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Date: 2012/03/30

The smell of spring

March in Japan, is the graduation season as well as the famous once in a year cherry blossom season. This is unfounded, but I would like to think that the cherry blossom season is meant to be a celebration for graduates who are embarking on a new journey.

As a member of the “working society”, cherry blossom has no special meaning for me. But, when I recall how beautiful last year’s SAKURA were, I begin to look forward to seeing it again. Sounds contradicting right?
Its getting warmer and closer to spring. SAKURA in Tokyo will bloom soon. It fills me with excitement to even think about it. *No, I am not a child*

No, not everyone could enjoy this season though. Lots of Japanese have hay fever due to allergy to cedar pollen and this season just make them feel terrible. You can see most of them with mask all the time.

Sakura’s bud is telling us that we shall be expecting cherry blossom soon. *HURRAY*

Where it gets a lot of sun, a single SAKURA tree can’t wait to start flowering. Poor thing, it looks so out of place…

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