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Japanese new character (Sushi & Neko)

Japanese has a newfound sushi.
The new ingredient sitting on top of the vinegar rice are CatS!! o(*’o'*)o
Of course, these sushi are… INEDIBLE (*^^*)

The newly created product by Japan is known as “Nekozushi” simply, means “Cat sushi”. Keep a look out as “Nekozushi” sets to become the next rising star.

In reality, we are not going to see “kawaii” cats sitting so still and comfortably on a vinegar rice (shari). The idea is hilarious.
And I am sure Sushi & Cat lovers are not going to get enough of this “delicacy”.

“Nekozushi” has become popular free iphone/Android download applications.
Another reason why you should own a iphone or Android phone, if you haven’t got one?

This is not the end you are seeing “Nekozushi”.
We are sure more goods are coming up.

Do remember the name “Nekozushi” (*^-^)

Japan's new character/ nekozushi nya-ta

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M7.3 Sanriku offshore earthquake

Basic instinct for me to start “googling” Yahoo Japan for news of earthquakes each time when buildings started swaying a bit in Tokyo.

Another M7.3 earthquake hit Japan’s Sanriku coast again, 2 days ago on 7th-Dec. I took to Yahoo for first hand news as usual. The information normally came up within 10 minutes after earthquakes occurred. It gave details like origin of the earthquake, magnitude, seismic intensity of each areas with a map of Japan, etc (See picture below).

The map indicated that this quake shook more than two-thirds of Japan (@ @;;)
Aomori prefecture recorded an earthquake of 5th degree on the seismic scale.
Tokyo recorded a 3~4 degree, with tremors lingering for quite some time.

Japanese scientists see it as an aftershock from “Tōhoku earthquake”.
It was kind of astounding and scary to know that despite “Tōhoku earthquake” happened neared 2 years ago, aftershocks still persist (>_<)
And looks like these aftershocks is not going to end any sooner…

7th-Dec M7.3 outer rise earthquake

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ASIMO Robot by Honda

The famous humanoid robot ASIMO, developed by HONDA.
Doesn’t he look like a cute, intelligent but “underage” astronaut?

Brief profile of ASIMO (model year 2011):

  • Age: 12years (Equivalent to a primary six student)
  • Height: 130cm (+10cm over the years)
  • Weight: 48kg (-6kg)
  • Maximum speed: 9km/hr (+6km. About jogging speed!)

The technology of ASIMO had made tremendous advancement within a mere 12 years. Behaviour of ASIMO get closer to that of human beings and arms, legs movements became very much natural as compared to older types.

  • Intellectual improvements – He detects & analyses human’s movement and reacts accordingly, distinguishes & understands when 3 persons are talking at the same time, etc.
  • Physical improvements – Range of complex leg movements, mobility are expanded (hop with one leg, run backwards etc.)
  • Task performance capabilities – Perform delicate works using his hands and fingers. (Opening the flask cover and pouring water into cup, holding up his fingers to make the peace sign, etc. v(^-^)v )

*Thumbs up for Honda & ASIMO. Too AWESOME! * d(^-^)b

So if I were to own ASIMO, what will be his first assignment?
Without thinking twice about ASIMO’s small built, I want him to carry me in his arms, walking up & down the stairs. (This is not “child abuse”, but a pure silly dream of mine~~ )

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World’s tallest tower – Tokyo Sky Tree

The world’s tallest tower, Tokyo Sky tree finally opened its door for bussiness on 22-May 2012. Forget about heading to the tower, if you haven’t got your ticket. Tickets were fully sold out and aren’t available, not until 11-July.

A little bit about the tickets :
Two months advance purchase through internet is possible from 11-Jul.
TOKYO SKYTREE TEMBO DECK tickets are priced at 2,500yen/adult.
Tickets are sold at 2,000yen (500yen cheaper) if purchased on actual day.

Building the world’s tallest tower on a land prone to earthquakes, is a task too challenging. However Japanese engineers are confident that Sky Tree won’t topple even with strong earthquakes. Of course this points to the high earthquake proof architectural technology, that Japanese designed buildings are famous for.

Sky Tree was already put to test through the Tōhoku earthquake that happened last year. At that time, Tokyo recorded a very strong quake of about 6th degree on the seismic scale and Tokyo Sky Tree amazingly survived without even the slightest damage to its structure.

Tokyo’s sky Tree Website

A comparison in height between Sky Tree and some of the famous tall towers in the world.
Height of towers comparison diagram

Meet Sky Tree’s mascot character, “Sorakara-chan”.
Doesn’t she look cute with the telescope?
She has been working very hard these day, attending lots of events to promote Sky Tree. We know its a hectic schedule, just do your best Sorakara-chan!  (*^-`)v
Sky tree character Sorakara-chan

** We handle any tickets that must be reserved in advance such as Ghibli museum and Fujiko.F.Fujio museum **
Please inquire through through the below button for more details.

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Japanese pop culture / kyarypamyupamyu

Model cum singer, “kyarypamyupamyu” looks set to become the next J-pop big star.
As a popular Japanese singer, she drew much attention because of her unique fashion style, interesting choreography that follows her music and phrases lyrics that leave deep impressions.

Her promotion videos “PON PON PON”, “Tsukema Tsukeru” and “CANDY CANDY” on YouTube draw a total of 50 million views, worldwide.

Pay attention to her head on this album in the photo. She has a shark sitting on top of her head!! o(*’o'*)o In some ways, her flamboyant fashion reminds me of “Lady Ga Ga”. Perhaps this has been the reason for her being so well-received overseas.

