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Single Post: Japanese mochi – Monster Daifuku

Japanese mochi – Monster Daifuku

Daifuku in monster design is out to beat traditional Daifuku.

If you are wondering what is a Daifuku, it is a type of traditional Japanese sweet consisting of round mochi stuffed with filling of sweet filling mainly, red bean paste (anko).

Despite feeling towards monsters is a mix one, the cute shape of monster Daifuku won the hearts of consumers. Response towards them are overwhelming.

“Edo Usagi”, a shop selling Japanese sweet, near JR Nippori station in Tokyo is the creator of monster Daifuku. They are selling at 1170yen for a box of 6. The choices available will be “Ichigo monster daifuku” and “Anzu monster Daifuku”.

I guess I won’t be trying any as I couldn’t bear to eat these. They just look too cute for food (>_<)

Traditional Japanese soft rice cake for gifts

Youkai Ichigo Daifuku

Traditional Japanese soft rice cake for gifts

Youkai Anzu Daifuku

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