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Single Post: Japanese idol girls groups

Japanese idol girls groups

Japan has produced many pop idols that came and went over the years. The most remarkably successful ones were pop idol groups like “SPEED” and “Morning Musume” that once created idol craze across ASIA. Recent idol group that are making new waves in here is AKB48.

AKB48 is not only gaining a foothold in Japan, their fanbase are getting global too. Apart from AKB48, there are two pop idol groups that are rising fast in popularity is “momoirokuro clover Z” and “Fairies”.

Below are some details about these three groups.

The famous man who produces AKB48 is Yasushi Akimoto.
Every year, they will hold a senbatsu election to decide the participating members for the upcoming single (The top 16 gets the right).
The members of AKB48 is increasing and until Year2012, the group has close to 100 members. These years, AKB48 has been regulars of big annual music show, “NHK kohaku”.
And,,, Mr. Yasushi Akimoto’s wallet is continuing to get thicker. No doubt (^_-) ~~

“Momoirokuro Clover Z” is another charming, pop idol group, consisting of 6 members. The incorporation of intense acrobatic dance steps into their songs during performance is impressive. Their dance are so full of energies that its hard not to draw attention.
Get thrilled by their perfomance! (@.@)

Fairies make their debut in Year 2011. The group is made up of 7 sweet, cutie teenage girls whose average age is 14.6 years (at Y2012)! Young fairies proved that age is not a factor for good performance. Their music and powerful rythmic dance moves leaves a strong impact and won fans all over.
I just realized that they belong to same talent agency that once manages Namie Amuro and SPEED. Their style has a certain similarity. No wonder (-_-”)

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