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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Japanese fashion style / Autumn coordinate

A glimpse of early autumn fashion, with coordinate pick up from ViVi magazine.
Glossy, sleek black leathers are back this autumn.This flare leather skirt is a MUST HAVE if cool and stylish look is what you are after.
You can wear it for summer too (*’-')b OK!

Vivi coordinated it with a simple white sleeveless shirt, embellished with rhinestones and peals at the collar.

Flat shoes, elegant bag and ribbon barrette on the hair. ViVi didn’t forget about the hair! And there it goes for the posh and feminine look. d(^-^) !!

Please inquire through the below button for more details about this coordination.

1. Black leather flare skirt(Murua)


2. White sleeveless shirt, collar decorated with pearls & rhinestones (Murua)


3. Bag (Beams)


4. Flat shoes (Dip Drops) & bow barrette (Stellar Hollywood)

5,990yen & 2,625yen

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Hello kitty and cinnamon roll hotel rooms

Can’t get enough of Hello Kitty or cinnamon roll?
Daiwa royal hotel groups collaborated with Sanrio to come up with Hello Kitty & cinnamon roll theme rooms.

Indulge in the world of fantasy surrounded with your favorite characters in the luxury of resort hotels. This is the chance to hug all you can for the toys, use all you can for the amenities.

On top of that, guests get to bring back towels, soft toys as presents and promotional gifts too! Check it out at the hotel’s site if you are interested.

Resort hotel / Grand kitty room

Hotel room / Grand kitty

Resort hotel / cinnamon roll room

Hotel room / Cinnamon roll

Resort hotel / Hello kitty room

Hotel room / Hello Kitty

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Japanese casual fashion / summer knit & cardigan

In Japan, simple and casual summer knits are in.
With the scorching temperature and excessive sweat, knits probably aren’t everyone’s choice of fashion during summer.

But, do you know?
Summer knits actually uses hemp cotton material and airy interweave patterns meant to keep you cool instead.

These two pieces pick ups, a cardigan and a pullover knit are exactly designed with summer in mind. They are having a bargain now.

Please inquire through the blue button below for more details.

Japanese feminine summer cardigan

Airy hemp cotton
summer cardigan

Japanese summer knits

Airy summer knit pullover
with lace details

1. Hemp cotton summer cardigan
A simple cardigan that features hemp cotton material with tasteful front opened design. Slip on to dresses or match with shorts or skirts.
A handy piece to have as add-on for some variation style creations.

Ivory, Navy, Lavender, Pink

2. Summer knit pullover with lace details
This knit pullover has beautiful lace details, blended in creating a very sweet accent. Wear tank tops or camisole underneath. Coordinate with maxi dress or skirts with sweet floral prints are some Japanese styles of dressing.

Ivory, Light green, Blue, Pink

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Japanese fashion magazines Aug/Sep issues

Magazine freebies for August & September issues. Some magazines had made their release two weeks ago, but I still pick them up for those wanting a reference.

Actually there are a lot more fashion magazines in Japan. Please feel free to ask any even if they are not listed here.

For more details, please inquire through the blue button at the bottom.

OLIVE des OLIVE / Summer tote bag
(Size:L37 X H22.5 X W10.5cm)

Flower & the bear’s school (famous illustration book from Japan about the life of 12 bears) /
Lovely snap-pouch in natural fabric & sweet polka dots
(Size: from top L15 (bottom L19) X H12 X W3.5cm)

CLATHAS / lady-like camellia design tri fold wallet
(Size when folded: L11.5 X H8.5cm)
(Full Size: L23.5 X H8.5cm)

LESPORTSAC / Multicase with fringe chain
(Size: L21.5 X H10.5 X W5cm)

HELLO KITTY / Union jack prints BIG tote bag
(Size: L28 X H38cm)

Ray BEAMS SNOOPY / mini tote bag
(Size: L26 X H16 X W10cm)

IENA / Elegant satin pouch with pearl strap
(Size: Bottom L16 X H10 X W4cm)

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Japan’s summer nail trend

How about some fun with your nails this summer?
These are some nail arts pick outs from ViVi magazine’s nail book.

Its time to flash your nails by going for bold shades,
instead of staying with the same boring hue.

This summer see the likes of bright and cute colorful designs,
like animals, interesting characters, insects.
Not only do they portray an image of vitality,
they brighten up the hot summer too. ┗(*∀*)┛

Japanese colorful manicure trends

The whole world must be getting pretty excited about London olympic.
This is a simple, elegant nail art which has a British flag, obviously designed for olympic. Check out on the site if you are interested.

