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A feel of autumn in Tokyo

There is not an ounce of evidence to suggest that the famous maple leaves (momiji) is visiting Tokyo soon. Leaves on trees stay as green as ever struggling to last even a single day longer.

Tokyo is not missing out anything because there is not a sign of momiji yet.
The smell of autumn is everywhere.

Seasonal foods like pacific saury, my favorite of all time, Japanese fried oyster, Matsutake(mushrooms), apples, Japanese pears and many many other foods are at their most juicy, most delicious d(^-^d)

The sky has fluffy autumn clouds as its companion.
Autumn is normally blessed with fine, dry weather that gets cooler with each passing days. But before this, there is the ordeal of the typhoons to go through as they en-route to Japan (;~__~)…
Don’t be shock. That is just part of autumn…

Train stations put up colorful & fanciful posters and huge amounts of pamphlets with maple leaves as themes… A strategy inviting people to travel.

Enjoy checking these pamphlets, that cover details from famous foods to hotspring hotels & sightseeing spots. They offer packages for luxurious Japanese hotspring (onsen) and the traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, kaiseki-ryori that comes with train tickets set.

Though I love checking them, there is always a mixed feelings on how wasted with the disposal fate awaiting them, when the season comes to an end.

Putting that aside, I could do with a short trip to pamper myself for the time being I guess (*-”-)

Sightseeing from Japanese tour brochures

Book tour packages through JR Higashi Nihon

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Famous anime hero & Hello Kitty postage stamps

Now, Hello kitty makes her appearance in postage stamps (*o*)!!
For the past few summers (this year too), Hello Kitty and her childhood friend, “Dear Daniel” became regular team members of “greeting stamps” released by Japan post. “Greeting stamps” are to meant to promote the exchange of letters, postcards during summers.

Kitty is so popular in Japan that she has become part of the daily life, appearing in electronic goods, utensils, accessories, etc.

Sorry for this delayed post, but “Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel” postage stamps might not be available since it is already past summer (*_ _)

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel postage stamps in Japan

I couldn’t believe my luck that one of the Hello Kitty stamps turned up at my postbox.
The hair salon that I visited for the first time last week, sent a greeting card with the cute Kitty stamp affixed and that was how I got it!

Hello Kitty & annime postage stamp

But popular characters aren’t the only ones showing up on stamps.
Hero & heroine of famous Japanese anime are getting a place too, taking turns to show up in special edition postage stamps.

Postage stamps featuring anime “Rascal the Raccoon”, will be released this October.
And Wow! Looking at the stamps alone brought back wonderful recollections of the anime.
It choked me with emotions how these stamps have resurrected a 35 years old anime (T.T)

Araiguma Rasukaru postage stamp

Over the years, Japan has produced many old yet meaningful and excellent anime that touched many hearts. And it is a wonderful idea that memories of such beautiful, famous works could be recap once again through the use of stamps in my opinion.

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Japanese idol girls groups

Japan has produced many pop idols that came and went over the years. The most remarkably successful ones were pop idol groups like “SPEED” and “Morning Musume” that once created idol craze across ASIA. Recent idol group that are making new waves in here is AKB48.

AKB48 is not only gaining a foothold in Japan, their fanbase are getting global too. Apart from AKB48, there are two pop idol groups that are rising fast in popularity is “momoirokuro clover Z” and “Fairies”.

Below are some details about these three groups.

The famous man who produces AKB48 is Yasushi Akimoto.
Every year, they will hold a senbatsu election to decide the participating members for the upcoming single (The top 16 gets the right).
The members of AKB48 is increasing and until Year2012, the group has close to 100 members. These years, AKB48 has been regulars of big annual music show, “NHK kohaku”.
And,,, Mr. Yasushi Akimoto’s wallet is continuing to get thicker. No doubt (^_-) ~~

“Momoirokuro Clover Z” is another charming, pop idol group, consisting of 6 members. The incorporation of intense acrobatic dance steps into their songs during performance is impressive. Their dance are so full of energies that its hard not to draw attention.
Get thrilled by their perfomance! (@.@)

Fairies make their debut in Year 2011. The group is made up of 7 sweet, cutie teenage girls whose average age is 14.6 years (at Y2012)! Young fairies proved that age is not a factor for good performance. Their music and powerful rythmic dance moves leaves a strong impact and won fans all over.
I just realized that they belong to same talent agency that once manages Namie Amuro and SPEED. Their style has a certain similarity. No wonder (-_-”)

Note:- If you are a Japanese pop idol group craze and wants to buy idol goods, idol costumes (AKB48 or any others) or even subscribe to pop idol group services (service to receive messages from idol), we can support. Please inquire through the below button.

