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Date: 2012/05/10

Famous but useless inventions I

Time for a good laugh.
Some idiot inventions that got famous for all the wrong reasons. Don’t think that you will ever get a chance to see them on sale in market.

THE GOOD: For once, you ensure the flow of supply of toilet during diarrhea or when you catch a cold or even the annoying hay fever.

THE BAD: The design looks embarrassing. And not only does the nose looks tormenting, the head too (.-_-.)
convenient toilet paper holder

THE GOOD: Complete shutout of the rain! You don’t get wet.

THE BAD: Beware of heatstroke during summer. And how do you put it back after use? (-_- ll)
full length umbrella

THE GOOD: The way to sleep without moving a inch. Alighting station was even written on the helmet to prevent overslept.

THE BAD: A good rest seems out of question… And RED!? The color of the helmet stands out! By the way, the stopper,,, doesn’t it look like one that comes from the toilet plunger?? w(@o@)w
affix the head when sleeping

THE GOOD: A bowl of Ramen sounds too hot for your taste? The perfect solution – auto cooling fan.

THE BAD: The obstruction is just too much when its dangling like that on the chopstick. (*- 3 -*)
Auto cooling fan

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