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Date: 2012/04/27

Forever youthful Seiko Matsuda

The Japanese idol who reigned in the 80′s Seiko Matsuda. She won the hearts of so many people in Japan and Asia. I could recall during my childhood days, my uncle, being a fan of hers used to play her music always.

I haven’t heard about her news since and that and my memory of her face stayed as what I could remember of her when I was a child.

Recently, she started showing up in TV shows and commercials again. Her face wasn’t changed that much and I knew it was her immediately. Amazingly, she stayed as slim and as beautiful as she was. How did she do that?? I have this habit to “dig out” information of people whom hold my interest. She was my target this time and so I was into my usual habit of digging again.

Wow! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It says her age is 50!! w( *o* )w !!
The data must be kidding. Not only her face looks real young, she doesn’t have much wrinkles and talk about her hair! It is simply too luscious, too glossy, too voluminous for a 50 years old…

What’s more,,,

She was divorced with a 25 years old daughter! Shocking… (@o@;)
No lying, check out the photo below. It shows evidence of her youthful face.

What are her secrets to maintain that way??? Could there be a certain relation to good genes? Her look is just miraculous.

The time when Seiko Matsuda was a young idol.
Her famous trademark, [Seiko-chan cut] which once created a boom among Japanese women.

The recent looks of Seiko Matsuda at 50 years old. Looks so sweet and young doesn’t she?

Her daughter SAYAKA, age 25. She is a Japanese singer and actress.

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