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Date: 2012/06/22

Unique Umbrella – Vegetabrella

“It is raining outside. Get your lettuce ready!”
So bet you thought the person who said so is nuts?

lettuce group

“Vegetabrella” is the most talked about umbrella in Japan. An umbrella that looks exactly like a lettuce when its folded. “Tokyo Noble” who designed and produced “vegetabrella”, has been trying to keep up with their production, after orders came pouring in.

How they made efforts to study the lettuce real closely is obvious. The coloring, wrinkled texturing came close to that of real lettuce. Even the fastener strap looks like that used in the supermarket to hold the lettuce together!

“Ermm… Why are you walking around with a lettuce?” Be prepared to be asked (o^-^o)  

And the good news. The surface is processed to cut out UV. So apart from rainy days, it is handy during summer days too. Lettuce umbrella is probably a good idea, if you are looking for something unique and creative for a present.

Pray hard they will come up with other veggies versions like pumpkins, eggplant, radish, etc. I would definitely love to see the streets flooded with vegetable umbrellas of all sorts and colors. Meanwhile, we will have to stick to lettuce umbrella for now.

So don’t get it mixed up with the real lettuces bought from supermarket. (^_-*)

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Umbrella that looks like lettuce


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