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Date: 2012/10/30

Soup Stock Tokyo, the house of soups

With the winter drawing near, nothing could be more luxurious than sipping a cup of delicious soup for a soup craze like me. They work miracles to keep the body warm.

Love to death soups from “Soup Stock Tokyo” if you ever heard of them.
Reasons?? The variations and rich & thick taste of their soups. I am drooling even just at the thought of them (*~o~)

Unfortunately Soup Stock Tokyo is not everywhere in Japan.

Of all places, Soup Stock Tokyo had chosen to set up an outlet near my working place!! But “Soup Stock Tokyo” wants anyone yearning for a sip of their concentrated, delicious soup to be able to get it without the need to bring themselves to their shop.

This is how their Yahoo collaborated online soup business is born. Putting soups into carts! How convenient Japan is getting to be!
These soups selling in sets of 9 is Soup Stock Tokyo’s arranged version from their very own viewpoint of famous soups from the world. Oh no… I am drooling again…(*T_T)

Check them out on “Soup Stock Tokyo” yahoo site if you are interested.

In order to preserve freshness, those living overseas unfortunately wouldn’t have a chance to taste these. TOO BAD!

Price: 5,250yen

Soup Stock Tokyo

Soup Stock Tokyo's famous world soup

  • 1. Bisque (homard soup) / France
  • 2. Hungary style beef and tomato soup / Hungary
  • 3. New England style Clam Chowder / America
  • 4. Chicken ginseng soup / Korea
  • 5. Minestrone soup / Italy
  • 6. Japanese style soup (ginger) / Japan
  • 7. Borscht soup / Russia
  • 8. Margherita soup / Italy
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