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Monthly Archives: October 2012

ViVi magazine’s models

A brief look on ViVi magazine’s models.
Having spent quite an amount of time trimming clips of ViVi magazine, I always have the impression that ViVi had at most 6~7 models running in full rotation and they are tall and mainly of mixed race models.

But, after flipping through this month’s special section on “ViVi model’s beauty secrets”, it came as a surprised that I have been imagining something different all this while (- – #)

For one thing ViVi has a team of currently, 13 models working to sell its brand.
Ages and height varies widely among the models.
And they aren’t all mixed races…

For those who yearns to know more about ViVi models, this article contains pick ups of each of the model’s brief profile (full name, height & date of birth).

ViVi models

  • 1. Kaede 168cm (DOB: 1996-Jan-11)
  • 2. Mayuko Kawakita 163cm (DOB: 1991-Nov-28)
  • 3. Arisa Yagi 167cm (DOB: 1995-Jul-31)
  • 4. Elli-Rose 167cm (DOB: 1986-Sep-25)
  • 5. Mitsuki Oishi 160cm (DOB: 1988-Mar-22)
  • 6. Chikako Watanabe 170cm (DOB: 1985-Jul-24)
  • 7. Reina Triendl 167cm (DOB: 1992-Jan-23)

ViVi models

  • 8. Lena Fujii 161cm (DOB: 1984-Jul-2)
  • 9. Sara Mary 167cm (DOB: 1987-Dec-12)
  • 10. Maggy 170cm (DOB: 1992-May-14)
  • 11. Keiko Wakita 162cm (DOB: 1992-Jul-23)
  • 12. Mayuko Arisue 166cm (DOB: 1992-Jan-24)
  • 13. Tina Tamashiro 163cm (DOB: 1997-Oct-8)
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Japan autumn styles / Sweet casual fashion

Autumn fashion coordination picked ups from ViVi magazine. These coordinates are from brand “ungrid”, which see American inspired casual styles and brand “elianegigi”, that we mainly see sweet, casual styles.

Please inquire through the blue button at the bottom for more details about these coordinates.

Japanese autumn trend / casual & sweet

1&2. The cute and girly style – casual knits paired with minis.
We see the likes of cat & heart-shaped designs in Japanese printed knits. These lovely knits are paired with stylish organdy mini skirts or quilted leather mini skirts.

  • 1-1. Cat prints knit / 3,990yen
  • 1-2. White girly shirt / 5,985yen
  • 1-3. Quilted leather skirt / 6,930yen
  • 1-4. Oxford shoes (gold) / 9,975yen
  • 1-5. Lace socks / 1,260yen
  • 1-1. Beige Knit (Cute tiny heart prints along the sleeves) / 6,930yen
  • 2-2. Embroidered organdy mini skirt (black) / 6,930yen
  • 2-3. Beige beret / 4,410yen
  • 2-4. White boston bag / 9,975yen
  • 2-5. Flatform shoes / 9,975yen
  • 2-6. Lace socks / 1,575yen

Japanese autumn trend / native fashion

3~4. From accessories to long coat and sweater sweater coat, we see American native inspired clothins in these. How I love these, very vintage, very cool and the color coordination seems to blend in well with autumn. (*^-^*)b

  • 3-1. Wool long coat / 15,960yen
  • 3-2. Ladies plaid loose shirt / 8,925yen
  • 3-3. Rugged cut off denim shorts / 9,975yen
  • 3-4. Bi-color fedora hat / 5,985yen
  • 3-5 Rhinestones embellished clutch bag / 12,915yen
  • 3-6 Studs wedge booty / 16,800yen
  • 3-7 Navtive American inspired triangle necklace / 4,935yen
  • 3-8 Grey thin cable socks / 1,260yen
  • 4-1. Native American inspired vintage sweater coat / 12,915yen
  • 4-2. Ladies college T-shirts / 3,990yen
  • 4-3. Wrinkled pleat skirt / 6,930yen
  • 4-4. Suede fringe bag (light pink) / 27,300yen
  • 4-5. Antique necklace (Native American inspired tooth) / 8,925yen
  • 4-6. Hat (rabbit) / 19,950yen

5. Ladies camouflage blouson paired with crochet dress! Hardly anyone’s idea of coordination, but surprisingly they match so well together (@.@)

  • 5-1. Tiered crochet dress / 6,930yen
  • 5-2. Ladies camouflage blouson / 9,975yen
  • 5-3. Grey cable knit beret / 2,940yen

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Rilakkuma cookies (Limited edition)

Rilakkuma, has got so famous now even though it was born only in year 2003.
He has an air of innocence with a tender look on the face that naturally captivates one’s heart.
Love the way he looks very unproportional, a small body with a big, heavy head.