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Where to buy tickets for fujiko f fujio museum

If you are thinking to buy Fujiko f fujio Museum tickets outside Japan, we can help you buy the tickets in advance.

Advanced tickets purchase of up to 2 months are opened on the last day of each month.
We can only handle inquiry of max up to 2 months ahead.
Please inquire through the below button or Tickets inquiry

To check the cost »»

Note: -
Tickets must be reserved and purchased in advance. You can’t purchase the tickets in actual day at the museum.

There are 4 entry timings per day as follows:
(1) 10:00 (2) 12:00 (3) 14:00 (4) 16:00

(Updated on 30th-Jan-2013)

Do you know about “Fuji.F.Fujiko” museum?
Ok,,, the name of the museum might sound new to the ears.
The next should ring a bell. Heard of manga like “Perman”, “Obake no Q-tarō” and perhaps the most famous of all, “doraemon”? These are the works of Fujiko.F.Fujio.

Fuji.F.Fujiko museum, located just outskirt of Tokyo in kawasaki city, just opened its door in year 2011. Though the museum is young, the characters are not. They are famous characters that warm the heart of many readers and are still being remembered today.

The highlights?
Expect to see exhibitions of the ORIGINAL pictures of the works of Fujiko.F.Fujio, watch films in the theater that could only be watched in this museum and nowhere else!! Meet manga characters when you go for a stroll in the field. And lots more.

Children or even adults will find this place fun to hang out.

By the way, its Doraemon’s birthday today. His born date is on 2112-Sep-03. So today marks his “100 years before” birth date (^_^)
~~ Happy “100th years before” Birthday DORAEMON!! ~~

buy doraemon museum tickets


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Blood types Vs personality

Japanese has since long ago linked personality to blood types.
So does the Japanese see their personality as what was predicted by blood types?

A survey was done and this article, picked up from Yahoo Japan shows the result.
It was classified into each blood type divided into percentages of “YES” and “NO” indicating “agreement” and “disagreement” on personality relating to blood types.

Following is a brief translation of personality traits for each blood type

Type A
Personality traits: Methodical, hard-headed, considerate, strong maternal instinct

Type B
Personality traits: Works at their own pace, freewheeling, relaxed and wild, unconventional

Type AB
Personality traits: Double personality, hard to understand, mysterious, genius

Type O
Personality traits: Magnanimous, the big sister type, positive, realistic

The article even went all out to come up with 12 scenarios!!
Each blood group is analyzed and ranked in sequential order based on these 12 interesting scenarios as follows.

  1. She just can’t seem to put a room into order - B, O, AB, A
  2. She can’t do without handphone - A, B, O, AB
  3. She can’t leave the house without makeup or even with a strand of hair out of place! Nails and clothing, everything must be perfect! - AB, A, B, O
  4. Her mood is manipulated by the day’s horoscope - A, B, O, AB
  5. A dreamer who fantasized and lives in a world of delusion. She chases after idols and indulges in manga - AB, B, A, O
  6. A busybody who enjoys gossips and bad-mouthing others (LOL) - O, B, AB, A
  7. A charming little devil who knows all hot techniques to make guys fall hopelessly. She knows the right timing to put these into use - B, AB, O, A
  8. The relationship will most likely continue even when she falls for the wrong type like married men or men who treat her badly - A, AB, B, O
  9. She is sensitive to titles and positions such as creator or editor. - AB, B, A, O
  10. She goes for guys who she knows will have good future prospect - O, AB, A, B
  11. She is shy and won’t start with the first move to confess. - A, AB, O, B
  12. Don’t expect some exciting encounters! She will probably fall for close friends, colleagues, someone that she knows only, in general - B, A, AB, O

How about secretly check out your friend’s personality to judge how true these are?

And,,, Don’t ever blame this for a failed relationship (^ _-)

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Summer’s highlight in Japan – awa odori

To visit Japan in summer might not be everyone’s cup of tea due to the high humidity and the sweltering heat. But don’t let the heat keep you away. Summer’s highlight, “Awao odori”, a very famous festival in Japan, took place in summer.

