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Single Post: Famous but useless inventions II

Famous but useless inventions II

Time for a laugh. The 2nd part of the idiotic inventions.

The GOOD: Who says that you can sleep only while sitting inside the subway?

The BAD: Oh my! Your chin is going to ache for a while (*’- -’)・・・
You are going to need a orthopedic for long-term.
tripod that supports your sleeping

The GOOD: This looks convenient for a single father though.

THE BAD: Is there a need to wear these “artificial breast” around the chest? Pure interest? And could someone explain, why two of these are necessary n(-_- ?)?
breastfeeding tool for daddies

THE GOOD: Babies can help with your house work.

THE BAD: Good, your baby gets all the dust and dirt. This is nothing but child abuse
Mop on your babies

THE GOOD: Protect your expensive branded shoes from the rain.

THE BAD: Could two small miserable umbrellas do the job to protect your shoes from those mud and puddles? (*- 3 -*)
inclement weather shoes protection

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