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Date: 2012/08/11

DIY Japanese styles for long hair

Sick of the same long hair? Here are some Japanese DIY hair styling ideas, picked out from ViVi’s “Elli’s hair arrangement” corner.

There are altogether 3 styles and 2 ways of doing for each style. What’s more, each is fabulous in its own way & easy to style.

I didn’t realize that long hair can be this fun and versatile!

Style1: Pony tail
Elli shows you how classic ponytails need not be boring or plain. The trick to cool ponytail is that she uses part of the hair to wind around the knot, tied. Leave some loose strands down the shoulder for the rugged look.

Style2: Pigtails
The adult version of twin buns. Knotting up in small bundles on top looks so cute and stylish! Alternatively, bun them up into loops at the sides. These pigtail styles look so sweet and casual for dates (*^-^*)

Style3: Half Up half down
Half up styles are look so gorgeous and sophisticated. Elli opted to expose the ears with the first. She went for loose and volumed style at the crown for the second one. Natural wavy locks adds elegance. Cool huh!?

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