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Fried oyster bento

I love to bits the fried oyster in Japan especially the ones from “Shinjyuku Saboten” bento shop. Fried oysters are seasonal (November~February) in most restaurants in Japan. A miss out would mean that I need to wait for nine months or so before I am able to have fried oysters again. I decided that I wouldn’t want any regrets, so I popped in the bento shop and bought my last fried oyster bento of this season for lunch.

The taste is as usual SOLID, since the day I was their customer.
Oh, why couldn’t they just include fried oysters into their regular menu??
Next round will be a long wait again (v__v`) …

Fried food
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Flo Cakes

There is this cake shop within the grounds of Chou line’s Mitaka station. The shop is selling freshly baked pies and tarts with generous toppings of fresh fruits, besides cakes. I love especially their tarts, but calories is my greatest enemy when I am on diet. I have since made efforts to “distant” myself from the shop for quite a while.

On valentine’s day, I decided “why not?” and went down to get myself a piece of cake and a tart.

TOOoooo satisfying, the cake and tart.
d(^o^)b A few rounds of extreme work-outs will follow next after I went home today -=≡ (;^・_・^)

Doesn’t the cake box look artistic?
decorative box

1. Red fruit custard tart
Huge combination toppings of all sorts of berries. Strawberries, raspberries, dark cherries, red-currants, and mulberries. Too luxurious! *yummy*
Fruit tarts

2. Chocolat amer
A very thick, concentrated chocolate cake that melts instantly in your mouth. The strong taste of melted chocolate “secretly spreads” to the entire mouth. Indescribable, the level of deliciousness!
choloat cake

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Cakes (II)

A Merry Christmas to everyone.
The varieties of cakes had not ended.
So here is a continuation from yesterday’s post.


Cakes from Ginza Cosy Corner II

1: Mont blanc
2: Chestnut mont blanc
3: Classic mont blanc
4: Mille-crepe
5: Choco mille-crepe
6: Fruit mille-crepe
7: Apple pie
8: Lemon pie
9: Chiffon chocolat
10: Green tea chiffon
11: Fruit cake
12: Pudding fruit cake
13: Blueberry mousse
14: Strawberry mousse

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Cakes (I)

Talk about the varieties of cakes in Japan. Its ridiculously too much (IMHO) that sometimes you even get confused as to which to choose. Its like you are very firm that you want a chocolate cake, but when you are right in front of the cake counter, not only the varieties, the fact that all the chocolate cakes look equally delicious get you confused. These slices are picked up from a chain cake store in Japan.

Since Christmas is round the corner, so for those sweet-toothed.
You won’t add calories to your body just by checking these out (^_-)


Cakes from Ginza Cosy Corner

1: Rare cheese
2: Strawberry shortcake
3: Shortcake
4: Gateau chocolate
5: Tiramisu chocolate
6: Green tea chocolate
7: Chocolate strawberry
8: Cripsy chocolate
9: Cheese souffle
10: Bake cheese
11: Rich rare cheese
12: Three types of cheese

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I went to this cafe known as “charaku” today.
Though it is sitting just a mere 2 mins walk away from JR Chuo line mitaka station (north exit), most probably only regular customers knew about it because of its “hidden location”. The cafe has a very quiet ambience which I like very much.
And yes, the aroma of the curry. It fills the air some 20m or so away from the shop before even reaching. Upon entering the shop, one is greeted by those nostalgic Japanese music that the cafe is always playing. Well,,, you can call me old, but somehow I feel calm listening to them.

For just 900yen, the cafe offers set lunch with choice of either curry or spaghetti + salad + soup + coffee or tea. I am just wondering if it’s ONLY Japan’s cafe in the world that offers set lunch??

The exterior image of the cafe with terrace seats for those who smoke or would like to enjoy a bit more of the sun.

For those who wants to escape from the sun, go inside to indulge yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere.

For those lonely souls, opt for the counter table without worrying about having to share seats.

The shop has many such small ornaments all over and thought they blend in well with the antique look of the interior.

Finally, my healthy curry rice set came. Of course it tastes as delicious as it looks, but its unlike usual image of a curry because Japan’s curry is NOT HOT at all. 
Its time to get back to work again after some moment of quiet time..

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Seldom you could find a Japanese made YouTube spoken in English.
The monotonous tone is hilarious and he is even kind enough to remind you not to cut your hands when handling the knife, at intervals. It might sound funny, BUT the warmness reached me and it did help to put a smile to my face. (*^-^*)

I do admit that I wish my mum had ever made something like that for me to bring to school.

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otooya lunch

I took lunch at one of my favourite japanese restaurant called ootoya.

Besides chinese food, Japanese food tops my list of favourite foods. Not that I had experience with so many different types of cuisines around the world, but my preference for food are those which are “light”. When I mean “light”, vegetables are a MUST, oily foods are out, all meat only dishes are out, serving must not be too big (I must admit that I am not a big-eater) and foods that are saltish is a No No.

In general, the food balance for Japanese set lunch or dinner (known as teisyoku) are very well considered. Few types of vegetables usually accompany the set with miso soup. Its important for people like me who don’t do much cooking to include a bit of intake of every kind and they make me feel healthy.

Today’s lunch set is claypot stew chicken cutlet. I must admit I am 100% satisfied. (*^o^*)/

lunch set

close up

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