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Date: 2012/05/16

Momoe Yamaguchi vs Ueto Aya

Momoe Yamaguchi, a Japanese actress and singer who reigned the 70s. Nicknamed as the “cool beauty” by the Japanese, she quitted showbiz at the height of her popularity and had disappeared from the entertainment scene since. She was 21 years old then and to this day remained a pop icon.

To quit at the height of your career might not necessary be a bad choice. She could be smiling her way knowing that after all these 30 years, her songs are still favorites in mimic programs and TV here sometimes play footage of her days as singer.

Everything about her is just a mystery as she remains a legend in the heart of many Japanese.

Japanese beauty / Momoe Yamaguchi in the 70s

To some extend, I somehow feel that Aya Ueto (another popular actress, singer in Japan) resembles Momoe Yamaguchi. Ueto is nowhere the “cool beauty” of Momoe, in fact the very contrary. She is very lively, chirpy and has a very energetic feel. Why I feel that they look alike is another mystery myself.

Maybe some might disagreed about their resemblance. But both are no doubt the representative actresses of Japan, in different generations who win the hearts of many Japanese.

Japanese Tarento / CM queen Ueto Aya

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