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Date: 2012/08/16

Japan’s mister donut

In my opinion, one of the must try if you are in Japan is “Mister Donut”.

Why donut? What’s so special?
Take a look at the donut menu. Doesn’t it convince you that you should give them a try? Hey, they really are as delicious as they looked.

Japan’s Mister Donut group has went through a lot of trouble to ensure their donuts stay competitive in Japan. Not only do the donuts come in all sorts of interesting shapes, the varieties are great and texture is something that you can really enjoy because each type is unique in their own way .And without saying,,, affordable price is what attracts too.

My favorite will be the regular, very popular “Pon de Ring”.
I just can’t get enough with the soft chewy texture. (@^-^@)

How great it would be if calories is the last thing on my mind…(x_x;)

Japan's mister donut / owned by duskin

Mister Donut's menu

Ginger Ring
1: Honey
2: Choco
3: White choco

Misdo Scones
4: Choco
5: White choco
6: Strawberry
7: Caramel Almond

8: Old-fashioned
9: Choco fashion
10: Old-fashioned honey
11: Old-fashioned matcha
12: Old-fashioned matcha choco

Rice flour donuts
13: Soybean flour (kinako)
14: Japanese mugwort (yomogi)
15: Dark molasses & sweet soy glaze

Pon de ring
16: Pon de ring
17: Pon de ring brown sugar

French cruller
18: French cruller
19: Angel french

Yeast ring
20: Honey dip
21: Sugar raised
22: Choco ring
23: Strawberry ring

Yeast Shell
24: Angel Cream
25: Custard Cream

26: Chocolate
27: Coconut chocolate
28: Double chocolate
29: Golden chocolate

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