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Single Post: Spring – Tokyo Sakura

Spring – Tokyo Sakura

The highlight of Spring Season — Of course none other than the famous cherry blossom festival d(^o^)b

I took the news with extreme delight that Tokyo’s cherry blossom had fully blossomed. So I set off my journey to inokashira koen in Kichijyoji, a famous place for sakura to enjoy blossom viewing. I had intentionally picked on a weekday morning, hoping to avoid the crowds. But… to my amazement, the place was packed with people! Everyone must have thought the same thing too (; -_-)

Today’s weather was just too perfect.
It was warm and I couldn’t believe my luck that Sakura was at its peak.
I was strike dumbfounded by the scenary that greeted me.
It was too majestic, simply too luxurious~~ I am too fortunate to be able to stand here to see mother nature at work.. My brain was congested with all sorts of emotions (*the sakura effect*).

I was so touched that despite Tokyo being a big city, blossom viewing is possible everywhere. I just so looooove this city so much!

Enjoying the view from a different angle must be good too. The option to pay and get a boat to paddle yourself to other spots to indulge in different views.

Hanami parties where everyone gathers under sakura to enjoy is a standard during this season. The scenary is too calm, too tranquill. Time seems frozen…
Cute tiny ducklings even gathered in the pond to enjoy the sakura too.

Get romantic strolling under the ceilings of sakura. The cons is … beware of BIRD SHIT!

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