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Date: 2012/09/19

Japanese food / Autumn’s delicacy, pacific saury

Autumn’s on the way? The feeling is triggered each time when typhoons after typhoons landed on Japanese islands. Strange (/_ .*)?

Talking about autumn, it is the season for eating but it seems to take forever to come. In Japan, (Pacific) Saury or “Sanma” (in Japanese), a silver, knife-shaped fish, is thought to be most delicious during autumn, though its available throughout the whole year. This is owning to the extra fat and tasty, nutritious oil , developed when they flocked to north of the Pacific Ocean from the cold northern seas.

“Ootoya”, the Japanese restaurant which I always frequent, had their “grill saury lunch set” seasonal menu ready, starting from September. That’s fast huh!

Last week, I visited “Ootoya” and was shocked to be greeted by restaurant engulfed in smoke (@@ ;;)
What’s more, the scent of the grilled fish lingering in the air,,, it invites you to order! And the place got smokier each time as orders grew (- -;;)

Although it is groundless, I felt so vigorous after each saury meal (but not towards work)

I didn’t take a picture of the set lunch on my last trip, so you will just have to do with this one, picked up from ootoya’s site.

Research studies has shown that bluefish like sauries is effective in reducing bad cholesterol and triglyceride. So more sanmas this autumn!

Japanese food / Healthy pacifc saury (autumn)

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