Take a look at her promotion music video for “PON PON PON”.
The music rhythm lingers and leave quite a deep impression, IMAO.

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Surviving the summer heat

Beating the summer heat… Carbonated drinks.

They are like miracle medicine to cure fatigue. A single mouthful and all weariness will be gone. Carbonated drinks have such impact on me (@^-^@)

“They are not good for health?”
Ummm… but its hard to survive Japan’s summer without them (-o-;;)

Being a maniac where carbonated drinks are concern, of course I heard about Pepsi’s soon to be launched product during June in Japan, the “Pepsi Black”.
Sugar content is 50% lesser than traditional pepsi and lemon is added for a refreshing taste.
So why label it “black”?
Its the Japanese typical way of expressing something having the meaning of “NOT SWEET”, like Coffee Black, etc.

“What the hack? Why the addition of lemon?”, Someone said.
I can’t really comment on that without trying out the drink first. Who knows? Perhaps the lemon really aids in the taste?

So what’s your secrets to surviving the summer heat?

Pepsi black Japan

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High blood pressure measures soya sauce

Another hit product, newly launched “Soy-zero” saya sauce. How far will Japan go? They are always so full of ideas (*^o^*)

Salt-intake must be limited for those having high blood pressure. And soya sauce is a strong no-no due to the high salt content. The maker wanted this group of people who are saya sauce lovers to be still able to enjoy soya sauce, so that is how “Soy-zero” was born.

Take a closer look at the bottle design. Its spray type!
Innovative! The taste? How about taking a try?

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Forever youthful Seiko Matsuda

The Japanese idol who reigned in the 80′s Seiko Matsuda. She won the hearts of so many people in Japan and Asia. I could recall during my childhood days, my uncle, being a fan of hers used to play her music always.

I haven’t heard about her news since and that and my memory of her face stayed as what I could remember of her when I was a child.

Recently, she started showing up in TV shows and commercials again. Her face wasn’t changed that much and I knew it was her immediately. Amazingly, she stayed as slim and as beautiful as she was. How did she do that?? I have this habit to “dig out” information of people whom hold my interest. She was my target this time and so I was into my usual habit of digging again.

Wow! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It says her age is 50!! w( *o* )w !!
The data must be kidding. Not only her face looks real young, she doesn’t have much wrinkles and talk about her hair! It is simply too luscious, too glossy, too voluminous for a 50 years old…

What’s more,,,

She was divorced with a 25 years old daughter! Shocking… (@o@;)
No lying, check out the photo below. It shows evidence of her youthful face.

What are her secrets to maintain that way??? Could there be a certain relation to good genes? Her look is just miraculous.

The time when Seiko Matsuda was a young idol.
Her famous trademark, [Seiko-chan cut] which once created a boom among Japanese women.

The recent looks of Seiko Matsuda at 50 years old. Looks so sweet and young doesn’t she?

Her daughter SAYAKA, age 25. She is a Japanese singer and actress.

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Spring – Tokyo Sakura

The highlight of Spring Season — Of course none other than the famous cherry blossom festival d(^o^)b

I took the news with extreme delight that Tokyo’s cherry blossom had fully blossomed. So I set off my journey to inokashira koen in Kichijyoji, a famous place for sakura to enjoy blossom viewing. I had intentionally picked on a weekday morning, hoping to avoid the crowds. But… to my amazement, the place was packed with people! Everyone must have thought the same thing too (; -_-)

Today’s weather was just too perfect.
It was warm and I couldn’t believe my luck that Sakura was at its peak.
I was strike dumbfounded by the scenary that greeted me.
It was too majestic, simply too luxurious~~ I am too fortunate to be able to stand here to see mother nature at work.. My brain was congested with all sorts of emotions (*the sakura effect*).

I was so touched that despite Tokyo being a big city, blossom viewing is possible everywhere. I just so looooove this city so much!

Enjoying the view from a different angle must be good too. The option to pay and get a boat to paddle yourself to other spots to indulge in different views.

Hanami parties where everyone gathers under sakura to enjoy is a standard during this season. The scenary is too calm, too tranquill. Time seems frozen…
Cute tiny ducklings even gathered in the pond to enjoy the sakura too.

Get romantic strolling under the ceilings of sakura. The cons is … beware of BIRD SHIT!

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Famous anime Gundam turns food

The anime gundam and dofu maker collaborated to release dofu anime which started selling from 28th-March for a limited period. Animes making their way into the realistic world \(◎o◎)/

The work is known as “zaku doufu”, taking the head portion motif of character “zaku”, that appears in the anime Gundam. The response was so overwhelming that the dofu were completely sold out in many shops since its release.

“Zaku dofu” costs about 200yen per pack for 200grams. It is selling in most convenience stores and supermarkets in Kanto areas.
I shall try to get one after everybody got tired of it (^ _*).

The packaging of zaku dofu. The packaging image is completely different from traditional dofu.
Package image

The vivid green color container certainly looks close to the anime zaku. And amazing! They did not forget to add in the red EYEBALLS!
At a glance, I thought it looks more like an UFO to me. It looks more like a helmet now after closer observations m(_ _)m 

Green color is the theme and here it is, the dofu is green in color too. And yes, the shape remains intact too! Wow, Cool! The taste is green soya and surely it looks delicious enough.
soya bean flavor dofu

** For your information, this is how MS-06 zaku in gundam anime looks like. **
Image of zaku in gundam anime

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