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Date: 2011/11/16

Beverage Vending Machine

I have never ceased to be amazed by the beverage vending machines of Japan. There are always a wide choice of variety ranging from sport drinks to mineral water to tea to coffee and others for one to choose from. Occasionally, there are even seasonal beverages, new types of drinks or even new flavors up for grasp. The vending machines are never left empty. The stocks are always replenished even at the most remote part of the country.

See, this vending even has a LCD display showing latest new!

Just wondering if there are other people besides me who will try to read the news?

beverage machine

Beverage machine

By the way, you don’t need to understand japanese to identify which are the cold drinks or which are the hot drink ones. Its differentiated by the color of the price tags where blue represents cold drink and red represents hot drinks.

beverage machine

red and blue price tags

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