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Date: 2012/09/16

Miss universe Japan 2006 / Kurara Chibana

Do you know or remember beauty queen Kurara Chibana?
She made headlines when she represented Japan to compete in the Miss universe Pageant 2006 and was placed first runner up.

Kurara Chibana has earned herself many Japanese male admirers and female supporters after the pageant.

Kurara Chibana has a very beautiful face, but her name is very unusual even for Japanese. I don’t have a problem with her face, but I often made mistake in her name.
Its hard to remember (- – !!)

The beauty queen turned 30 years old this year and is still single (^_-)
The universe pageant which bought her fame after, had seen her accepting all sorts of challenges these few years. She had been a TV compere, is a spokesperson for some famous brands, do modelling jobs, appear in commercials, is a goodwill ambassador, so on and so forth.

Those who didn’t know Japanese probably won’t know that she is actually very brainy and knowledgeable. In the quiz program, “Discovery of the World’s Mysteries” where she shows up as one of the regulars, the way she connects her thoughts and utilizes her knowledge in tackling the quiz, tells it — She is well-known as an intellectual beauty too in Japan.

She might look elegant in TV, but standing at 173cm, I bet she will be extremely huge in real person. But again, height is her weapon which gained her international fame. And she just looks so good in the big scene in my opinion.

Japanese intellectual beauty / kurara Chibana Miss Japan 2006

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