Can’t seem to get enough of Rilakkuma, like me?
How about trying out these new limited edition cookies?
Each has a different Rilakkuma’s face printed on it.

Available only for a limited period of time, these cookies come in 2 types,
Rilakkuma store logo and egg designs.

580yen / 5pcs (Plain)

Rilakkuma store logo design and egg designs cookies

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Japanese fashion autumn trend / Stylish coordinates

Not every on the trend fashion styles appeal to men.
ViVi magazine did a survey to find out what are some of the autumn styles that got a thumb ups from Japanese men. Below are some coordination pickups that get the approvals.

Please inquire through the below button for more details.

Men love how leather skirt looks real soft & sweet with the right coordination.
Men get turn ons by sheer shoulders knits that expose a bit of the skin. They think its sexy.
The old time favorite. Men love clothings that fits nicely to reveal a beautiful silhouette
Sweet, feminine styles, skirts, dresses that doesn’t hide waist and legs.

ViVi model / Reina Triendl

  • 1-1. Sheer shoulder knit cardigan (Snidel) / 12,810yen
  • 1-2. Short with frill details (arl. / rich) / 15,540yen
  • 1-3. Pearls embellished hairband (imac / FIGURA) / 7,875yen
  • 1-4. Black pouchette bag with chain strap (MIDWEST / benah) / 57,750yen
  • 1-5. Black ankle strap shoes / 6,330yen
  • 2-1. Horizontal stripe turtle neck knit (RYZA) / 7,875yen
  • 2-2. Black flare skirt (MercuryDuo) / 8,925yen
  • 2-3. Flat shoes (Banner Barrett) / 15,750yen
  • 3-1. Faux flare leather skirt (ROSEBUD) / 8,295yen
  • 3-2. Sweet white knit top (SLY) / 7,140yen
  • 3-3. Black quilted pochette bag (deicy) / 11,550yen
  • 3-4. Black bukle bow flat shoes / 8,295yen

Japanese fashion trend for autumn

  • 4-1. Peplum blouse (Mesh on shoulder & sleeves) (JEWEL) / 5,985yen
  • 4-2. Black skinny pant (SLY) / 6,825yen
  • 4-3. Snood (katie) / 8,925yen
  • 4-4. Clutch Bag (MIIA) / 6,825yen
  • 4-5. Black ankle strap pumps (MIDWEST) / 60,900yen
  • 5-1. Peplum knit / 12,600yen
  • 5-2. Floral prints peplum skirt (TOPSHOP) / 5,775yen
  • 5-3. Lace up shoes / 8,295yen
  • 6-1. Two tone jackets with studs (jouetie) / 8,925yen
  • 6-2. Sleeveless metallic (lame) dress (TOPSHOP) / 7,875yen
  • 6-3. Ribbon barrette (Lily Brown) / 1,685yen
  • 6-4. Bicolor bag (Noela) / 7,350yen
  • 6-5. Sneakers / 5,565yen

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Japan’s autumn nail trend (ViVi)

Wondering what is the trend for Japan’s autumn’s nail art?
These are some nail designs picked out from ViVi magazine.
ViVi grouped these nail designs into “Gothic Theme” & “British Theme”.

In Gothic theme, we see trend in cold pastel colors, gemstones & pearls embellished for the elegant or modern antique impression. For some fun, skulls wearing ribbons joined in the nails too.

In British theme, we see standard union jack, brilliant use of various kinds of plaid prints and the occasional use of tiny studs. British’s royal guards & royal crown, some symbols of Britain are not forgotten too.
Get a feel of UK without actually visiting it with these nails (@^_^@)b

These cute & interesting nail patterns are bound to brighten up lonely autumn ahead

Cold pastel colors, gemstone nails, pearls, union jack, plaid prints

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Ray / Japanese mini bags

Stylish, handy small and mini bags collections from Japanese Ray magazine.

From flap bag, to clutch bag, to satchel style or tote bag, you are spoilt with choices for varieties. And what’s more, the theme of these Japanese designed bags is “Kawaii”. These mini bags is suitable not only as evening bags but casual enough for daily use too.

Please inquire through the below button for more details.

