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Mirror rice cake

Mirror shape rice cakes make their appearances near to New Year. These rice cakes which usually come in two-tiers are considered to be an offering item to god during the New Year. To the Japanese people, 28-Dec is an auspicious day to display the mirror rice cake.

Designs to include ornaments of oranges, Japanese beckoning cat (Maneki Neko), representative animal of the Year (following the Chinese astrology of 12 Zodiac animals) sitting on top of the rice cake is fast becoming a standard. This culture most probably rings a bell. Do not be surprised that actually, occasional parts of Japanese cultures are identical to that of Chinese ones.

After some considerations, I opted for the Japanese beckoning cat which is largely believed to bring good luck. ‘MONEY MONEY MONEY’ — I want to strike lottery ($ $)!

beckoning cat

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From long ago, Origami (traditional Japanese art of paper folding) has been a part of the Japan culture.

But without realizing it, toilet paper origami becomes a recent trend…
So you know what happen when someone stays inside the toilet for more than 30mins. (^_-)

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The meticulous Japanese

Road constructions are forever ongoing somewhere in the city of Tokyo.
Usually, a signboard, warning passer-by about the construction work at 100m ahead will be placed from 100m away. (Somehow, the everything systematic Japanese had me wondering if they did measure the distance just to ensure it is precisely 100m).

After walking for another 50m, another signboard pops up again, this time warning about the 50m ahead work. (Wow, the signboards have different distance indications! So how many signboards must be made to support various distance indications?)

And this is not the end. Just when you get near enough to the site, two signboards this time in bright orange pops up again. One warns you of the work ahead and the other cautions you about the narrow road width due to the road construction.

That’s really very kind and methodical though…

100m away from the site
wip signboard

50m away from the site
wip signboard

Just before the site
wip signboard

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Seldom you could find a Japanese made YouTube spoken in English.
The monotonous tone is hilarious and he is even kind enough to remind you not to cut your hands when handling the knife, at intervals. It might sound funny, BUT the warmness reached me and it did help to put a smile to my face. (*^-^*)

I do admit that I wish my mum had ever made something like that for me to bring to school.

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