“Awa odori” is a traditional dance festival that is believed to originate from Tokushima around 400 years ago. And now, it became a big annual event that takes place throughout Japan during summer.

Depending on locations, streets will be closed to cars. For 2.5 hrs, you get to see performers in fanciful traditional costumes, dance, chant and sing while parading through the streets in groups. And you enjoy them for FREE (*^-^*)

The chant has a certain rhythmic beat that sounds funny but pleasant to the ears.

But with the end of of awa odori festival each year, it sets me that autumn is on its way and that somehow brought about a tinge of loneliness…

Note:- The schedule of the event varies on location. If you are thinking of joining one, next time, do ensure to confirm the performance date in advance.

It was new to see an entire group of elderly. The dance was slow motion, but creative in the sense that they held musical tools making sounds to align to their dancing steps.

And of course without the music… So the efforts of musical instruments players should not be forgotten. The drums, sure looks heavy enough!

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Hello kitty and cinnamon roll hotel rooms

Can’t get enough of Hello Kitty or cinnamon roll?
Daiwa royal hotel groups collaborated with Sanrio to come up with Hello Kitty & cinnamon roll theme rooms.

Indulge in the world of fantasy surrounded with your favorite characters in the luxury of resort hotels. This is the chance to hug all you can for the toys, use all you can for the amenities.

On top of that, guests get to bring back towels, soft toys as presents and promotional gifts too! Check it out at the hotel’s site if you are interested.

Resort hotel / Grand kitty room

Hotel room / Grand kitty

Resort hotel / cinnamon roll room

Hotel room / Cinnamon roll

Resort hotel / Hello kitty room

Hotel room / Hello Kitty

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Fanciful traditional Yukata for fireworks

Firework festival (hanabi) is an annual event in Japan during summer season. You get to see many lovely Japanese ladies in traditional Japanese wear (known as Yukata) gathering at fireworks venue.

Picked out from ViVi magazines, here is a few lovely Yukatas that are bound to melt your heart. Just the thought of wearing one of these to hanami dates heightens the mood (^-^)

These beautifully designed bright colors Yukatas are meant to leave a strong impression without being too showy. CATCH, CATCH, catch the guys … (^_-)

A matching outfit between you and your guy. What’s more romantic than this in a hanami date? Chic, pale colors won the “cool couple” look.

White fabric base with floral print designs are typical for Yukatas. This portray an image of elegance, the very pure, very innocent looks. Simple is still the best
d(^ ^d)

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Japanese pop culture / kyarypamyupamyu

Model cum singer, “kyarypamyupamyu” looks set to become the next J-pop big star.
As a popular Japanese singer, she drew much attention because of her unique fashion style, interesting choreography that follows her music and phrases lyrics that leave deep impressions.

Her promotion videos “PON PON PON”, “Tsukema Tsukeru” and “CANDY CANDY” on YouTube draw a total of 50 million views, worldwide.

Pay attention to her head on this album in the photo. She has a shark sitting on top of her head!! o(*’o'*)o In some ways, her flamboyant fashion reminds me of “Lady Ga Ga”. Perhaps this has been the reason for her being so well-received overseas.

Take a look at her promotion music video for “PON PON PON”.
The music rhythm lingers and leave quite a deep impression, IMAO.

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Famous but useless inventions II

Time for a laugh. The 2nd part of the idiotic inventions.

The GOOD: Who says that you can sleep only while sitting inside the subway?

The BAD: Oh my! Your chin is going to ache for a while (*’- -’)・・・
You are going to need a orthopedic for long-term.
tripod that supports your sleeping

The GOOD: This looks convenient for a single father though.

THE BAD: Is there a need to wear these “artificial breast” around the chest? Pure interest? And could someone explain, why two of these are necessary n(-_- ?)?
breastfeeding tool for daddies

THE GOOD: Babies can help with your house work.

THE BAD: Good, your baby gets all the dust and dirt. This is nothing but child abuse
Mop on your babies

THE GOOD: Protect your expensive branded shoes from the rain.

THE BAD: Could two small miserable umbrellas do the job to protect your shoes from those mud and puddles? (*- 3 -*)
inclement weather shoes protection

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