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Date: 2012/05/05

Surviving the summer heat

Beating the summer heat… Carbonated drinks.

They are like miracle medicine to cure fatigue. A single mouthful and all weariness will be gone. Carbonated drinks have such impact on me (@^-^@)

“They are not good for health?”
Ummm… but its hard to survive Japan’s summer without them (-o-;;)

Being a maniac where carbonated drinks are concern, of course I heard about Pepsi’s soon to be launched product during June in Japan, the “Pepsi Black”.
Sugar content is 50% lesser than traditional pepsi and lemon is added for a refreshing taste.
So why label it “black”?
Its the Japanese typical way of expressing something having the meaning of “NOT SWEET”, like Coffee Black, etc.

“What the hack? Why the addition of lemon?”, Someone said.
I can’t really comment on that without trying out the drink first. Who knows? Perhaps the lemon really aids in the taste?

So what’s your secrets to surviving the summer heat?

Pepsi black Japan

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