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Iphone cases (hard type)

Finally I bought my iphone 4S cover after using it for a whole one month. The varieties of the design was simply too much that it took me 2 weeks to finally decide one. Ok, I do admit that I am lack of decisiveness. Could be in the roots (v_v) ?

Since I am particular about design, I decided to get a hard case instead of a soft one. If you ask me if a hard case can protect a phone, my answer will be:
It should be able to protect the phone from scratches, but should not help much in shock resistance.

But I still love hard covers because there are too many wonderful designs for one to pick from.
The case shown on the left of the picture is what I had bought for my iphone.
Doesn’t it look simple, yet lovely and lady-like?
FIY, the case shown on the right of the picture belongs to a different handphone model. Cool design right?

For those who who are interested to check out on some interesting Japan designed iphone cases, you can inquire through the button below.

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The smell of spring

March in Japan, is the graduation season as well as the famous once in a year cherry blossom season. This is unfounded, but I would like to think that the cherry blossom season is meant to be a celebration for graduates who are embarking on a new journey.

As a member of the “working society”, cherry blossom has no special meaning for me. But, when I recall how beautiful last year’s SAKURA were, I begin to look forward to seeing it again. Sounds contradicting right?
Its getting warmer and closer to spring. SAKURA in Tokyo will bloom soon. It fills me with excitement to even think about it. *No, I am not a child*

No, not everyone could enjoy this season though. Lots of Japanese have hay fever due to allergy to cedar pollen and this season just make them feel terrible. You can see most of them with mask all the time.

Sakura’s bud is telling us that we shall be expecting cherry blossom soon. *HURRAY*

Where it gets a lot of sun, a single SAKURA tree can’t wait to start flowering. Poor thing, it looks so out of place…

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Japanese fashion style – Lowrys farm

Casual and Sweet style, 3 items coordinate pickup from popular Lowrys farm.

lace blouse

Sweet lace blouse (three-quarter sleeve)

Recent trend combination of peter pan collar, three-quarter-sleeves and laces, the overall result is a sweet spring-like blouse. The lace extends from the front to the back and around the sleeves. Cool!

Off-white, Ivory, Black
girly design denim

Feminine denim shirt

The unique design of three quarter-sleeve and the V-neck line peter pan collar is something new for a denim shirt. The overall length is on the shorter side, with the front portion shorter than the back. A very creative and feminine denim shirt that is basically easy to match.

Light blue, Blue
skirt like pant

Fashion trend - culotte

Strong in the trend is the culotte. Especially looking lovely and elegant is the use of Russell lace which creates an airy silhouette.

Ivory, Black, Pink

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Graphic pen tablet – Wrist pain relief measure

My job requires me to work like mad, spending long hours in front of the computer, resulting in the high risk of overusing my hands. Recently, my fingers started feeling numb and extremely tired when I am operating the mouse. Before I spoil my hand completely, I thought I should do something to limit mouse operation as much possible. Tablet was the first thing that come to my mind hoping it could replace the mouse. And anyway, it doesn’t cost much, I could always return back to the mouse if the idea doesn’t work.

For the past 3 days, I focused on the tablet. I couldn’t be more than satisfied with the result. It took me just a mere few hours to get used to the operation. Moreover, I feel it really lightens the burden that builds up due to repeated clicking action of the mouse. It didn’t 100% solve the tiredness of the wrist, but in some way, it helps lessen that.

Investing in a tablet is worth after all in my opinion.
I really recommend the tablet for those whom like me, need to work long hours in front of the computer with lots of wrist operation. d(^o^)b

If you are interested to know, the tablet that I had bought is Wacom Bamboo Connect.
Good Luck (^_-)

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Sleeveless border prints dress

Causal & feminine border dress

Casual and feminine dress

Side and back image

Border prints like this is a classic in spring in Japan. Tucks gathers on the skirt successfully added a soft touch to the sleeveless dress giving a very feminine look.
Simply love the design of the bold open cutting at the back, which looks real elegant and sexy. Cutting is just lovely.

White & Red,White & Blue,White & Black

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Japanese fashion magazines

When I popped down to the bookstore to grab my monthly fashion magazine, what caught my eyes were the freebies that come with many of the popular magazines (mostly the May issues). They mainly contain sweet pouches or tote bags that look cute and handy enough for daily use.

After fighting down the temptations with other magazines (or rather the free goodies?), I finally got settled with the usual one that I have been supporting all along.

For those who are keen on what free goodies come with these magazines, I picked up a few. Interested parties can inquire through the button below.

JILL by JILLSTUART Blush case + Flower prints cosmetic pouch (Size:L19cmXH12cm×W6.5cm)

woman's magazine

SPRING - May issue

dazzlin Fastener tote bag (There is a front pocket and fastener)

woman's magazine

nonno - May issue

JILLSTUART 15 anniversary tote bag (Size:L34cm×H20cm×W10cm)

woman's magazine

Sweet - April issue

Coach scrunchie that comes with a pouch

woman's magazine

Can Cam - May issue

Hello kitty mini pouch (Size: L15cmXH10.5cm)

woman's magazine

Ray - May issue

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dekopon (sumo tangerine)

You can see this fruit that looks like a tangerine, in any supermarket in Japan at this season. “Dekopon”, as this fruit is known as, is a citrus fruit, originally Made In Japan through cross-breeding. Cool right?

Maybe the photo which I had taken can’t tell much (try googling “dekopon” if not) , it has a very obvious “ugly” bump on the top.

My first brush with dekopon has been a very idiot one (^~^;)
Imagine! I mixed it up with missile name, “tepodon”! That’s the problem with Japanese language for foreigners. I still think they sound alike after all…

In contrary to its rough appearance, dekopon is actually almost seedless and awesomely sweet and juicy d(^o^)b

The success of cross-breeding doesn’t occur overnight.
I hope that the world can have a taste of the delicious dekopon created through the hands of Japanese people.

citrus fruit

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Fit and flare dress

dazzlin dress

Sweet and feminine dress (fit and flare style)

This sweet dress is featured in the famous Japanese magazine, ViVi.

Fit and flare style is the recent trend in dresses in Japan. Love the overall design from the small details of the transparent dot tulle around the shoulders, high-waist, decor around the chests and who can forget about the Peter pan collars! They just enhanced the feminine style.

And also, the big plus is that the Peter Pan Collar is detachable!

Pink, Gray, Black

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Wide salopette pant

casual fashion (pant)

Casual fashion -- salopette pant

available colors

A very simple yet fashionable and unique wide salopette pant with very soothing monotone prints. Loose-fit one piece style provides maximum comfort and spaghetti straps are just the right add-on to the style!

Paisley, Star off-white, Star black

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Cute construction barricades

The kawaii culture extended to the construction work sites.

“Mum, look! Giraffes”, the yelling from excited children could be heard from far.
No doubt, children enjoy these animals barricades.

animal barricades

animal barricades

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