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Hug & dream minnie mouse/ soothing sleep gadget

Insomniacs longing for a good night’s rest might be glad that “Hug & Dream Minnie Mouse”, a soft toy will start selling on the market from November. Unlike ordinary toys, this one has the effect to comfort and soothes one to sleep.

And what has Minnie mouse got to do with a good night’s sleep (@^o^@)

“Hug & Dream Minnie Mouse”, is a collaboration work between Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy and cognitive & respiratory specialist from Showa University School of Medicine. Minnie is fitted with a mechanism mimicking the breathing pattern of human. She “breathes in” once every 5 seconds. While hugging her, the rhythm breathing is expected to calm and soothes and naturally induces one to sleep.

She came with a melody option where you can turn it on if you find that having the music is more relaxed.
And it even came with an auto sleep function in which breathing motion is automatically switched off after certain time.

For those who had a hard time getting into sleep, “Hug & dream minnie mouse” could help perhaps (-z-)……..zzz


hug & dream mini mouse

Japanese made products that aids in relaxing mood

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Hot sticky summer days — Stay fresh with Biore

Summer in Japan spells, soaring temperatures, high humidity, heat island, that I have little tolerance for. I do appreciate the sun very much, but I can’t say the same for summer seasons.

You know how it feels when you wake up every morning, sticky and soak in sweat?
Each summer, I swear by Biore’s “sara sara powder sheet” ever since I started using it 3 years ago. It became a routine to just take one out from the pack, to wipe my body every morning. Body odor (bet that’s what most of you are conscious of) and stickiness, all gone within a wipe. Save me the shower, save water, save $$$. I feel so refresh and dry after that, as if I had a shower.
Nobody knows that I don’t shower in the morning b(^_-)b

I won’t know what’s the secret behind each sheet, but definitely “sara sara powder sheet” is another great product that I would strongly recommend.

And, wow! I didn’t realize there are as many as seven types available (@o@)!!
Those containing mild, pleasant scent are the only ones that I had tried before.
More types might show up again, next year, perhaps.

Please inquire through the blue button below for more details on this product.

sara sara powder sheet (Biore)

Stay fresh Powder sheet (Biore)

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