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I went to this cafe known as “charaku” today.
Though it is sitting just a mere 2 mins walk away from JR Chuo line mitaka station (north exit), most probably only regular customers knew about it because of its “hidden location”. The cafe has a very quiet ambience which I like very much.
And yes, the aroma of the curry. It fills the air some 20m or so away from the shop before even reaching. Upon entering the shop, one is greeted by those nostalgic Japanese music that the cafe is always playing. Well,,, you can call me old, but somehow I feel calm listening to them.

For just 900yen, the cafe offers set lunch with choice of either curry or spaghetti + salad + soup + coffee or tea. I am just wondering if it’s ONLY Japan’s cafe in the world that offers set lunch??

The exterior image of the cafe with terrace seats for those who smoke or would like to enjoy a bit more of the sun.

For those who wants to escape from the sun, go inside to indulge yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere.

For those lonely souls, opt for the counter table without worrying about having to share seats.

The shop has many such small ornaments all over and thought they blend in well with the antique look of the interior.

Finally, my healthy curry rice set came. Of course it tastes as delicious as it looks, but its unlike usual image of a curry because Japan’s curry is NOT HOT at all. 
Its time to get back to work again after some moment of quiet time..

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