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Date: 2012/08/02

Summer’s highlight in Japan – awa odori

To visit Japan in summer might not be everyone’s cup of tea due to the high humidity and the sweltering heat. But don’t let the heat keep you away. Summer’s highlight, “Awao odori”, a very famous festival in Japan, took place in summer.

“Awa odori” is a traditional dance festival that is believed to originate from Tokushima around 400 years ago. And now, it became a big annual event that takes place throughout Japan during summer.

Depending on locations, streets will be closed to cars. For 2.5 hrs, you get to see performers in fanciful traditional costumes, dance, chant and sing while parading through the streets in groups. And you enjoy them for FREE (*^-^*)

The chant has a certain rhythmic beat that sounds funny but pleasant to the ears.

But with the end of of awa odori festival each year, it sets me that autumn is on its way and that somehow brought about a tinge of loneliness…

Note:- The schedule of the event varies on location. If you are thinking of joining one, next time, do ensure to confirm the performance date in advance.

It was new to see an entire group of elderly. The dance was slow motion, but creative in the sense that they held musical tools making sounds to align to their dancing steps.

And of course without the music… So the efforts of musical instruments players should not be forgotten. The drums, sure looks heavy enough!

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