only are their pasta delicious, their dressings are famous too.

Four fantastic reasons why I think restaurant Pietro is worth a visit.

1. The popular lunch menu where you can pick two out of the five choices for main course. — The “Wow” is that you get to taste two dishes at the same time.

2. Their lunch extends until 5pm. And from opening time (10am for this shop) right up to 5pm, you get the green light to “EAT ALL YOU CAN” for the salads and breads for as much as you want! — Sounds too good to be true? Its true! It is written in their website. Make sure that you go with an empty stomach (*^-^*)

3. Lunch cost only 1,100yen. — Simply unbelievable right?? (@о@) Any reason not to visit?

4. NO “CORNER-CUTTINGS” even if the lunch is cheap. — Seriously, are they making money??

And thumbs up for Pietro for being a paradise for people who enjoy buffets. Its a nice place to spend a lazy afternoon with friends.

Note: I don’t get any advertisement fees from the restaurant (( (- -*)(*- -) ))

The restaurant with the relax ambience and is especially popular among housewives. Females made up 90% of the customers.

Helped myself to salads and breads while waiting for my main course. The photos probably won’t tell, but there are quite a variety of breads and salads.

My choices of main course, spaghetti and pizza. They changed their menu monthly.

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Famous anime Gundam turns food

The anime gundam and dofu maker collaborated to release dofu anime which started selling from 28th-March for a limited period. Animes making their way into the realistic world \(◎o◎)/

The work is known as “zaku doufu”, taking the head portion motif of character “zaku”, that appears in the anime Gundam. The response was so overwhelming that the dofu were completely sold out in many shops since its release.

“Zaku dofu” costs about 200yen per pack for 200grams. It is selling in most convenience stores and supermarkets in Kanto areas.
I shall try to get one after everybody got tired of it (^ _*).

The packaging of zaku dofu. The packaging image is completely different from traditional dofu.
Package image

The vivid green color container certainly looks close to the anime zaku. And amazing! They did not forget to add in the red EYEBALLS!
At a glance, I thought it looks more like an UFO to me. It looks more like a helmet now after closer observations m(_ _)m 

Green color is the theme and here it is, the dofu is green in color too. And yes, the shape remains intact too! Wow, Cool! The taste is green soya and surely it looks delicious enough.
soya bean flavor dofu

** For your information, this is how MS-06 zaku in gundam anime looks like. **
Image of zaku in gundam anime

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