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Famous but useless inventions I

Time for a good laugh.
Some idiot inventions that got famous for all the wrong reasons. Don’t think that you will ever get a chance to see them on sale in market.

THE GOOD: For once, you ensure the flow of supply of toilet during diarrhea or when you catch a cold or even the annoying hay fever.

THE BAD: The design looks embarrassing. And not only does the nose looks tormenting, the head too (.-_-.)
convenient toilet paper holder

THE GOOD: Complete shutout of the rain! You don’t get wet.

THE BAD: Beware of heatstroke during summer. And how do you put it back after use? (-_- ll)
full length umbrella

THE GOOD: The way to sleep without moving a inch. Alighting station was even written on the helmet to prevent overslept.

THE BAD: A good rest seems out of question… And RED!? The color of the helmet stands out! By the way, the stopper,,, doesn’t it look like one that comes from the toilet plunger?? w(@o@)w
affix the head when sleeping

THE GOOD: A bowl of Ramen sounds too hot for your taste? The perfect solution – auto cooling fan.

THE BAD: The obstruction is just too much when its dangling like that on the chopstick. (*- 3 -*)
Auto cooling fan

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Where to get Ghibli Museum tickets

If you are thinking to buy Ghibli Museum tickets outside Japan, we can help you buy the tickets in advance.

Advanced tickets purchase for next month are opened ONLY on the 10th of each month.
We can only handle inquiry up to max 1.5 months ahead.
Please inquire through the below button or Tickets inquiry

To check the cost »»

Note: -
Tickets must be reserved and purchased in advance in. You can’t purchase the tickets in actual day at the museum.

There are 4 entry timings per day as follows:
(1) 10:00 (2) 12:00 (3) 14:00 (4) 16:00

(Updated on 30th-Jan-2013)

Departing from Mitaka station south exit, en routing to the famous Ghibli Museum is this cute yellow bus. The bus stop never fall short of queues other than when its Ghibli museum’s off-day. Not only Japanese visit the museum but lots of foreigners too.
The influence of Hayao Miyazaki to the world, is amazing. d(-_^)good!!

So what kind of place is Ghibli Museum?
Expect to see familiar Ghibli anime characters from films like “My neighbor totoro”, “laputa: Castle in the sky”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service” etc, or even to try to search for them as they are hiding somewhere.

Ghibli lovers aren’t going to get enough of this place for sure. There were feedbacks that even people who aren’t Ghibli fans enjoyed the place very much.
Don’t ever miss out on the short anime films that will be showing for limited period of time. “Mei and the kittenbus” is scheduled for May and June.

Ghibli Museum’s English Website

Straying a bit from the topic of Ghibli, it seems a bit comical that just as I was deciding the best angle to take this picture, the blood donation group approached me to donate blood! Deciding that I will give it a skip this time round, I rejected, giving a gentle wave of my hand with an apologetic smile <(_ _)>
I am going to do it next time for sure.

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Famous anime Gundam turns food

The anime gundam and dofu maker collaborated to release dofu anime which started selling from 28th-March for a limited period. Animes making their way into the realistic world \(◎o◎)/

The work is known as “zaku doufu”, taking the head portion motif of character “zaku”, that appears in the anime Gundam. The response was so overwhelming that the dofu were completely sold out in many shops since its release.

“Zaku dofu” costs about 200yen per pack for 200grams. It is selling in most convenience stores and supermarkets in Kanto areas.
I shall try to get one after everybody got tired of it (^ _*).

The packaging of zaku dofu. The packaging image is completely different from traditional dofu.
Package image

The vivid green color container certainly looks close to the anime zaku. And amazing! They did not forget to add in the red EYEBALLS!
At a glance, I thought it looks more like an UFO to me. It looks more like a helmet now after closer observations m(_ _)m 

Green color is the theme and here it is, the dofu is green in color too. And yes, the shape remains intact too! Wow, Cool! The taste is green soya and surely it looks delicious enough.
soya bean flavor dofu

** For your information, this is how MS-06 zaku in gundam anime looks like. **
Image of zaku in gundam anime

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Interesting iphone 4/4s cases

The famous delicious Japanese gourmets — (chirashizushi, dango, unagi, nikujyaga, taraba gani, oden, etc).

Could you actually tell that these are iphone cases? Look real don’t they? They are made by food samples craftsman (same as those food samples that you normally see at Japanese restaurants).

