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Date: 2012/08/21

Fabulous 40s, 50s Japanese beautiful women (I)

It is every women’s dream to look forever young. Today, I will introduce a few fabulous looking middle age Japanese actresses, whose beauty has withstood the test of time (neared abnormal level) in my opinion.

They could probably be holding the mirror each morning, laughing away, thinking how fortunate they are, to be able to age so beautifully. How many people could get away with aging, I mean.

1: Hitomi Kuroki (Born Year: 1960 (Age 52) – Actress, talent)
How could anyone leave out Hitomi kuroki, one the icon of Japanese beauty? Did I mention that she is into her fifties? She just looks so great in kimonos as if they were made for her. d(^-^d)

2: Miki Maya (Born Year: 1964 (Age 48) – Actress )
Miki Maya married her ballet dancer husband, seven years her junior two years ago.
I believe that with Miki’s beauty, she could easily break a few young men’s heart, if she choose to (^ _*)
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

3: Yuki Amami (Born Year: 1967 (Age 45) – Actress)
Yuki Amami topped in the ranking of [Coolest actresses in their forties]. She is single and her great personal charisma had inspired many single Japanese women. They admired and wanted to be like her. Her face! It never seems to age…

4: kyoka Suzuki (Born Year: 1968 (Age 44) – Actress)
At age 44, Kyoka Suzuki’s beautiful flawless skin and great body has been a role model for many Japanese women. She exudes an aura of charm and elegance. It remains a mystery why she is still single (*~_~)/??
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

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