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Miss universe Japan 2006 / Kurara Chibana

Do you know or remember beauty queen Kurara Chibana?
She made headlines when she represented Japan to compete in the Miss universe Pageant 2006 and was placed first runner up.

Kurara Chibana has earned herself many Japanese male admirers and female supporters after the pageant.

Kurara Chibana has a very beautiful face, but her name is very unusual even for Japanese. I don’t have a problem with her face, but I often made mistake in her name.
Its hard to remember (- – !!)

The beauty queen turned 30 years old this year and is still single (^_-)
The universe pageant which bought her fame after, had seen her accepting all sorts of challenges these few years. She had been a TV compere, is a spokesperson for some famous brands, do modelling jobs, appear in commercials, is a goodwill ambassador, so on and so forth.

Those who didn’t know Japanese probably won’t know that she is actually very brainy and knowledgeable. In the quiz program, “Discovery of the World’s Mysteries” where she shows up as one of the regulars, the way she connects her thoughts and utilizes her knowledge in tackling the quiz, tells it — She is well-known as an intellectual beauty too in Japan.

She might look elegant in TV, but standing at 173cm, I bet she will be extremely huge in real person. But again, height is her weapon which gained her international fame. And she just looks so good in the big scene in my opinion.

Japanese intellectual beauty / kurara Chibana Miss Japan 2006

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Japanese models of mixed parentage

Have you ever wonder what will be the mixed races of Japanese women’s faces be like? Today, I will introduce a few gorgeous Japanese beautiful women who are of mixed parentage.

They are actually Japanese models with either one of the parents a Japanese and another of different race. They are very famous and their faces are not only all over Japanese fashion magazines, they even make appearances in TV shows and commercials.

Although it was said that root of Japanese is divided into only two groups (Jomon and Yayoi), I feel that the faces of Japanese women has wide variations. And also, there are really too many beautiful Japanese women.

1: Michibata Jessica (Age 28 -Model,talent)
Japan + Argentine & Italy

2: Hasegawa Jun (Age 26 -Model,talent)
Japan + America

mixed race model

3: Fuji Lena (Age 28 -Model
Japan + Japan & America

4: Triendl Reina (Age 20 -Model, talent)
Japan + Australia

mixed race model

5: Rola (Age 22 -Model,talent)
Bangladesh + Japan & Russia

6: LIZA (Age 23 -Model,talent)
Japan + Germany

mixed race model
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Japanese women with young faces

Its been known that Japanese women tend to look younger than their age. I couldn’t agreed more with it, after spending years of living here, “studying” the faces of Japanese women.

My “object of study” took place in trains, supermarkets, streets, restaurants and even television. Frankly I am not sure if its the power or makeups or eating habits or the skincare efforts that Japanese women in to stay young. I haven’t got a clue, but there are in fact many young looking pregnant women, mothers with children, elderly women with few wrinkles on face, young women with flawless skin and rosy cheeks.

This time round, I will introduce a few famous Japanese women whom I think look way below their age.

1: Aoi yu (Age 27 -Actress, model)
Doesn’t Aoi yu look like a secondary school student? Most of the time, I was even wondering if she is wearing any makeups at all on national TV. It might sounds scary(?), I had a feeling that perhaps she never will age.

2: Miyazaki aoi (Age 27 -Actress)
A face that is highly exposed in CM, dramas and movies. Many might think that Miyazaki aoi is still single because of her baby-face. Actually she was married, but got divorced only recently.

childlike face

3: Ueto aya (Age 27 -Actress,singer,model)
Ueto aya is known as the “Queen of CM” since she appeared in many CM. Her pure and innocent looks could be a big factor to her popularity. She looks very fresh for a 27 years old.

4: Ishihara satomi (Age 26 -Actress)
Although Ishihara satomi looks very young, she had owned a big name in the entertainment, acting in many important in dramas. She has beautiful skin and full lips.

childlike face

5: Inoue mao (Age 27 -Actress)
Inoue mao was made famous after appearing as the lead actress for dram “Boys over Flowers” (base on manga). Doesn’t she look cute?

6: Fukada kyouko (Age 30 -Actress, singer, talent)
Despite the fact that Fukada kyouko’s face is simply flawless and wrinkle-free. How could that be for a 30 years old?

childlike face

7: Adachi yumi (Age 31 -Actress,talent)
Adachi yumi first made her appearance as a child star. It was said that her face stayed the same from childhood. But don’t be surprised that she was divorced with a child.

8: Asada mao (Age 21 Figure skater)
From age 15, Asada Mao, a figure skater has been representing Japan in many competitions. She was known as the “fairy on ice” from her lovely performance on ice and voted as “most favourite sports woman” in Japan.

childlike face

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Japanese beauty

So to all guys who are crazy about Japanese ladies. This is a little introduction about two popular actress cum fashion model, who are favourite candidates for recent commercials, probably owning to their beautiful soothing faces.

P.S: Everyone’s criteria of beauty is different. I am sorry if my definition of beauty is a bit different from yours m(_ _)m

sasaki nozomi
Akita prefecture is well known in japan for “producing” beautiful japanese women (so guys, quick! What are your waiting for?) ≡≡≡ヘ(*゚∇゚)ノ.
And.. .. yes, indeed sasaki nozomi was born in Akita prefecture. Its very indescribable, its like her beauty takes one’s breath away in my opinion.

A look at the representative commercial for sasaki nozomi
sazaki nozomi

Would you believe it? She will be 18 only in the next coming month! Maybe due to her age, she gives me an image of a very pure, energetic girl who looks fantastic even without makeups (never seen her without makeup before though). And oh her smile. It gives a sense of sincererity.

A look at the the representative commercial for takeiemi

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