Japanese fashion accessories trend / small or mini bags
  • 1. Leather pouchette (Bordeaux color) (20x32x17cm) / 8,295yen
  • 2. Dome shape ostrict grab bag (synthetic leather) (18×24.5x9cm) / Pray Hotel / 9,450yen
  • 3. Faux fur basket bag / (17x22x15cm) / 6,090yen
  • 4. Leopard print & pink clutch bag (set) (20x30x0.5cm) / 4,095yen
  • 5. Turn lock closure classic satchel bag (17x21x9cm) / Covergirl / 9,975yen
  • 6. Fluffy Faux fur crossbody bag (chain strap) (18x27x5cm) / 5,145yen
  • 7. Ladies sweet pink border & checked bag (17x21x9cm) / Samantha Vega / 15,750yen
  • 8. Dalmation print flap crossbody bag (brown & chain strap) (11x17x6cm) / Plush&lush / 5,145yen
  • 9. Pink open top tote bag (18x23x11cm) / Samantha Vega / 23,100yen
  • 10. Tweed satchel bag (18×23.5x10cm) / tity&Co. / 6,195yen
  • 11. Bow-embellished chain strap demi bag (pink) (13x20x4cm) / tity&Co. / 5,145yen
  • 12. Tiny bow embellished drawstring bag (24x24x12cm) / Plush&lush / 9,975yen
  • 13. Scallop flap + tweed pouchette bag (21x30x10cm) / miel crishunant / 4,935yen
  • 14. Bow embellished mini pouchette bag (13x17x4cm) / 6,825yen

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Halloween’s makeup idea / kyarypamyupamyu

Model and singer kyarypamyupamyu’s has always drawn lots of attention for her unique and extreme personal style in fashion. Her hairstyles and makeup is always interesting in my opinion.

Since halloween is round the corner, I will pickup some of Kyary’s extreme fashion that might give you some ideas on halloween costumes and makeups. So be my guest if you run out of one, except they aren’t those creepy ones.

Makeup illustrating a big and crooked mouth. And the teeth… don’t they look like those from jaws?
Interesting halloween face makeup

Devil barrettes too kiddy for taste? Set your own devil horn using your own hair! Put on your vampire fangs, red lipstick on lip and you are on your way to suck all the blood (*^-`)v
Halloween vampire attire and hair

How about this latest bat wing hairstyle of kyarypamyupamyu? Isn’t it amazing that the wing can spread this big and high? Everyone at the halloween is going to get flabbergasted with this one for sure l_(@.@)_l
Interesting bat hairstyle for halloween

kyarypamyupamyu said that she wasn’t expecting the flowers to be so heavy. But my eyes are not on her hair, but her eyelashes!! It’s not about the length. It’s… its… aren’t they feathers from the birds? (*O*)!!
Feather eyelashes make for halloween

Green hair single eye monster and teddy bears wear (how may teaddy bears need to be disposed because of this?) But nice and innovative! (*’v'*)
Cute Japanese styles halloween costume ideas

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ViVi model Triendl Reina’s autumn fashion pickups

ViVi’s model, Triendl Reina might be the new favorite face for commercials. Not only that, she has been also making quite a number of appearances on variety shows lately.

The young Triendl is of mixed parentage (Japan + Australia) and she just turned 20 this year. Today’s fashion coordination will be some sweet, ladylike styles and casual street styles of Triendl’s from ViVi magazine pickups.

Please inquire through the blue button at the bottom for more details about these coordinates.

ViVi model / Triendl Reina

    E hyphen world gallery
  • 1-1. 【HELLO KITTY×EHWG】2way /Pullover / 3,990yen
  • 1-2. Washed denim flare skirt (mini) / 3,990yen
  • 1-3. Black lace up boots / 6,993yen
  • 1-4. Double pocket shoulder bag / 4,998yen
  • 1-5. Cute star shaped hair tie / 1,050yen
  • 2-1. Polka dot retro tight mini skirt (DRWCYS) / 14,700yen
  • 2-2. Organdy mini outer layer (Candy Stripper) / 9,975yen
  • 2-3. Velour hair accessory (Plush&Lush) / 11,550yen

Lovely hair accessories

    E hyphen world gallery
  • 3-1. Casual shirt dress / 5,995yen
  • 3-2. Women’s checked sneaker / 6,993yen
  • 3-3. Bow hair barrette / 1,491yen
  • 4-1. Elegant tulle veil hat (Snidel) / 4,410yen
  • 5-1. RIB V-necked Knit dress (Murua) / 7,875yen
  • 5-2. Mozart print knitted tight / 4,830yen
  • 5-3. Burgundy beret (override) / 6,615yen
  • 5-4. Black pumps with ankle strap (HEATHEN by MIDWEST) / 42,000yen

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