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ViVi magazine’s models

A brief look on ViVi magazine’s models.
Having spent quite an amount of time trimming clips of ViVi magazine, I always have the impression that ViVi had at most 6~7 models running in full rotation and they are tall and mainly of mixed race models.

But, after flipping through this month’s special section on “ViVi model’s beauty secrets”, it came as a surprised that I have been imagining something different all this while (- – #)

For one thing ViVi has a team of currently, 13 models working to sell its brand.
Ages and height varies widely among the models.
And they aren’t all mixed races…

For those who yearns to know more about ViVi models, this article contains pick ups of each of the model’s brief profile (full name, height & date of birth).

ViVi models

  • 1. Kaede 168cm (DOB: 1996-Jan-11)
  • 2. Mayuko Kawakita 163cm (DOB: 1991-Nov-28)
  • 3. Arisa Yagi 167cm (DOB: 1995-Jul-31)
  • 4. Elli-Rose 167cm (DOB: 1986-Sep-25)
  • 5. Mitsuki Oishi 160cm (DOB: 1988-Mar-22)
  • 6. Chikako Watanabe 170cm (DOB: 1985-Jul-24)
  • 7. Reina Triendl 167cm (DOB: 1992-Jan-23)

ViVi models

  • 8. Lena Fujii 161cm (DOB: 1984-Jul-2)
  • 9. Sara Mary 167cm (DOB: 1987-Dec-12)
  • 10. Maggy 170cm (DOB: 1992-May-14)
  • 11. Keiko Wakita 162cm (DOB: 1992-Jul-23)
  • 12. Mayuko Arisue 166cm (DOB: 1992-Jan-24)
  • 13. Tina Tamashiro 163cm (DOB: 1997-Oct-8)
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Miss universe Japan 2006 / Kurara Chibana

Do you know or remember beauty queen Kurara Chibana?
She made headlines when she represented Japan to compete in the Miss universe Pageant 2006 and was placed first runner up.

Kurara Chibana has earned herself many Japanese male admirers and female supporters after the pageant.

Kurara Chibana has a very beautiful face, but her name is very unusual even for Japanese. I don’t have a problem with her face, but I often made mistake in her name.
Its hard to remember (- – !!)

The beauty queen turned 30 years old this year and is still single (^_-)
The universe pageant which bought her fame after, had seen her accepting all sorts of challenges these few years. She had been a TV compere, is a spokesperson for some famous brands, do modelling jobs, appear in commercials, is a goodwill ambassador, so on and so forth.

Those who didn’t know Japanese probably won’t know that she is actually very brainy and knowledgeable. In the quiz program, “Discovery of the World’s Mysteries” where she shows up as one of the regulars, the way she connects her thoughts and utilizes her knowledge in tackling the quiz, tells it — She is well-known as an intellectual beauty too in Japan.

She might look elegant in TV, but standing at 173cm, I bet she will be extremely huge in real person. But again, height is her weapon which gained her international fame. And she just looks so good in the big scene in my opinion.

Japanese intellectual beauty / kurara Chibana Miss Japan 2006

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Fabulous 40s, 50s Japanese beautiful women (II)

A continuation of yesterday’s post on Fabulous 40s, 50s Japanese beautiful women.

5: Lisa Hirako (Born Year: 1971 (Age 41) – Talent, Model)
Lisa Hirako is well-known for her flawless skin, great style and sweetie look. Such youthful look at 40. Isn’t that a miracle?

6: Rei Dan (Born Year: 1971 (Age 41) – Actress)
Rei Dan is a typical version of a stunning Japanese beauty.
A blend between beauty & sweet looking, her beauty is beyond words. She takes your breath away… Her husband must be feeling pressured from all the envies upon him (>_<)
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

7: Norika Fujiwara (Born Year: 1971 (Age 41) – Actress)
Norika Fujiwara is perhaps best known for winning the Miss Japan 1992. Its been 20 years, but the former Miss Japan still maintains an aura of beauty queen. Yes, she still has her assets, her sexy body ~~ (^3^)

8: Nanako Matsushima (Born Year: 1973 (Age 39) – Actress, Model)
Nanako Matsushima has just the right soothing face that makes it impossible to dislike her. Its hard to imagine how a mother of two daughters managed to keep that body shape. And she has been a favorite candidate for cosmetic commercials owning to her beautiful skin.
DNA?? (*’- -)?
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

Don’t you agree that all these women look overly stunning? Do they fit into your image of how middle age women should look?

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Fabulous 40s, 50s Japanese beautiful women (I)

It is every women’s dream to look forever young. Today, I will introduce a few fabulous looking middle age Japanese actresses, whose beauty has withstood the test of time (neared abnormal level) in my opinion.

They could probably be holding the mirror each morning, laughing away, thinking how fortunate they are, to be able to age so beautifully. How many people could get away with aging, I mean.

