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Date: 2012/03/18

Japanese models of mixed parentage

Have you ever wonder what will be the mixed races of Japanese women’s faces be like? Today, I will introduce a few gorgeous Japanese beautiful women who are of mixed parentage.

They are actually Japanese models with either one of the parents a Japanese and another of different race. They are very famous and their faces are not only all over Japanese fashion magazines, they even make appearances in TV shows and commercials.

Although it was said that root of Japanese is divided into only two groups (Jomon and Yayoi), I feel that the faces of Japanese women has wide variations. And also, there are really too many beautiful Japanese women.

1: Michibata Jessica (Age 28 -Model,talent)
Japan + Argentine & Italy

2: Hasegawa Jun (Age 26 -Model,talent)
Japan + America

mixed race model

3: Fuji Lena (Age 28 -Model
Japan + Japan & America

4: Triendl Reina (Age 20 -Model, talent)
Japan + Australia

mixed race model

5: Rola (Age 22 -Model,talent)
Bangladesh + Japan & Russia

6: LIZA (Age 23 -Model,talent)
Japan + Germany

mixed race model
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