Maybe these do help in reducing the crave for hometown food, for Japanese who are currently residing in foreign countries ( v^_-)

Strapya iphone4 cases (Japanese food)

Japanese gourmet iphone4/4s cases

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Japanese amulet, a gift from a friend who visited a shrine in kagawa prefecture. Do you know that every shrine in Japan has their own amulet design? You won’t be able to find two exactly same design amulets in different shrines.

“Character amulets” even have names. This one is known as “Cheerful smile”. He was designed base on the image of children who is known for their pureness and innocence. Sweet as his name is, he is believed to bring happiness to his owner.

Wish that the happiness stretches on though the time span for amulet is a year only.
Thank you, my dear friend for your souvenir.


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Correspondence courses (Japan)

Correspondence courses leaflet was attached when I tried to buy magazine in a book store. The courses were all about specialties and qualifications. In Japan, there are so many distance leaning courses that you might not even heard of some of the names before. Is this the same in your country?

I counted. This company has a total of 114 courses for one to choose from.
certification and specialty courses

Ranking on top 20 popular courses were consolidated. And don’t be surprised that top in the ranking is the “handwriting” course. So maybe a lot of Japanese yearn to have nice handwriting (?+_+)!?
popular courses

1: Handwriting
2: Medical office administrator
3: Pharmacopoeia administrator
4: Notary public
5: Nursing care manager
6: Real estate agent
7: Child care
8: Nursing care administrator
9: Bookkeeping (Level 3)
10: Social insurance worker
11: Financial planner
12: Elderly care worker
13: Microsoft office specialist (MOS)
14: Speed writing
15: Interior coordinator
16: Electrician (2 types)
17: Dental assistant
18: Color coordinate
19: Enjoyable writing
20: Licensed cook

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Japanese kid’s wear

The Japanese style kid’s wear that my nephew is wearing in the picture is not known as “kimono”. The precise term is “jinbei”. I bought it for him hoping that he could wear something special (different from what kids normally wear) during Chinese New Year.

The response was overwhelmed, so that I felt shamelessly flattering, even though the credit should go to the “model” who earned the points for the attention. (*^-^*)

A change of topic from the children wear thing. Frankly speaking, the picture of my nephew reminded me of how adorable children are. Maybe using pictures of children could be an effective method to counter birth rate decline problems in developed countries??

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I stumbled upon this Cosplay shop at one of the many Cosplay shops in Shinjuku. The wide variety of the costumes on displayed caught me by surprise. Cosplay has seem to follow the path of fashion, fast becoming a constant changing trend.

Recent Cosplay shopping sites even sell items similar to that of AKB48, KARA, etc (My apology for sounding like a country bumpkin. I don’t have much knowledge about this). Just in case if you are wondering what on earth is AKB48, Kara, they are famous idol gals group in Japan.

Lum, the famous Japanese animation character. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Female sexy version of Santa Claus Cosplay which only show up near Christmas season. Overly seductive (^_-)

Designs of uniform costumes base on the spec of Japan high school gal uniforms have been so diversified probably due to their popularity demand? Youth = beauty! Forever 18 v(^-^)v

The ever popular maid Cosplay. Look closely (@_@) They even have the Santa Claus version!

Wouldn’t it be fun to try to catch your guy with this policewoman miniskirt cosplay (^_-)

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Welcome Y2012

Happy New Year everyone! Hope that Year 2012 will be a good and fruitful year.
This year is the dragon year. The ornament shown in the picture was bought from Kamakura’s Hasedera when I went sightseeing. For this full one year, it will be sitting right on my office table.

Every year as it is, New Year in tokyo is extremely quiet. Most people take this chance to go home for vacation. And MY only leisure will be — SHOPPING!
SALE, BARGAINS begins from 1st-Jan. I actually enjoy New Year’s day in Tokyo every year

Here I come, SALE ≡≡≡ヘ(*–)ノ

dragon year ornament

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Goodbye Y2011

According to the Chinese Zodiac, Year 2011 is the year of the rabbit.
How time flies… Today is the last day of Year 2011. In just a few hours time,the rabbit ornament that has been lying in my office for the past one year has to make way for the dragon.

Mr. Rabbit will be cleaned, wrapped and kept where previous animals that had completed their jobs are currently housed. He reminds me that I am going to be an year older again (;_;)

Goodbye,Year 2011…

rabbit ornament

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