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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Japanese models of mixed parentage

Have you ever wonder what will be the mixed races of Japanese women’s faces be like? Today, I will introduce a few gorgeous Japanese beautiful women who are of mixed parentage.

They are actually Japanese models with either one of the parents a Japanese and another of different race. They are very famous and their faces are not only all over Japanese fashion magazines, they even make appearances in TV shows and commercials.

Although it was said that root of Japanese is divided into only two groups (Jomon and Yayoi), I feel that the faces of Japanese women has wide variations. And also, there are really too many beautiful Japanese women.

1: Michibata Jessica (Age 28 -Model,talent)
Japan + Argentine & Italy

2: Hasegawa Jun (Age 26 -Model,talent)
Japan + America

mixed race model

3: Fuji Lena (Age 28 -Model
Japan + Japan & America

4: Triendl Reina (Age 20 -Model, talent)
Japan + Australia

mixed race model

5: Rola (Age 22 -Model,talent)
Bangladesh + Japan & Russia

6: LIZA (Age 23 -Model,talent)
Japan + Germany

mixed race model
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Maxi tube dress

maxi dress

Long tube dress

Looking very gorgeous is this silk dress that comes in tube design. The gathers enhanced the airy and flowing features and the lace adds elegance. The pink is very sweet and feminine. Suitable for formal occasions, as a party dress or even evening dress.


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Homemade face mask

How to get beautiful skin within 3 minutes with lotion pack.

Lotion pack, a pack process to moisturize the face using toner (lotion) and cottons is believed to work wonders for the skin and is very popular in Japan. Does this ring a bell as to why Japanese women has beautiful skin?

This video clip guides you through the procedures to a simple lotion pack. English translation is as below:

[Step 1] — Split the cotton into 5 pieces.

  1. Wet the cotton with water.
  2. Pour appropriate amount of toner into the cotton and mix well.
  3. Firstly, split the cotton into 2 pieces.
  4. Secondly, split the cotton of above no.3 into 3 pieces (pick the thicker one).
  5. Thirdly, split the remaining piece at no.3 into 2 pieces (in total, you have 5 pieces).

[Step 2] — Pack your face with cottons

  1. 1st piece- Stretch horizontally laying across the face, from the jaw to under eyes.
    *Leave a breathing space on the nose and mouth.
  2. 2nd piece- Stretch horizontally, lay it across the eyes to forehead, leaving openings for the eyes.
  3. 3rd piece & 4th pieces- Lay vertically from the eyes, overlapping the previous laid cottons.
  4. 5th piece- Stretch the cotton from the jaw to the neck.
  5. After everything is finished, press lightly with the palm to “adhere” the cotton to the face. Leave it on for 3 minutes.

[Step 3] — Removing the cottons 3 minutes later

  1. From forehead right up to the eyes, fold the cotton and press lightly.
  2. Do the same in order of the nose, mouth, right till the jaw.
  3. Next, fold the cotton into 2 at the jaw and pad the face with the cotton to blend in the toner.
  4. Lastly, use the palm to press lightly for deep absorption.
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Maxi dress style

Today’s fashion coordination pickup point will be something that is sweet and casual for maxi skirts fashion lovers.

Majestic legon (knit)

Spring knit

A very sweet open-knit pointelle pullover that stands out with the emphasized wavy lines prints. A wide 5 color variations are available for choice.

Navy, Beige, Pink, Ivory, Green
Majestic legon(sleeveless chiffon dress)

Maxi skirt / dress

Maxi dress will continue to stay on trend this year.
A dual way simple, soft chiffon maxi dress that can be worn as a maxi skirt too (like the coordinate in the picture). The gathered enhanced the flowing features and the fitted waist gives a flattering silhouette. This chic and causal style is a plus for daily wear.

Pink, Ivory, Navy

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Interesting iphone 4/4s cases

The famous delicious Japanese gourmets — (chirashizushi, dango, unagi, nikujyaga, taraba gani, oden, etc).

Could you actually tell that these are iphone cases? Look real don’t they? They are made by food samples craftsman (same as those food samples that you normally see at Japanese restaurants).

