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Single Post: Blood types Vs personality

Blood types Vs personality

Japanese has since long ago linked personality to blood types.
So does the Japanese see their personality as what was predicted by blood types?

A survey was done and this article, picked up from Yahoo Japan shows the result.
It was classified into each blood type divided into percentages of “YES” and “NO” indicating “agreement” and “disagreement” on personality relating to blood types.

Following is a brief translation of personality traits for each blood type

Type A
Personality traits: Methodical, hard-headed, considerate, strong maternal instinct

Type B
Personality traits: Works at their own pace, freewheeling, relaxed and wild, unconventional

Type AB
Personality traits: Double personality, hard to understand, mysterious, genius

Type O
Personality traits: Magnanimous, the big sister type, positive, realistic

The article even went all out to come up with 12 scenarios!!
Each blood group is analyzed and ranked in sequential order based on these 12 interesting scenarios as follows.

  1. She just can’t seem to put a room into order - B, O, AB, A
  2. She can’t do without handphone - A, B, O, AB
  3. She can’t leave the house without makeup or even with a strand of hair out of place! Nails and clothing, everything must be perfect! - AB, A, B, O
  4. Her mood is manipulated by the day’s horoscope - A, B, O, AB
  5. A dreamer who fantasized and lives in a world of delusion. She chases after idols and indulges in manga - AB, B, A, O
  6. A busybody who enjoys gossips and bad-mouthing others (LOL) - O, B, AB, A
  7. A charming little devil who knows all hot techniques to make guys fall hopelessly. She knows the right timing to put these into use - B, AB, O, A
  8. The relationship will most likely continue even when she falls for the wrong type like married men or men who treat her badly - A, AB, B, O
  9. She is sensitive to titles and positions such as creator or editor. - AB, B, A, O
  10. She goes for guys who she knows will have good future prospect - O, AB, A, B
  11. She is shy and won’t start with the first move to confess. - A, AB, O, B
  12. Don’t expect some exciting encounters! She will probably fall for close friends, colleagues, someone that she knows only, in general - B, A, AB, O

How about secretly check out your friend’s personality to judge how true these are?

And,,, Don’t ever blame this for a failed relationship (^ _-)

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