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Date: 2012/08/22

Fabulous 40s, 50s Japanese beautiful women (II)

A continuation of yesterday’s post on Fabulous 40s, 50s Japanese beautiful women.

5: Lisa Hirako (Born Year: 1971 (Age 41) – Talent, Model)
Lisa Hirako is well-known for her flawless skin, great style and sweetie look. Such youthful look at 40. Isn’t that a miracle?

6: Rei Dan (Born Year: 1971 (Age 41) – Actress)
Rei Dan is a typical version of a stunning Japanese beauty.
A blend between beauty & sweet looking, her beauty is beyond words. She takes your breath away… Her husband must be feeling pressured from all the envies upon him (>_<)
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

7: Norika Fujiwara (Born Year: 1971 (Age 41) – Actress)
Norika Fujiwara is perhaps best known for winning the Miss Japan 1992. Its been 20 years, but the former Miss Japan still maintains an aura of beauty queen. Yes, she still has her assets, her sexy body ~~ (^3^)

8: Nanako Matsushima (Born Year: 1973 (Age 39) – Actress, Model)
Nanako Matsushima has just the right soothing face that makes it impossible to dislike her. Its hard to imagine how a mother of two daughters managed to keep that body shape. And she has been a favorite candidate for cosmetic commercials owning to her beautiful skin.
DNA?? (*’- -)?
Youthful looking middle age Japanese actress

Don’t you agree that all these women look overly stunning? Do they fit into your image of how middle age women should look?

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