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Date: 2012/06/02

ASIMO Robot by Honda

The famous humanoid robot ASIMO, developed by HONDA.
Doesn’t he look like a cute, intelligent but “underage” astronaut?

Brief profile of ASIMO (model year 2011):

  • Age: 12years (Equivalent to a primary six student)
  • Height: 130cm (+10cm over the years)
  • Weight: 48kg (-6kg)
  • Maximum speed: 9km/hr (+6km. About jogging speed!)

The technology of ASIMO had made tremendous advancement within a mere 12 years. Behaviour of ASIMO get closer to that of human beings and arms, legs movements became very much natural as compared to older types.

  • Intellectual improvements – He detects & analyses human’s movement and reacts accordingly, distinguishes & understands when 3 persons are talking at the same time, etc.
  • Physical improvements – Range of complex leg movements, mobility are expanded (hop with one leg, run backwards etc.)
  • Task performance capabilities – Perform delicate works using his hands and fingers. (Opening the flask cover and pouring water into cup, holding up his fingers to make the peace sign, etc. v(^-^)v )

*Thumbs up for Honda & ASIMO. Too AWESOME! * d(^-^)b

So if I were to own ASIMO, what will be his first assignment?
Without thinking twice about ASIMO’s small built, I want him to carry me in his arms, walking up & down the stairs. (This is not “child abuse”, but a pure silly dream of mine~~ )

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