Maybe these do help in reducing the crave for hometown food, for Japanese who are currently residing in foreign countries ( v^_-)

Strapya iphone4 cases (Japanese food)

Japanese gourmet iphone4/4s cases

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Elegant floral prints dress

Japan fashion blog

Japanese fashion style / chiffon dress

A simple elegant dolman dress which makes a suitable dress for a date or even party. The vivid flower prints, pearls decorated at the front makes up a very sophisticated style, without exaggeration.

The material and nicely formed gathered gives an airy accent to the style.

Beige, White

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March 11 Japan earthquake (Tōhoku)

Was it a year ago? The big earthquake which amounted to a near 20 thousand deaths and people missing.

On that day, the seismograph registered an intensity 5 even in Tokyo. For the first time, I experienced such strong quake. I could recall that the building was swaying so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if it came tumbling down.

Though what I had experienced was nothing compared to people in Tohoku (Northeast) & Fukushima who lost their family members and homes due to the tusnami, the impact was so big that I could vividly remember until now.

Today, Japan’s TV host special program about 3.11. I was made to recall once again how powerless humans are towards earthquakes and tsunami, when painful images of the day were played.

I recalled Jupiter, a song by Ayaka Hirahara.
It was originally released in year 2003, but there was an increased dedication request recently, after the earthquake. It was said that this song somehow bring hopes to lots of people.

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Natural fashion

A few natural style fashion coordinates pickups from earth & music ecology, a popular brand in Japan.

Earth music & ecology

Fashion coordinate set 1

Earth music & ecology

Fashion coordinate set 2

1. Short pant + three quarter sleeve cardigan + three quarter sleeve pull over + cat leather necklace

Drawstring short pant + unique cardigan with laces and embroideries along edges + feminine pullover with laces along the hemline.

2. Chemical lace pull over + pant (suspender type) + tank top + 3 prints stole

Mid length chemical lace pullover, strewn with flower motif + tank top decorated with motif laces at the chest + loose pants that come with suspender + interesting 3 patterns combination stole

Earth music & ecology

Fashion coordinate set 3

Earth music & ecology

Fashion coordinate set 4

3. Embroidery camisole + knitted cape poncho + sarouel pant + Embroidery tunic

Camisole with lace on top + girly poncho that can act as a stole, with pompom pattern and fringe edges + denim sarouel pants + embroidered feminine V neck tunic, with a ribbon.

4. Gaucho pant + three quarter sleeve cardigan

Skirt-like gaucho with soft polka dot prints (suspender type) + detachable lace collared sweet cardigan.

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Japanese amulet, a gift from a friend who visited a shrine in kagawa prefecture. Do you know that every shrine in Japan has their own amulet design? You won’t be able to find two exactly same design amulets in different shrines.

“Character amulets” even have names. This one is known as “Cheerful smile”. He was designed base on the image of children who is known for their pureness and innocence. Sweet as his name is, he is believed to bring happiness to his owner.

Wish that the happiness stretches on though the time span for amulet is a year only.
Thank you, my dear friend for your souvenir.


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Gyaru fashion – Liz lisa

For those gyaru fashion lovers out there, dresses and coordination set pickups from Liz lisa.

gals fashion

Floral print dress

gals fashion

Collar floral print dress

1. Floral print dress

This dress was featured in the Popteen March issue. Corset design waist, creates a beautiful silhouette. And rose printed chiffon material and sherbet color, adds sweetness and loveliness.

White, Pink, Yellow-green

2. Collar floral print dress

A piece of limited design dress with rose prints. Frill collar, bow tie and A line silhouette are meant to create a soft girly look style.

White, Pink
gals fashion

SET (Camisole + knit + skirt-like shorts)

gals fashion

Gingham check jumper skirt

3. SET (Camisole + knit + skirt-like shorts)

A popular girlish 3 piece sets. Top consists of the open-knit pointelle with strings at the back, paired with a camisole with cute ribbons on the shoulder. Pretty flower prints skirt-like pant, the current tend in Japan completes the set.

White, Pink

4. Gingham check jumper skirt

A fluffy gingham check jumper skirt with a bit of volume looks extremely cute, and the addition of laces and ribbons add girlishness to the entire style.

Medium blue, Beige, Pink

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