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Date: 2012/07/06

Stop that leering – Cleavage cover

This product has nothing to do with panty, in case you are wondering why on earth am I posting a thong panty on the blog.

Its another innovative product designed and created with women in mind. It became a big seller in Japan now for “womanly reason”.

Japan innovative products

Now you got the picture?
It is a cleavage cover meant to prevent “unwanted leerings”.
Some women highlighted their concerns over the accidental exposure of their cleavage due to certain movements or attires. And that’s it! Cleavage cover was born, by the words of the mouth.

And the funny thing is, nobody will ever guess that you are wearing a cover, shaped like a panty, because they look like stylish camisoles.

Sweet camisole like cleavage cover

Cleavage Cover

And what’s more, they are easy to put on too. Just get them hook onto the bra. And its going to be effective to get rid of the so called “accidental glimpse of cleavage” \(*^▽^*)/
Oh… unless… you are the type who swears by braless …

Sweet, cool design camisole ideas

Cool summer cleavage cover

So what is men’s reaction towards cleavage cover?
Majority of the net users were displeased. “Mind you! We can’t see cleavages any more!”

Looks like we can’t satisfy both parties. Your thoughts?

Please inquire through the blue button below for more details.

6 colors

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