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Date: 2012/09/03

Where to buy tickets for fujiko f fujio museum

If you are thinking to buy Fujiko f fujio Museum tickets outside Japan, we can help you buy the tickets in advance.

Advanced tickets purchase of up to 2 months are opened on the last day of each month.
We can only handle inquiry of max up to 2 months ahead.
Please inquire through the below button or Tickets inquiry

To check the cost »»

Note: -
Tickets must be reserved and purchased in advance. You can’t purchase the tickets in actual day at the museum.

There are 4 entry timings per day as follows:
(1) 10:00 (2) 12:00 (3) 14:00 (4) 16:00

(Updated on 30th-Jan-2013)

Do you know about “Fuji.F.Fujiko” museum?
Ok,,, the name of the museum might sound new to the ears.
The next should ring a bell. Heard of manga like “Perman”, “Obake no Q-tarĊ” and perhaps the most famous of all, “doraemon”? These are the works of Fujiko.F.Fujio.

Fuji.F.Fujiko museum, located just outskirt of Tokyo in kawasaki city, just opened its door in year 2011. Though the museum is young, the characters are not. They are famous characters that warm the heart of many readers and are still being remembered today.

The highlights?
Expect to see exhibitions of the ORIGINAL pictures of the works of Fujiko.F.Fujio, watch films in the theater that could only be watched in this museum and nowhere else!! Meet manga characters when you go for a stroll in the field. And lots more.

Children or even adults will find this place fun to hang out.

By the way, its Doraemon’s birthday today. His born date is on 2112-Sep-03. So today marks his “100 years before” birth date (^_^)
~~ Happy “100th years before” Birthday DORAEMON!! ~~

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