Japanese nail art with flags

Nail arts for London olympic 2012

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Anti-aging Blue Ramen this summer

Most people knows that Ramen is a famous Japanese noodle dish.
But have you heard about “blue ramen”?

“Blue Ramen” is a new creation by a Ramen shop in Nihonbashi. It will be available only for a limted period of time during summer. Its base is shio Ramen and can you image? As cool as it looks with the blue coloring, it is served cold too.

Frankly, I can’t imagine how the taste will be, because never had I in my life, tasted a Ramen that comes with cold soup (・_・?)

However, I wouldn’t think twice about trying it because it was said to contain phycocyanin that aids in anti-aging and anti-oxidation.
Wow! Doesn’t that sound like a “high-tech” Ramen? o(^-^)o

And what is the response of netizens towards “Blue Ramen”?
“It just looks like poison to me”, “The coloring makes me lose my appetite” were some of the negative remarks.

Well, I will reserve my opinion until I had tried it.

Price: 850yen

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Japanese fashion coordinates/monotone styles

Hey folks, monotone styles are not necessary boring.

Here are some brilliant, simple monotone coordination pick outs from ViVi magazine, that are nowhere the boring monotone style. They showed what monotones is capable of, not only interesting, but can create wonderful style variations.

The sweet, kawaii, girly style that is created through monontone.
With the right coordination, monotones can “turn up” for formal parties or even casual outings or dates.

sweet, casual monotone coordinate

The cool and stylist monotone coordinates.
Top on a bustier top or wearing really short pant to show off your long legs are some ways to accentuate monotone colors.

cool stylish monotone coordinate

So have your impressions towards monotone changed?

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Japan’s summer gift – Fruit jelly

Its so sweltering hot in Tokyo that I felt I could be suffering heatstroke anytime.
I can’t tell if its the effect of the stifling heat, I can’t get my eyes away from anything that says “cool and refresh”.

There was this fruit jelly that keeps “haunting” me.
It looks so temptingly delicious with all the fruits immersed in it.
A few spoonfuls are all I need… o(=^.^=)o

How about a little scenario like this?
It is a hot night and you just had a hot shower. The sky is clear and you can see stars. You recalled the jelly in the fridge. So you take one along with you to the balcony, and enjoy the chilled jelly while watching the starlit sky.

So what do you get out of this “little scenario”?
Well,,, nothing other than to appreciate more about the chilled jelly and starry sky.

The jelly comes in six different fruits.
Cherry, blueberry, kiwi, pear, mango and grape fruit if your are keen.

Japanese culture/mid year gift

Refreshing fruit jelly for summer

comes in 9 per pack

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Hot sticky summer days — Stay fresh with Biore

Summer in Japan spells, soaring temperatures, high humidity, heat island, that I have little tolerance for. I do appreciate the sun very much, but I can’t say the same for summer seasons.

You know how it feels when you wake up every morning, sticky and soak in sweat?
Each summer, I swear by Biore’s “sara sara powder sheet” ever since I started using it 3 years ago. It became a routine to just take one out from the pack, to wipe my body every morning. Body odor (bet that’s what most of you are conscious of) and stickiness, all gone within a wipe. Save me the shower, save water, save $$$. I feel so refresh and dry after that, as if I had a shower.
Nobody knows that I don’t shower in the morning b(^_-)b

I won’t know what’s the secret behind each sheet, but definitely “sara sara powder sheet” is another great product that I would strongly recommend.

And, wow! I didn’t realize there are as many as seven types available (@o@)!!
Those containing mild, pleasant scent are the only ones that I had tried before.
More types might show up again, next year, perhaps.

Please inquire through the blue button below for more details on this product.

sara sara powder sheet (Biore)

Stay fresh Powder sheet (Biore)

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Japanese fashion trend / Cotton maxi dress

Japanese fashion style / sweet casual cotton maxi dress

Pastel colors long cotton dress

vivi model / Yagi Arissa

Simple, casual and sweet cotton maxi dress for the summer.

Frill hem and lace on the skirt is simple yet lovely.
Bodice is decorated with beads and lace, adding sweet accent.

Wear flat sandals, top with a straw hat for the resort style look (like that of the picture), and there you are, ready to set off for vacation.
Wearing a knit or cardigan over it is recommended for the Japanese style of dressing.

Please inquire through the blue button below for more details.

Off-white, Yellow, Lavender, Beige

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