1: Hitomi Kuroki (Born Year: 1960 (Age 52) – Actress, talent)
How could anyone leave out Hitomi kuroki, one the icon of Japanese beauty? Did I mention that she is into her fifties? She just looks so great in kimonos as if they were made for her. d(^-^d)

2: Miki Maya (Born Year: 1964 (Age 48) – Actress )
Miki Maya married her ballet dancer husband, seven years her junior two years ago.
I believe that with Miki’s beauty, she could easily break a few young men’s heart, if she choose to (^ _*)
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

3: Yuki Amami (Born Year: 1967 (Age 45) – Actress)
Yuki Amami topped in the ranking of [Coolest actresses in their forties]. She is single and her great personal charisma had inspired many single Japanese women. They admired and wanted to be like her. Her face! It never seems to age…

4: kyoka Suzuki (Born Year: 1968 (Age 44) – Actress)
At age 44, Kyoka Suzuki’s beautiful flawless skin and great body has been a role model for many Japanese women. She exudes an aura of charm and elegance. It remains a mystery why she is still single (*~_~)/??
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

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Beautiful sisters of Japan

Beautiful with great style, they are known as the beauty siblings in Japan.
The eldest is Carena Michibata, followed by Jessica Michibita and the youngest, Angelica Michibata. They are full-time model and talent, no qualms about it with their “super long legs” and charisma.

— Does the face of Jessica Michibita (center) ring a bell? She is well-known for her high profile relationship with Jenson Button, British Formula One driver. —

They are “LIVE EXAMPLES” that heredity plays a part in beauty.
Most probably, their exotic looks came from their father who is a mix between Argentine & Italy.

Without doubts, they make lots of heads turn on the streets.
Ok, enough about the envy. Everyone’s life is special in their own way, I think (*’-^)

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Momoe Yamaguchi vs Ueto Aya

Momoe Yamaguchi, a Japanese actress and singer who reigned the 70s. Nicknamed as the “cool beauty” by the Japanese, she quitted showbiz at the height of her popularity and had disappeared from the entertainment scene since. She was 21 years old then and to this day remained a pop icon.

To quit at the height of your career might not necessary be a bad choice. She could be smiling her way knowing that after all these 30 years, her songs are still favorites in mimic programs and TV here sometimes play footage of her days as singer.

Everything about her is just a mystery as she remains a legend in the heart of many Japanese.

Japanese beauty / Momoe Yamaguchi in the 70s

To some extend, I somehow feel that Aya Ueto (another popular actress, singer in Japan) resembles Momoe Yamaguchi. Ueto is nowhere the “cool beauty” of Momoe, in fact the very contrary. She is very lively, chirpy and has a very energetic feel. Why I feel that they look alike is another mystery myself.

Maybe some might disagreed about their resemblance. But both are no doubt the representative actresses of Japan, in different generations who win the hearts of many Japanese.

Japanese Tarento / CM queen Ueto Aya

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Japanese models of mixed parentage

Have you ever wonder what will be the mixed races of Japanese women’s faces be like? Today, I will introduce a few gorgeous Japanese beautiful women who are of mixed parentage.

They are actually Japanese models with either one of the parents a Japanese and another of different race. They are very famous and their faces are not only all over Japanese fashion magazines, they even make appearances in TV shows and commercials.

Although it was said that root of Japanese is divided into only two groups (Jomon and Yayoi), I feel that the faces of Japanese women has wide variations. And also, there are really too many beautiful Japanese women.

1: Michibata Jessica (Age 28 -Model,talent)
Japan + Argentine & Italy

2: Hasegawa Jun (Age 26 -Model,talent)
Japan + America

mixed race model

3: Fuji Lena (Age 28 -Model
Japan + Japan & America

4: Triendl Reina (Age 20 -Model, talent)
Japan + Australia

mixed race model

5: Rola (Age 22 -Model,talent)
Bangladesh + Japan & Russia

6: LIZA (Age 23 -Model,talent)
Japan + Germany

mixed race model
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He She

So they have became real women that there wasn’t a trace of evidence showing that they were males originally, at least not from their looks…
If it wasn’t the fact that they confessed about their genders in TV last time, I bet nobody will guess that they aren’t females RIGHT?
And yes, for your information, here in Japan, transgender is known as “New Half”.

Haruna ai
She is a fashion model, talent but at the same time, a successful entrepreneur. Really envy the she has good skin.
haruna ai

Tsubaki ayana
To me, she looks 100% female and very cute! Though I seldom seen her on TV these days, her profession is listed as fashion model and talent.
 tsubaki ayana

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Japanese beauty

So to all guys who are crazy about Japanese ladies. This is a little introduction about two popular actress cum fashion model, who are favourite candidates for recent commercials, probably owning to their beautiful soothing faces.

P.S: Everyone’s criteria of beauty is different. I am sorry if my definition of beauty is a bit different from yours m(_ _)m

sasaki nozomi
Akita prefecture is well known in japan for “producing” beautiful japanese women (so guys, quick! What are your waiting for?) ≡≡≡ヘ(*゚∇゚)ノ.
And.. .. yes, indeed sasaki nozomi was born in Akita prefecture. Its very indescribable, its like her beauty takes one’s breath away in my opinion.

A look at the representative commercial for sasaki nozomi
sazaki nozomi

Would you believe it? She will be 18 only in the next coming month! Maybe due to her age, she gives me an image of a very pure, energetic girl who looks fantastic even without makeups (never seen her without makeup before though). And oh her smile. It gives a sense of sincererity.

A look at the the representative commercial for takeiemi

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